15 Of The Most Haunted Objects In The World

Cole Damon April 17th 2018 Entertainment
Humans have always been intrigued by the unknown. Our fascination with the unseen has also made us prone to paranoia. Leave us for 2 hours alone in a dark room and we'll come out scared out of our wits. We have our imaginative minds to thank for our superstitious nature. Perhaps our obsession with ghosts actually ties into the thoughts of what the afterlife may be like. And so we give supernatural attributes to objects, people, places and stories. Below are 15 tales that could be true.
The Myrtles Plantation mirror
Most ghost experts believe that Myrtles Plantation is the most haunted house in America. They even have a number to back up this statistic. The haunted house has at least 12 ghosts rounding up the place. Special mention should be made of the mirror which sometimes shows 'human figures' in the reflection.
Anna Baker's wedding dress
When a rich girl named Anna Baker fell in love with a poor man, she came at odds with her influential father who opposed their union. The girl didn't marry her whole life and died single. They say the wedding dress is still worn by Anna to this day.
The anguished man
When art enthusiast Sean Robinson retrieved a hidden painting from his grandmother's basement, spooky activities began encircling the house. He could hear hushed whispers near the painting. A bit of research revealed that the artist of the painting committed suicide while mixing his blood with the portrait.
The boy and the girl
No one really knows the back story about the boy and the girl in this painting. One day in 2000 it was put up for auction on eBay and has since sprouted numerous spooky tales. Some people claim that just by viewing the painting, they felt 'something.
Dybbuk Box
This wine cabinet was originally up for auction on eBay. The owner claimed that it is haunted by the spirit of a dead person who is always urging people to open it. Perhaps opening up the painting ushers in memories of a time spent getting drunk.
A mother bought a seemingly harmless doll for her young daughter. The story of the doll behind her glass has a cult following of its own, with numerous adaptations in Hollywood such as Child's Play and The Conjuring.
Busby's chair
When Thomas Busby murdered his own father in law, cursed this chair. It is claimed that people who dare to sit on the chair end up dead within a few hours after sitting. A death sentence to those who dare to defile it.
The 'Little Bastard'
Coined 'Little Bastard" by James Dean, this Porsche 550 Spyder cruised at unimaginably high speeds of over 70 mph. When Alec Guinness heard about it, he warned Dean that he would be dead in one week's time. That prophecy came true and the car went on to kill many more.
Robert the Doll
No one can really tell what the doll is thinking because of his peculiar features. Robert the Doll was created by a Bahamian servant who is said to have used black magic to create the monster. They say it talks, much to the alarm of its unnerved guests.
The crying boy
A series of paintings created by Giovanni Bragolin began to circulate around in the 1950s. The actual curse of the crying boy gripped the world sometime during the 1980s, burning down homes which displayed it - everything was burnt to ashes except for the painting.
Woman from Lemb Statue
A noble man came into possession of this statue. He began experiencing strange deaths in his household where six family members died in a span of six years, culminating whit his own death. And then Ivor Manucci purchased it, his family also died within four years.
The Tallman's bunk beds
When Debby Tallman bought these bunk beds for her children, strange encounters began happening which the family could not explain. The children began to get ill and complained they could see a witch. The activity stopped once the bunk beds were destroyed.
The Skull Of Bettiscombe Manor
Bettiscombe Manor was a Jamaican man who was sold into slavery against his will. He vowed that he would never rest until returned to his homeland When he died, people complained of screams and cries which came from the graveyard where he was buried. Mysteriously, only his skull is at the graveyard except for his body.
The conjure chest
When Jacob Cooley ordered his servants to make a chest for his son, Hosea created a magnificent chest for and was lauded for his efforts. Jacob wasn't happy though. He beat him so hard that the man died. Hosea's friends then placed a curse on the chest - the eventual result of which was the death of seventeen people and one infant.
Valentino's ring
Valentino was considered as the greatest silent actors of all time. But his fame and prestige didn't last long. In the 1920s, the man bought a ring which had the image of a corpse. His career went downward and he eventually died. Everyone after that who wore the ring - died in mysterious circumstances.

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