One-Minute Stretching Exercises to Help Reduce Back Pain

Many people who work in an office in front of a computer know well the torment of back pain. Some caring companies organize special areas so their employees can have some rest. But if there is no such place in your company, you have to think a
Cole Damon April 13th 2018 Science
Full body workout exercises aren't everyone's cup of tea - or so you thought. Turns out, you don't need special training or equipment to be able to undergo a full body workout in the gym. All you have to do is incorporate 15 of the following workout routines into your daily exercise plan and look absolutely chiseled, what's more is that each exercise takes only one minute. As with everything else related to fitness regimes, you will have to commit to them.
Cobra stretch
They can be performed anywhere in your house as long as there is plenty of floor space. They can easily relieve your back pain. The key is to keep your feet together and go high with your shoulders.
The Supine Hamstring Stretch
It is very important to improve the flexibility in our hamstrings in order to reduce lower back pain because the two are directly correlated. Exhale slowly and extend your leg by contracting the quads while pulling the toes downwards toward the body.
Lower back twist
They are also easy to perform and extraordinary with the results. They stretch your gluteus maximus, make sure not to lift both the shoulders off the floor in your attempts to bring the legs across the other side.
Glute stretch
Pull your foot underneath the knee of your other leg. Now start pulling both legs toward the chest. This will help you to achieve a greater stretch in your gluteus maximus. Hold for about a minute and then release.
Leg burnout
This can be incorporated into your overall build a butt plan because it gives perfect shape and definition to your fanny. Alternate between squats, lunges and grounded moves to keep all of the muscles in your leg engaged.
Although they have originally been designed to increase muscle mass, they also double as an exercise which can strengthen your lower back. It is important to go light with these exercises when you have back pain though.
Inversion table
Inversion tables will allow you to stretch your back by using the pull of gravity to stretch your spine. They are especially effective against back pains. It is a sensible decision to invest in one of these.
Lower back stretch
Use your palms to hold your knees in, right above the chest. It should ideally make a 90 degree angle. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and then release. Repeat once more to complete the one minute mark.
Fitness Ball Wrap
Although it is underestimated, its results are far from lackluster. This is one of the most effective means of stretching your back and giving you the much needed relief. Stay on the ball for at least a minute.
Static leg raise
This is simple to perform and can be done be using a chair or even a table. Just lie on the floor with your legs raised up for up to a minute. It is important to keep the legs at a vertical position.
Hyperextension machine stretch
It is very similar to the fitness ball wrap. Climb on it and slowly lower yourself until you feel your body has fully stretched in your lower back. Stay in this position for at least a minute.
Pelvic thrust
Awkward as it might sound, the pelvic thrust can help relieve back pain by strengthening core muscles in your body. Simply bend your legs and feet next to your hamstrings. Push up with the legs while thrusting the pelvis out.
Ab and rope crunches
If there are muscle imbalances in the core area of your back, it can contribute to pain and discomfort. Rope crunches help to get rid of these imbalances in your abdominals and back muscles, both of which contribute to the lower back.
Hyperextension on the fitness ball
All you need is a large fitness ball to accomplish this exercise. Lay on your stomach and place both hands behind your head, now gradually lower your shoulders. Stop once you feel that you've reached full stretch and then lower back.
Another hyperextension exercise
This should be your first exercise to perform if you have a weak back. It is similar to the hyperextension on a fitness ball. You will be going up until you feel a full stretch and then gradually going down.


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