How To Get Through The Toughest Obstacles In Marriage According To Psychologists

Writer Robert Stevenson once said, "Marriage is one long conversation, checkered by disputes." Sooner or later, every couple goes through a crisis, it's absolutely inevitable. The good news is, when coping with the crisis, spouses reach a new level
Cole Damon April 11th 2018 Lifestyle
Marriage can be a difficult stage to manage for many couples. While things are all sparkling and shiny at the time of marriage, this stage of joy does not always last forever. Many people experience troubles going on with marriage, which is why we have come up with methods to tackle the pressures of marriage during the 5 stages, according to psychologists.
Realization Stage
This stage is when you have been married for over a year now and start viewing your partner for what they really are. You get to experience a bit of doubt and feel that there are things that you should perhaps work on.
Discuss Serious Subjects
It is important that you discuss serious subjects during this period of time and then reach an agreement based on that. Reaching a compromise with your partner can be really helpful and may propel your relation successfully forward.
Comfort Zone
After 3 to 4 years of their marriage, spouses start taking each other for granted and reach a certain comfort zone that can be really hazardous. This comfort zone may come back and haunt you a couple of years down the line.
It is always good to have a certain level of emotional attachment within your relation. This emotional attachment will help you guys in forming a good relationship over a period of time and to continue with it further.
The Seven Year Itch
The seven year itch is one of the most common phenomenons in a marriage and many couples go through it. This happens when couples have completely lost their sexual attraction and don't find each other attractive anymore.
Keeping Communication Open
It is desirable to keep your communication open at all times of the marriage. People should always communicate stuff with each other and should not limit their communication as part of their skill. Communication is an important part here.
10 Years after Marriage
More than 2000 women interviewed in the US said that the 11th year of marriage was the most difficult one of their life. They often have to take care of multiple children and this is probably the time when husbands start cheating.
We're not joking, but the key to getting over this period lies in taking the aid of humor. Make humor your partner in your relationship and you will be able to continue with it peacefully. Humor can go to places where love cannot.
20-30 Years of Marriage
If your relationship has been a rollercoaster, then this is the time when you will probably start feeling great contempt for each other. The key to standing tough here is to remain close together and don't let differences separate you.
Recommendations for Marriage Crisis
A marriage crisis can hit anyone at anytime. There is nothing that you can do once a crisis hit, other than praying that it ends. Here we have some recommendations for going through a crisis in a calm manner.
Save it
The first priority that should be on the mind of every couple in such situations should be to save their marriage. They should pay attention to saving the marriage instead of letting it slip away from their hands.
Avoid Wrong Questions
This is no time to find faults in your marriage. People start questioning their marriage and these questions don't often get the right answers at this stage. Thus, it is best that you avoid asking them from yourself.
Reduce Negativity
When your marriage is going down try to reduce the negativity you have and talk about the positivity in life. Don't let life put you down in your marriage and try to talk about the positive things about your marriage.
Stay Together
It is important that you stay together till your marriage contract is running. You might change your minds as the last moment, because separation may drive you apart. Stay together and try to remain steady in these tough times.
Relatives and Friends
It is extremely important that you handle your family problems yourself and don't tell your relatives and friends about it. Keep the problem to yourself and handle it through whatever way both of you seem feasible and that fits the purpose.


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