Your Girlfriend Is a Keeper If She Has These 15 Traits

Never let your girl go if she has these things.
Ian Anglin October 16th 2017 Lifestyle
These days, with all the social media and cheating and divorcing going on, is extremely hard to find a good, reliable partner to form a relationship with. Many guys are struggling with dating - I often get emailed with similar questions - like "Hey Ian, what's a guy to do around here to get a decent relationship?" Well, the emails are not exactly like that, but you get the point. Read this post carefully, as it'll help you decide whether your girlfriend is a keeper. Check it out:
She Accepts Who You Are
If your girlfriend readily and without objection accepts who you are, she is definitely a keeper. A lot of people want to change you, and if that change is forced, you will never be happy. Instead, find someone that likes you for who you are.
She is Open About Sex
I'm not talking about just being to the idea of sex, or having sex often - although this definitely helps, especially if you are a teenager. Girls that are open to talking about what excited them, what they want to see from you sexually - they are worth keeping.
She Likes Long-Distance Relationships
Sometimes, stuff comes up and you have to leave town. Perhaps for studying, or for work, but it does happen. If your girlfriend can understand, and accept this change, then she is going to be a great, and loyal partner in the long run.
She Excited You
It is not all about her - if you find talking and being with your girlfriend exciting and can't wait to see her again, this means you really love her, and you guys should stay together. Too many people becoming boring after a few months of knowing them.
She Makes you Feel Safe
I'm not talking about making you feel safe from criminals like Batman does - I'm talking about being your support when times are tough - perhaps you lost your job or are doing a career change - it is rare that a girl will stay with you those dark times.
She Understands the Importance of Sex
A lot of girls forget how to keep their guy happy in the relationship. After a few months, they just pretend like sex doesn't exist. If she is still interested, and finding out new and unique ways to keep things fun, she is most definitely a keeper.
She Wants to Meet Your Parents
If a girl doesn't want to meet your parents, that means she is not taking you seriously and is probably using you for something nefarious. Young guys would love to be used, but that is not always the case - especially once you are looking for a stable partner.
She is Smart
I'm not just talking about high-IQ smart - but when she is overall intelligent. Girls that like to read books and keep up with technology are keepers - you don't want someone that gets to be 30-years old, but has the mind of 60-year old!
She Respects You
The photo above shows a couple browsing their tablet, but this is not just about tablets and social media apps - I'm talking about real respect here. You need a girl that respects your time, your energy, and tries to properly fit into your busy schedule.
She Doesn't Follow You Around
Your girlfriend is a keeper if she is not keeping tabs on you - like checking whether you really are at school or at work if you are older like me. Some women even keep their boyfriend's social media passwords and do daily check-ins on what is happening.
She Carries Her Own Bags
This is the 21-st century, and it is not shameful for girls to carry their own luggage when traveling, or when you do some shopping. Obviously, you can help out and take the heavier load, but she can take some of the smaller stuff.
She Liked it When you Open Doors
Women these days are sometimes too afraid of appearing weak - some women, I've heard, don't like it when a guy opens a door for them. Obviously, you are not implying anything bad by opening a door - many guys hold an open door even for other guys.
She Accepts Her Body
A girl should accept who she is, and who she looks. If she doesn't like something about herself, you can help her out and together you can research what she should eat and which exercises to do. Learn to grow and improve yourselves.
She Understands Not Everyone is Going to Like Her
You might have some weird friends that are never going to like your girlfriend. This is normal, and if she can accept this fact, it will make things much easier in the future. Some girls love to argue about why someone doesn't like them, which is kind of weird.
She Likes the Little Things
Life is not just about the big purchases, or the big events like the wedding. Of course, they are great, and you will remember them forever, but until they happen - she needs to know how to be happy on a daily basis. This begins with being happy with the little stuff you see every day.


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