50 Unfortunate Selfies That Revealed More Than They Should Have

These people should have checked the background before taking a selfie, oops!
Cole Damon March 21st 2018 Humor
Taking selfies are the thing these days, as we all have cell phones equipped with front cameras able to produce high resolution photos. However, we sometimes miss something and get totally embarrassed online with unintentionally snapped items in the background. With that being said, we found 50 random selfie photos from the wonderful internet, which will either make you fall to the floor with laughter, or cringe really, really hard. Prepare yourself for an amazing ride through selfie fail heaven. #37 will absolutely knock your socks off!
1. Accidental
The worst selfies are the ones that end up having a flaw because of a weird background. What's worse is that most people don't tend to recognize this flaw and end up posting these selfies online for the world to see. This dad over here took a selfie with his child and failed to factor in for the weird background and how it spoiled the fun of the photo.
Perhaps in appreciation of the photo, the dad went on with posting the picture online and didn't comprehend that there was a weird background. Only once that picture was posted online for the world to see, was the dad able to realize that his son's head looked like it was coming out of a dog's backside. This got a hilarious reaction from his friend following.
2. Spider Check
Sometimes when you are not having the best of days, your fate can be seen through the selfies you take. Considering how many selfies a normal person takes during a day, it really is interesting to note that you should take extra precaution to ensure that there are no anomalies around you. These two friends were fans of taking selfies and were taking one to share on their social media handle. They liked going with burst mode, as that captured their real essence.
Just when the camera had been turned on, they noticed that they were not alone in the selfie and had a nasty looking spider position in between their heads. Naturally they got surprised and shocked at the presence and all of that was captured in the camera for us to laugh over.
3. Dog
Dogs can really be a hassle to manage within a selife. They have the weirdest expressions when it comes to taking pictures and while we humans have mastered the art of bringing our best smile for the cameras, dogs lack far behind in this case. This dog over here was perplexed with the selfies these two friends were taking and wanted to be a part of the photo, albeit in a different way.
Thus, when it came to taking the picture, the dog felt too shy to be a part of this photo and moved his backside to the camera, so that he could hide. This didn't really go down well in the photo as the antics spoiled the fun and it was clearly evident that the dog wasn't comfortable with the photo being taken.
4. Cannon
The world around us is full of weird things. Since all of us are busy in what we are doing, we fail to see the weirdness happening around us and just continue with what we are doing. This mom over here was having a good time with her daughter and was out at the river bed to enjoy life under the sun. She took a couple of selfies on the sides of the beach as well and went on to post them on her social media for the world to see.
However, when she posted this picture online, people noticed how some guys in the back were busy cramming a baby inside a cannon. This really is a weird occurrence and we hope the baby is safe. Please don't try cramming a baby inside a cannon.
5. Backside
This guy had a major accident on his cycle and wanted everyone to have a look at the impact from the accident. He wasn't wearing any protective gear, which is why when a car hit him from the back, he landed bare armed on the road. However, when he posted this picture online, the rash on his arm wasn't the only thing that people were talking about.
Those of his friends who dared to look at the background were amused to see someone standing with his bare buttocks visible in the camera. The person with the bare buttocks turned out to be his roommate. This guy and his roommate got a lot of stick, which just goes on to prove that we should be careful about the selfies we take and the backgrounds we show in these selfies.
6. Aww
One of the major trends making rounds across social media nowadays is to post a picture after having visited the gym. This guy wanted to be a part of this trend, and it was visible that he had the muscles to show for it. He had been going to the gym for long enough to know that he now had a good photo to show the world his hard work.
However, the guy didn't have anyone to take the picture of his toned body for him and thus had to ask his mom for the favor. When he did post the picture online, he got a lot of stick from viewers who were laughing at how hilarious it was for someone this big to have their picture taken by their mom. Please check your background guys.
7. No Traffic
Some people just think that they can lie while posting a selfie, without getting any stick or without worrying about the ramifications. This girl was getting late for office and wanted her boss to believe that she was late because she faced a lot of traffic. To solidify her claim of traffic on the road, she took an even concrete step to post pictures of herself in a car with a caption saying that the road was full of traffic.
However, eagled eyed viewers weren't buying any of this on Twitter and one person zoomed in to the shades she was wearing and looked up ahead to see that the roads were literally empty, with no traffic on them. This girl was lying and had not given her picture a second look to clear all giveaways.
8. Wow
When you are a pet parent, literally every photo you have on the internet is flooded with your pets around you. This is really common for people that have pet dogs, because to be honest dogs want all the attention for themselves and want to be the center of attention at all times. This girl experienced this phenomenon in a unique manner as her dog made an entry into the picture that she was posting online.
Before we talk about what is happening here, we got to agree that this dog is a huge one. This girl had probably not taken him for a walk since some time, which is why he was getting upset and wanted to go out on a walk with her. This really is a picture to remember in the memory book.
9. Well Dressed
How many times have you posted a picture on social media with a fancy shirt on, but nothing to cover your legs? Well, we believe that all of us have done this once or twice. The rule over here is to show what is visible to the camera and look good at that. This guy wanted to follow the same rule, but he ended up making a slight mistake.
While, you do follow the rule mentioned above, you also have to make sure that there are no mirrors inside the room. This guy wanted to save on the time he would spend wearing pants, but instead he ended up showing all that was not to be shown through the reflective surface behind. We just hope that not many people went on to notice this anomaly.
10. Nasal Angle
This girl was very adamant on taking the best selfies with this new dress around and didn't want anyone to tell her that her pictures weren't good enough. So, when she went to the bathroom to click one picture with the dress on, she expected the picture to be good enough for social media. When she did click the picture and saw how it looked on the top, she posted it online and went to sleep.
When this girl woke up next morning, she was welcomed with a ton of comments online calling her out for not noticing the zoomed in naval cavity on the left hand bottom side of the picture. This picture really went viral after that and this girl became an overnight internet star for all the wrong reasons to be honest.
11. Be Smarter
This is the age of the internet, and whatever you post on social media is not only being seen by your friend following, but can also be seen by the whole world. Thus, you need to be very careful while taking a picture and need to ensure that there is nothing embarrassing or wrong with the picture that can backfire for you later on. This girl wanted to ensure this and took a picture while sitting on the toilet seat, while not showing the region below her waist.
However, she failed to see the background of the photo and was only reminded of her reflection by viewers online. The reflection showed her sitting on the toilet bowl in full view and people could easily see her reflection that wasn't very pretty to be honest. This really is hilarious, right?
12. Why?
Okay, yeah we do know that most of the selfies that we see on social media are really pretentious. People want to act like they have a very cool lifestyle and everyone should take note of their lifestyle, when really there isn't anything worth liking about their lifestyle. This girl wanted the whole world to see how she had slept and how someone else had taken a picture of her.
However, if there was one thing that she didn't account for, was the fact that there was a mirror in the background and what she was up to was clearly visible. Who even takes a picture of themselves with eyes closed, to make it feel like someone else is prying on them? This girl deserves an Oscar for this acting performance that she has mastered.
13. Privacy
Many girls like getting cute together and do all they can to get the perfect photo with each other. They don't really care what others think about them being cute and just want to continue on their habit of being really up close each other. These two girls here were best friends and wanted a cute picture with each other at the party they were in.
While on the lookout for their cute picture they decided that this location would be cute and took the picture before posting it online. However, what they didn't account for was the background they had in their photo. A guy at the background was taking a dump and felt that his privacy was being invaded by these prying girls taking a photo with him taking a dump in the background.
14. WTF
Some people are so hell bent on taking the perfect picture and posting it online that they don't care about anything else that happens during the course of the photo. This girl over here was taking a selfie in the mirror for the world to see and couldn't see that her mom was looking at her from behind. The mom had opened the door and was slightly peeking to see what was going inside the store room.
The girl went on to make the mistake of posting this selfie online and was brutally reprimanded by everyone who saw this photo of her. They called her out for not noticing that her mom was also inside the photo and then posting it online for everyone to see. We do like the dress she is wearing in the picture though.
15. Dad Partying
Some girls take a lot of photos within their home and then post these photos online for everyone to see. Everyone has that one spot in their home, where they are comfortable with taking a picture and the lighting also is very good. This woman had seen that one spot and was wondering if she could take as many pictures from that spot as possible.
It was when she was taking her umpteenth selfie from the spot that she saw some figure lurking behind her, through her selfie camera. She didn't take much notice of it and went to post the pictures online. Her friends who looked at the picture couldn't hold back their laughter as her dad was having a good time partying behind her. This picture surely deserves some space in the memory book for everyone to see.
16. LMAO
People really do come up with the most drastic selfie ideas while they are in the washroom. These people know that there is no one to judge them in the bathroom and they can be their crazy self and might even end up getting some good selfies to share with the world. These people really are hell bent on duping things as much as possible and are not concerned on anything, but their photo.
This girl here wanted a picture that looked like someone else was having a shower with her and wanted to sneak in a picture of her. She took one such photo and posted it online saying that her boyfriend wanted her to take a picture like this. What she didn't account for was that there was a mirror just behind her and everyone could see what she was up to by taking such a selfie.
17. Right Opportunity
If there ever is a love story that could beat the Twilight in being one of the best romantic in the world, it has to be the connection between dogs and ice cream. Dogs really do love ice cream to their core and want a cone for themselves every day. They don't really agree with the concept of sharing and want a corn for themselves rather than for everyone.
This girl was taking a picture with an ice cream cone with her when she saw her dog in the background eyeing the ice cream in the greediest look you would ever see. The dog really had his eyes on the ice cream and we expect him to make a dash for it as soon as possible. This picture must have been followed with some really hilarious events and we wished we could have seen them.
18. WTF
Just like we mentioned above, some people really do need to make sure that they don't have any weird background in the picture they are posting for the world to see. It is necessary that your picture be void of any such case and you should be sure of it before you go and post this picture online for everyone to see. This girl took one of those dark selfies and we couldn't really understand what was happening behind her.
While the woman looked good in the picture she had taken, there was some weird thing happening behind her. Some little kid behind her was having a rather intimate moment with the wall and had his pants rolled down for it. We really cannot understand the logic behind this and might never comprehend this picture.
19. Kesha Cosplay
Going to a cosplay party is definitely a very ravishing experience. You get to dress according to your preferences and can emulate any character that you want to. Moreover, you are surrounded by people in crazy outfits and you don't have to worry about being the only one with the crazy suit on. This guy here was going to one such cosplay and had a suit on that perhaps looked to emulate the female vocalist Kesha.
While cosplays are cool, we can all agree that they are not the best place for children to be at. Children really can get petrified with the presence of a person in a cosplay costume, which is visible here. This guy dressed as Kesha scared the shit out of the kid sitting behind him and we really do feel for the child.
20. Bad Dog
Just like we mentioned above, pet parents are surrounded by their pets in almost each and every picture that they post. This is particularly common for someone who has a dog as dogs are hell bent on being near the parent and doing whatever they want to do. This lady experienced this phenomenon in the most hilarious manner and suffered the wrath of social media when she posted the picture online.
This lady thought that she had a good enough picture on her hands, and should post it online for people to see. But, one person pointed out to her that her dog was drinking from the toilet bowl while she was busy clicking picture. This was really neglectful and she should have instead look after the dog to ensure that the dog wasn't feeling thirsty.
21. Future Selfie
You really see the most hilarious coincidences when you are roaming outside. This guy was going out with his friends when he saw that there was a person in the background that looked exactly like a future version of him. Well, yeah we do see a lot of funny things when we go outside, but this definitely tops the list in this regard.
This guy went out in a yellow colored shirt and didn't expect to see much. But, when he took a photo in the museum he had gone to, he noticed something peculiar about the man in the background. The person still posted the picture online and got called out by many of his friends for taking a picture with his future self. They really do look alike in their facial structures and built.
22. Behind You
Going outside and having a good time is not really safe for women nowadays. We go outside and try to have a good time, but are almost always faced by men who are not okay with us enjoying the time outside and start staring at us and wolf whistling at us. The most threatening out of all these individuals are the ones who silently stare without giving a hint.
This girl here had gone out for buying a brand new pair of shades and wanted to take a picture of her with this pair on. When she did take the photo, and posted it online and only then did she realize that there was someone who was staring at her backside from behind her. Too bad that we couldn't see the person's face as it would have been fun to see who it was.
23. Peek a Boo
With the massive increase in the number of cases of harassment and women being stalked, this really is a worry for women nowadays. Women want to stay safe from the menace of being stalked but there isn't enough that they can do about this. They are almost always under the pump when it comes to them taking pictures and they always need to be careful about who is near them.
This girl wanted to post a picture online and took one in a public restroom. She wanted to take the picture for her social media followers to see and comment on. However, what this girl didn't see was that someone was stalking her and was peeking at her from behind the curtains. This really wasn't cool and many people reminded the girl to remain safe and be on the lookout.
24. Terrible
Carrying on from the point we mentioned above, women really aren't safe doing anything nowadays. We have a lot of thirsty men roaming around, trying to get one view at the private parts of any woman. These two sisters here were taking a picture together at a wedding and caught a terrible act being done in the background.
These two sisters posted this picture online once the wedding was done with, and as soon as everyone saw this picture, they told them to look at the background and see what was happening there. There seemed to be someone who was bent over with their phone and was trying to take a quick picture of the private parts of the woman besides them. This really isn't on, and we hope that men realize the repercussions of doing such things.
25. Middle Finger Salute
Car selfies are without a doubt the best ones. These selfies highlight all that is to be seen and give you as much sunshine as you require. Anyone who has taken selfies in the car will note that playing with the sunshine is really easy in the car and one can get sufficient amount of lighting without doing anything expansive in particular.
This girl was travelling by car and thought that it would be a good idea to sneak in a quick selfie. It was when she took out her camera that a couple of guys passed by at the back and gave her the middle finger salute. Maybe the girl's father had cut these guys off and they just wanted his daughter to feel their wrath. This made for a really weird background to be honest.
26. Auto Focus
Auto focus can be a really mean thing. Just when you want to focus on something, it will lose focus and will start focusing on another thing. This is a phenomenon that anyone with a camera would relate to and would mention as the truth. However, you seriously need to have crappy luck to have auto focus choose a horse's arse over your face. This guy wanted auto focus to focus on his face, but that didn't happen.
While you should be careful with choosing the right background while taking a picture, it is also advised that you not trust auto focus when it comes to focusing on you. Auto focus can be really confusing, and it is hence recommended that you just change backgrounds to avoid the fate this guy brutally suffered from.
27. Party of Three
Couples really do like posting cute photos online for everyone to see and have a good look at. This couple wanted to do exactly this and they stood against each other for the guy to have a good little peck on the girl's cheeks. This was supposed to be a very pleasant photo for everyone on social media to comment and commend, but things went haywire due to one thing.
If you look closely at the gap between the necks of both these individuals you can clearly tell that there is a third person inside the picture. The person seems to be hiding behind the two protagonists here and is in no mood to make her position visible. But, eagle eyed viewers can see everything and they seriously wouldn't miss out on this person here.
28. Fab and Flab
This guy over here posted a picture online for everyone to see and compliment him for his fabulous body. But, one thing that he didn't account for was the background that he had. How many times have we seen people get so overwhelmed by the initial reaction of the picture they have, that they don't take enough effort to go through the whole picture and see if there is anything wrong?
This man looked on point with his fitness and had a lady with a bit of flab on her to take the picture for him. While he was posing, viewers could see the lady from the background. It wasn't really a pretty picture to see one person looking fabulously fit and the other having so much flab around them. This is a contrast of sorts.
29. Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny is one of the best Youtubers out there, and anyone who hasn't been living under the rock would relate to the fact that Amanda has a channel full of very interesting vines and videos. However, being a famous individual, and a hot one especially, doesn't come without its repercussions, which Amanda faced in the most hilarious manners.
Amanda usually takes a lot of selfies, and why wouldn't you when you're this hot? She was taking a selfie this one time as well and thought that she looked good in it. When she sent the picture to her friends for review, they were able to spot something really peculiar about the picture. In the background they could see someone looking at Amanda through the back glass and it was really mildly hilarious and mildly creepy.
30. Ewww
The beach can be a really risky place to take a selfie. You have to be wary of your surroundings and have to hope that there is nothing weird happening near you so that you can post the selfie online without having any shame. This girl wanted to take a picture on the beach and wanted to do so in the most careful manner, without any extremities.
However, when she did take out her phone for the selfie, she noticed that a naked man had walked up behind her and was standing right over her head. She was really taken aback with the scene and still took the picture while laughing over what had just happened to her. This sounds like a really hilarious scenario, and we also cannot stop laughing at this to be honest.
31. Eff You
The police really are tired with all the stick they get on a normal basis. Everyone they see isn't really welcoming of their presence and it can really suck to know that people are always cursing you all the time. These guys were a part of an open dance party where the police were called over for security purposes. Well, the police are known for stopping parties, but they wanna be part of some parties as well.
So, this man walked past the police and passed an explicit word to them. The police didn't take the curse well and when he stood by to take a picture with the police, one of them had raised his middle finger to salute the guy for being a dick. This really is one hilarious story we have here.
32. LMAO
There is something about women going to the restroom for photos that we men would never be able to understand. Women really like taking pictures in the rest room and they want to stay there for as long as they want. They take dozens of pictures in the area and don't stop until they have enough photos with them.
This person had gone to the restroom for taking some quick photos in her new dress and just as she took her phone out, a mom came running in while beating her son with a sandal. This really was a hilarious situation, as the person couldn't come to terms with how pressurizing it was to take pictures in such a commotion. She ended up taking a picture and posting it online with a caption regarding the mom beating her son.
33. Professional Photographers
There are some pictures you know could be so much better if only the person had paid more attention to the fact that they needed a better background. The prom night is a good event to go to for literally everyone and people want to party as hard as they can at the event. This guy was invited to a prom night and he wanted to take a killer picture before it happened.
When he asked his roommate for some help, he knew he'd be getting some from him because his roommate was a professional photographer. However, there was one thing that both of them didn't account for. The picture did come good, but the background mirror showed the person behind the lens standing with nothing but boxers on. This was just hilarious and the guy's friends had a good laugh at it.
34. Sharing Information
Public restrooms are always host to people sharing a lot of private information regarding them. From numbers to other stuff, people do get creative with what they share in public restrooms. There really isn't any limit to it, and anyone can come and share what they want about themselves. Thus, if you go and take a selfie in a public restroom, please be careful of all the explicit messages hovering around there.
This girl wanted to take a photo in a public restroom and wanted to be quick with it, so that no one could walk into her taking the photo. However, there was one thing that she had not accounted for; the message behind her head. Someone there had taken up the liberty to write 'I Masturbate', and we can't think of one good reason why they would write this there.
35. Toilet Selfie
Taking toilet selfies is one guilty pleasure that all of us can confess to. Some of us might not have taken it while standing over the toilet bowl, but all of us have at some time in our life taken a selfie just before or after taking a dump. This girl over here took a similar photo standing under the lights and found out that she looked really good for the camera.
It was after she had taken this selfie that she decided to post the picture online. Once the picture was posted online, all hell broke loose after her friends spotted the turd she had inside her bowl below. Now, the most important rule of taking a selfie in the toilet is that you flush your stuff before you take your camera out for a picture.
36. Dumb Face
If you really want to see people doing dumb things and making dumb faces, you should go and see a woman taking selfies. Women really make the most hilarious faces while taking selfies and these faces really are hated by elderly people. Elderly people don't like women making such weird faces and would rather want to see the young ones doing something productive than standing and taking selfies all day long.
This girl was taking a selfie when her mom peeked inside from the door behind and saw her making the most darned face ever. Not only did she call her out for taking such weird pictures, but also spoiled the fun of the selfie that she was taking. This really did make for a hilarious picture for everyone to see online. The mom does look angry to be honest.
37. Mirrors
Mirrors are mankind's biggest enemies. They were made to assist us in looking better and making our bodies look perfect, but they haven't really fulfilled the purpose. Instead, mirrors make us look really funny and spoil the fun in whatever we are doing. Just recount all of the background fails above, and ponder over how many of these transpired because of the mirror playing a role in it. Yeah, you have your answer.
Lana here was taking a selfie near the mirror for a cute picture, when it became quite evident that she looked cute. She posted the picture online for everyone to see and like what she had posted, since she did look really pleasing. However, her friends found the reflection in the mirror really hilarious and couldn't stop laughing at how funny her name looked after being reflected by the mirror.
38. Voldemort
Anyone who is mildly interested in the Harry Potter series and has not been living under a rock for the last couple of decades would know who Voldemort is. The character is famous as one of the most notorious villains and has made quite a following for him. Ever since the Harry Potter series ended, reports mentioned that Voldemort has been roaming around many cities of the world and has moved to our world.
This notion was amplified by these girls, when they sat for a quick picture in the park. What looked like a really quite and calm picture was aggravated by the presence of Lord Voldemort in it and the people on their social media couldn't stop noticing him the dark wizard sitting in the background. Maybe Voldemort wants a dual with these two here.
39. Doggy Style
Regardless of what you think of them, dogs want some action as well. They don't want to be kept away from their kind and the male ones really want to be near their female counterparts, so that they can have some good fun together. This girl here had a male dog and was really happy with the presence he had in her life. However, a funny thing happened when she took a photo of him with a female dog of the same breed in the neighborhood.
When both the dogs met, they seemed to have formed quite a bonding, and it was visible that they were enjoying each other's presence. This girl here was just about to take a selfie of both of them, when things went haywire and the dogs had gone into action. We really love the expression on her face here.
40. For Security
We really see a lot of hiccups when it comes to taking pictures for an official. The official image is one picture that should be delivered with utmost importance and should be taken without any hiccups whatsoever. But, the important fact here is that there shouldn't be any untoward problems with the background.
This official from a security agency wanted to get his official picture taken in the most flawless manner. What he didn't expect was that one of the members of his staff was lurking around the background and could be seen standing behind him. We really hope that the person at the back knows the importance of an official image and buggers off. It was later found out that the person was standing there for security purposes and wanted to provide security to the official.
41. Reunion
High school reunions are seriously the best type of reunions as you get to meet everyone from your life in High School and get to hang out with them. There is also the chance of you guys catching over memories and clearing the air that you had between each other. Amidst so much, there is also the need for taking photographs, because these photos will be shown everywhere under the banner of the reunion.
These three people from a high school reunion were taking a photo together, but failed to see that someone was taking a piss behind them. The person was clearly visible and there wasn't much that they could have done to change that. The picture became viral for all the wrong reasons and the reunion became a joke all across the internet.
42. Showstopper
Just like we mentioned above, taking pictures on the beach is often tough business. You come across a lot of people that are lurking around doing what they do, and you cannot do anything about that. This modeling agency had taken all of their models to the beach for a quick photo among the waves and everything was going well.
The photographers had instructed the models to sit according to their place in the picture and it was expected that everything would go smoothly. Just as everything was finalized and things were about to be shot, a man at the back of the beach decided to take a stroll in the waves. The whole picture was spoiled and that man won the deserved title of the showstopper for the day. Quite a title, when you have so many models around you.
43. What?
Selfies taken in the public restroom don't come without their fair share of troubles. You have to realize that not everyone would be comfortable with you taking photos in the restroom and that you should be more considerate with how you go on about it. This lady wanted to take a photo in the restroom and it was evident that the background wasn't well.
Just as she geared up to take the selfie, someone from her background came and started throwing up in the nearest toilet bowl. What transpired afterwards was complete chaos as both the female and the man looked on as the man kept throwing up. The woman then clicked the picture and we cannot stop laughing at how the man has his butt crack on display here for literally everyone to see.
44. Couple Picture
The internet really is full of couples taking pictures on a routine basis and posting them online for the world to see. These pictures aren't meant to make other people jealous, but they are just meant to remind others that the couple is still together and are doing a good job at it. This selfie they took and posted online, however, went viral for the wrong reasons.
On first glance you may notice the beautiful couple having a good time with each other and gearing up for a good photo together, but once you look closely at the picture, you would see the person standing at the background with both his hands inside his shorts was playing with his privates. You don't play with your private parts when you are in a public place please.
45. Winning Picture
The winning picture for any team, after they are done winning a tournament or match is the perfect one. This team had done a good job at winning a tournament and the guys couldn't contain their excitement at how things had transpired for them. All of the guys in the picture looked very happy and they were having a hell of a time together.
However, the team didn't check the background before posting the picture online and that is what made this picture go viral. As the team celebrates, one of the members can be seen cleaning himself up at the back. This really is the most hilarious team picture you will ever see. We are pleased that the guy decided to clean up for the picture and can be seen looking straight into the camera for it.
46. Reflection Fail
Close up selfies are often the most favorite option for people looking to make a mark on social media. These close-up selfies often highlight your features and make you exude the impression that you want to. This girl over here wanted to take a close up selfie, so that people could appreciate her facial features.
When she took this picture, she liked it and posted it online for people to compliment her. However, things didn't go really well for her as people found out what she was seeing online through her shades and were quick to lash on to her for shopping for a dildo while taking a close up selfie. She received a lot of stick from the people she had on her friend list online and everyone had a good laugh at how weird this was.
47. Mother Fail
Sometimes we feel for all the moms out there that are just tired with all the adulting they are doing and want to take a good picture or two for their friends to see and admire how much they have kept their figures in touch. These moms are always looking for some appreciation of their figures and love when people compliment them for it.
This mom wanted some similar feedback from her friends and posted this picture online for everyone to see. However, her friends didn't really notice her figure and were more hell bent on noticing how her little daughter was drinking from the tap. As a mom she should be more careful about her daughters and the backgrounds in her pictures. Moms have a lot of burden on their shoulders and should adhere to the responsibilities.
48. Selfie Magic
Some people really want to go overboard with the selfie experience. They are tired of taking selfies in the same old positions and want to add some thrill to this experience and want to experiment better positions and places to ensure that everyone likes what they are doing. Although, there is not a lot to gain from these positions, but one can always impress their social media followers.
This girl climbed at a very risky position to take a picture that she thought would propel her forward. She wanted everyone to see the thrilling experience she was having and how good her background is. The picture was one of those that gathered good reviews online and was much liked by people. The girl was however called out for risking her life to get a good background.
49. New Hair
Girls really like flexing with their hair and love it when they get to change it every once in a while. When they do change their style, these girls want a lot of appreciation from everybody in their life. This girl here had changed her hairstyle as well and she wanted to post the change on social media so that everyone could see and compliment her on her hair.
However, the reactions weren't as per plan for this lady, as she witnessed that everyone was calling her out for the picture as soon as she posted it online. It was clearly visible that the picture had been taken by her boyfriend who wasn't really wearing anything, and the mirror at the back really spilled the beans on this. We feel really bad for this woman, as the hairstyle did look good.
50. Traveling
You have to be ready for any kind of mishap while you are taking pictures on the train. You can see literally anything on train, which is why it is advised you look here and there before taking the right picture. These two friends were taking this picture together and noticed that something ridiculous was happening behind them.
When they posted the picture online, all of their friends were also quick to notice the background and reminded them that there was a woman at the back going down on another man. The picture of the background really wasn't cute and something sexually explicit was happening. However, we believe that both the individuals were just having a quick rest in different positions and their poses just got blown out of proportion by the people we have on social media.


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