15 Reasons Why Your Second Love Is Way Better Than First Love

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Ray Porter October 14th 2017 Lifestyle
When you're young and in love, it can feel like the person you are with is the only thing that matters in the universe, and that you'll be with that person forever. However, often this is not the case as life can find a way of wedging itself in the middle of relationships and cause them to fall apart. When this happens, you might feel like you'll never find happiness again--but rest assured that isn't the case! In fact, your second love might even be better than your first. Here's why:
Getting Back Out There
The first thing that falling in love again will teach you, is that it's possible to find love again once you've lost it. People often feel like there is only one person for them, and getting back out into the world is a hugely positive step.
Proving That There's Other People For You
This goes together with the first point, because love can blind you to the fact that there are other people out there in the world. When your first relationship with someone you love ends, it can feel like there is no one else that you want to pursue--falling in love for a second time will prove that wrong.
It Can Heal You
Falling in love can be the best way to mend a broken heart. We've all heard about the healing power of love, and it's true in this case. The best case to get over heartbreak is to prove to yourself that there is someone else out there for you.
It Can Make You Stronger
When you're in love for the first time, you might not be as prepared for certain parts of relationships. Relationships are difficult, and your second time around will leave you better prepared for how to handle things when they get tough.
Contrary to what some people seem to believe, your second love can be just as passionate as your first. Often, since you know what you're doing, your second love can be a better, more intense flame than your first love was.
Feeling Secure
With the confidence of having been in love before, your second love can provide you with some much needed security. You will probably be less clingy and less needy, which will sow the seeds for a more healthy relationship overall.
It Makes You Better at Understanding
Relationships require a compromise between two people, and it can be difficult to empathize with thoughts and feelings that aren't your own. Once you've had enough practice, you are able to put the work in to better understand where your partner is coming from.
It Helps You Treat Your Partner Better
Experience allows you to know how you should treat others, and by being in a relationship that has ended in the past, you are more likely to know how you need to treat other people, and how you deserve to be treated in your relationship.
It Can Make You More Gentle
When love is intense, it can be easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Our feelings might lead us to saying things that we don't mean and that can be very harmful to our partner. Luckily, being in love a second time teaches you to be more gentle.
It Can Help You Commit
By having been in a serious commitment in the past, your next relationship will benefit from you being less scared of intimacy. If you've already been on the rollercoaster once before, you have less to be afraid of the second time around.
It Gives You Faith
Believing in love is the first step to finding it, and once you've been in love before you are better able to know when it's the real deal. This faith will let you be happier and will let you pursue something you might not have believed in before.
You Know Love Exists, and Won't Be as Guarded
Similarly, the faith of knowing that love exists will allow you to put down your guard and let someone else in. Instead of being afraid of getting close to someone, your previous experiences with love should have taught you how rewarding it can be to be close to someone.
You Know That Relationships Have Their Ups and Downs
By having been in a relationship before, you might know that it's not always perfect. They can be tricky to navigate, but you should have the knowledge that things do get better most of the time, and that sometimes you have to work at your relationship.
You Are Better Prepared Emotionally
Your emotional strength is like a muscle, the more you work at experiencing your emotions, the better you become at understanding them. This emotional maturity is the key to a great relationship, so the experience will help you the next time around.
You Know How to Make it Last
This point is the combination of all of the previous ones. All of these factors will lead to a better relationship the next time you enter one, and as you become more mature and more experienced you will be better prepared for how to make your love go the distance.


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