If Your Boyfriend Does These 12 Things, He's A Keeper

NEVER let him go if he does these things.
Cole Damon October 13th 2017 Lifestyle
It's not easy to spot the difference between a man who's simply using you for your body and one who's genuinely interested in you. While we cannot precisely dictate exactly what constitutes true love, there are tell tale signs you can watch out for. Subtle things such as the way he looks at you, his attention span during chitchat and his frequency of visiting you can tell a lot about his psyche. Here are 15 signs that he truly is a lover boy.
He appreciates you whenever he gets the opportunity
Your boyfriend is not afraid to let you know how valuable you are to him. He consistently appreciates your presence and shows enthusiasm whenever you're doing an activity with him. An example could be watching TV together.
He wants you to play video games with him
Video games are usually a private affair for avid gamers and they like to keep you and their favorite hobby completely separate. But if your partner wants you to partake in some of the fun filled video game activity, it means he's really into you.
Frequent gifts
He's not afraid to empty his coffers just so he could shower you with gifts and trinkets. They don't have to be extremely expensive to symbolize his love. The fact that he takes some time out of his life to search for a gift means true love.
He frequently texts you
While he should not text you every five minutes, it doesn't hurt to receive one every six hours or so. The fact that he sends you a text message every now and then signifies all the emotions in his heart.
He frequently compliments you
Your partner is not afraid to compliment you on a frequent basis. He doesn't just use generic terms such as, "you're very beautiful", rather he makes use of targeted statements which specifically suit you such as, "I love that blue dress you're wearing."
He can't let you go
Whether you're inside the house, out shopping or eating at a restaurant, he just can't keep himself from touching you every now and then. He holds your hands whenever you're walking together and doesn't let go unless you specifically ask him to.
He's sad when you're not around
His face becomes visibly stressed when you're caught up in work or required to travel to a different country. Every moment spent in your absence is enough to make him feel profoundly sad and depressed. Let him know you're thinking of him.
When you finally do show up
When you finally drop by to say hello, he lunges at you like a dog greeting its owner after a long time. The dude can't stop caressing you and smothering you with kisses. If you were to touch his heart, you'll realize that his chest can barely contain it because it's beating so ruggedly inside.
He comes up with amazing poetry to describe you
While the guy might have an otherwise dull vocabulary and lackluster writing, when it comes to appeasing you and describing you, he never fails to construct amazing poetry which should otherwise go beyond his skills. "Your love is like a river", says the lover boy who just became a poet - for you.
He gets jealous when you're around another man
The best way to find out if he cares about you is to be around another man. Especially when he's attractive and slightly more successful in life. You'll notice visible signs of stress and perspiration on his face, he's afraid you are slipping from his grasp.
He looks longingly in your eyes
He makes frequent eye contact and melts at the mere sight of you. Sometimes his eyes well up in tears and sometimes he just cracks a smile. The guy thinks you're an angel that embodies everything which is perfect and good.
He's gives you all his salary
After an entire week's worth of toiling away at work and meeting deadlines, when he finally gets the much needed paycheck, he decides to give it all to you. His philosophy is that money and financial well being should never come at your own cost.
He never fools around with other girls
He never shows interest in someone else. He is absolutely committed to you alone and his heart can no longer love another woman. You're the only love of his life. Does he check another woman out? Do his eyes waver when an attractive girl happens to pass by? No? Well then he's completely yours.
The entire world is in on it as well
It's not just you who can detect the love oozing out of his heart. The entire world, including his family, coworkers, friends and everyone else knows the guy is all yours. Girls look at you enviously when they know that a man can love a woman so much.
He knows everything about you
What movies you like, which novels you read, your favorite color, your favorite meal. The guy even has a notepad which he keeps around to keep track of everything you like and dislike. Why would he go to such lengths if he didn't care for you?


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