15 Pictures That Will Make You Believe in the Power of Fate

It's destiny! You never know what's possible.
Cole Damon March 12th 2018 Entertainment
The power of fate is something that we are surrounded with, but often are too ignorant to realize. Fate can be seen everywhere around us and we do want to talk about it as it shapes our lives. Here we take a look at 15 pictures that will reaffirm your believe in the power of fate and will make you wary of it.
Childhood Pictures
This couple was going through their childhood pictures and realized that they had the same photo from the same day in an amusement park. They had met as children, way before their marriage. We want to imagine the vibes they shared at that time.
Music Festival
Music Festival are said to be hosts to a lot of partying and booze and stuff. Commitment is the last thing that you associate with music festivals, but this couple met there and has stuck by each other for more than 48 years now.
This is a picture of two cute munchkins from their daycare days. They went to the same daycare, but no one would have had imagined that these two could have such a bond in life. However, when it is meant to be it often works.
True Love
Alex was in love with Adam when they had known each other back in Middle School. However, they parted and then came back together in College, only to love each other properly now. Alex has grown to be a hot young lady.
These two were busy dancing together at the wedding of a mutual friend of their parent's in their childhood. Now that they have grown up, they are about to get married and we cannot believe how cute this is.
In Love
This woman recalls how 10 years ago she told her silly classmate that she loved him. It has been over 10 years to this encounter now and they're married and she still believes he is silly in a cute way.
It was only after they had married each other that this couple found out that they had gone to the same kindergarten. It really is amazing how they had not known of this before even though they had a picture together.
Family Picture
This guy was out exploring areas back in the day and he had a weird family come click a picture near him. 7 years later when he didn't even know that event existed; he got into a relationship with one of the girls in the family.
Same Vacation Picture
This guy shared his story of how his wife and he had taken a same vacation picture at a vacation. They didn't meet each other until they were aged 30 and fell in love on first sight. This is true love right here.
Loving on Merry Go Round
This woman recalls how she fell in love with this guy when they were kids on a merry go round, and only confessed about her feelings when they were High School. They have been together ever since and just got married.
Old Photos
This man realized that he had crossed paths with his wife 11 years before they eventually met, when he saw that he was walking at a back in a photo that his wife had taken. Love and fate both form the best stories.
School Friends
These two were school friends and only stopped talking when they finished junior high and went their separate ways. However, fate brought them back together after 20 years and they are happily married now in each other's arms.
Michael and Natalie were good friends back in the day, but had lost touch with each other during the course of their life. However, they met again through social media and decided to make things happen back again.
True Love
Chris decided that he could be a donor for Heather in her liver transplant without knowing her. They never really met each other formally, but when they did they fell in love together and set a precedence for everyone to follow.
Online Romance
These two were the perfect love birds online without even realizing that they worked in the same office at an arm's length to each other. Things surely got steamy for both of them when this realization dawned on them.


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