15 Couples Who Know The Key To A Successful Relationship

Many people say that marriage is based on patience. More than that, every spouse is sure that they are the ones having a hard time. A lot of people even post, on the internet or social media, about the difficulties that they are facing when in a
Cole Damon March 12th 2018 Humor
The world is changing really fast and couples seem to have adapted to these changes. They tend to understand each other better and can take care of the special needs of the partner. Here we take a look at some examples of couples who know what is required for a good relationship. Take their example up and you'd be good in your relationship.
Hoop Earrings
This girl wanted hoop earrings from town, but had no time to go to the shopping mall and get them herself. Thus, she drew a circle on his husband's hand, telling him the exact size of the hoops she wanted.
Women nowadays want to share what they eat on Instagram. Telling the world what you're doing and eating is the new cool in town and women want to be a part of this fad. Thus, couples that understand this are good to go.
This man has had a long lasting relationship with his girlfriend and believes that the key to their relationship has been patience. His patience can be believed after he shared this picture of how his girlfriend eats brownies.
Girlfriend Stuck
There is always time for some good humor in a relationship, especially if it comes at the other partner's expense. This girl was stuck on a ladder and her boyfriend thought that it was a good time to sneak a photo.
Reiterating what we said above, there is really a lot of room for humor in almost every relationship. People really do understand each other nowadays and the humor they have together is worth it considering the love they share.
This guy thought his girl needed some gift, which is why he bought her this very colorful looking flower. Turns out that this is lettuce and not a flower at all! We're assuming that they spent a good couple of hours laughing at this.
Girlfriend Fishing
This guy really wanted to try out the fun of fishing with his girlfriend and ended up damaging his cheeks in a brutal manner. This bruise will take some time leaving. We also love the reflection on his glasses.
This man reports that his girlfriend is so simple that she took up a whole hour dancing and roaming around with this box on her. Then he read the logo on it and realized how fitting it was.
This man picked up the wrong place and the wrong time for tying his laces. His girlfriend got all excited and shocked, but turned out he wasn't proposing, as she had expected. He did get an earful after this.
This girl was out on a business trip and hadn't seen her boyfriend for over a week. She texted him to send her something sexy, in reply to which she got this picture! You got to love the hair on display here.
The cutest part in a relationship is that you get to live together and have a pet to call your very own. These two have been living together and share the space together. This cute picture was clicked when the pet and the girl fell asleep on the man.
This man wasn't okay with taking pictures with his wife's cat, but was pushed into doing so. This picture was however a start of a great relationship and both the cat and the man developed a great understanding.
Girlfriend's Cat
Attempts to building a relationship with your girlfriend's cat don't really end well and this guy found this out the bad way. He had to endure a lot of torment through the process and eventually dropped the effort.
This woman was sick and woke up to her husband making breakfast for her. This wouldn't look like the best fried egg in town, but we just love the attention to detail here. Full marks for efforts here!
Mistrust can often creep into relationships, but the extent another person can go to prove their innocence almost always proves definite for defining the course of a relationship. This guy found the missing piece of this wrapper from the trash can, to prove to his girl that this wasn't a condom.


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