Kim And Kanye Add Insane Feature To Their California Mansion

Ian Anglin March 7th 2018 Entertainment
There have been various reports coming in regarding the construction work in Kim Kardashian's and Kanye West's new $20 million home. Sources say that the couple is installing a lake-sized pool in their yard, with some claiming that Kanye wanted to have the largest pool in the neighborhood. The house is located in the celebrity enclave of Hidden Hills, California. The home's previous owners also included Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of singer Elvis Presley.
They Recently Started Moving Into Their New Home
At the end of 2017, Kim and Kanye West started moving into their new home in the VIP celebrity enclave of Hidden Hills, California. The pair started moving in after first doing two major renovations of the home they bought after their marriage in 2014.
They Are Adding a Lake-Sized Pool to Their Home
Currently, the couple is doing one of the last bigger additions to their new mega-home, which is a lake-sized poo. This feature should prove to be pretty popular with their three children, as most kids love to spend hours in the pool during the summer.
Aerial Shots Show the Extent of the Pool
There have been several newly taken pictures of the construction work going on in Kim's and Kanye's new home in Hidden Hills. The photos (such as the one above) clearly show construction workers digging out a large area in their yard, for the creation of a new pool.
They Purchased the Property in 2014
Kim and Kanye purchased the property back in 2014 - the same year they got married. Rumor has it that they bought the home for around $20 million, which is a huge amount of money, even for famous Hollywood-based celebrities.
Their Home Boasts Eight Bedrooms and Ten Bathrooms
The size of the couple's pool is not the only impressive statistics about this California-based home - the house also has eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Kanye and Kim have three children, meaning plenty of space is going to be available in the place.
The House Is Far From Being Finished
Newly available photos of the house show that construction is still ongoing, meaning it could take months before we can see photos of Kim wearing a bikini at the pool. Workers have only gotten to digging the expansive hole for the pool.
They Moved Into the House Back in November
Kim and Kanye were so anxious to move into the new place, that they started living there back in November, even though some minor construction work was still going on. Perhaps the house is large enough that they don't even notice the workers.
Kanye May Have Wanted to Have the Largest Pool in Hidden Hills
Some sources have claimed that the idea of having such a massive pool came from Kanye himself. It is said that the celebrity rapper wanted to have the largest pool in all of Hidden Hills. If that is the case, he seems to have achieved that objective.
Their Mansion Is Going to Be Brimming With Luxury
Apart from the eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms, Kanye and Kim are going to have a variety of other luxuries in the house. Examples include a two-story playroom, a fully equipped music studio and a movie theatre with Dolby surround sound.
A State of the Art Gym May be Coming Next
Another source has said that apart from the two-story playroom and Dolby surround-enabled movie theater, the house is going to have a state of the art gym so that both Kim and Kanye can spend quality time working on their bodies.
The Home Once Belonged to Lisa Marie Presley
The home Kanye and Kim are going to spend the next period was at one point owned by Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of the King of Pop, Elvis Presley. They have reportedly spent around $20 million to purchase the home.
Landscaping Is Still Underway
From the above photos, it can be seen that landscaping is still underway, as some parts of the garden are not yet fully done. It seems that the front has some drought resistant plants and even several mature trees have been planted.
The House May Have Lavish Furniture
According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye have already picked several pieces of lavish furniture for their new home. No doubt the place is going to look gorgeous when it is going to be fully complete. The couple may even show some parts of their art collection.
They Purchased the Neighboring Plot for Added Privacy
Celebrities do like to keep their privacy, which is why Kanye and Kim spend around $2.9 million to purchase the neighboring property so that no one else can move in next to them. That seems like a smart decision for a celebrity of their caliber.
They Previously Sold Their Bel-Air Property
Before moving into their new Hidden Hills home, Kim and Kanye lived in the Bel-Air neighborhood. Before moving in here, they sold that property for the sum of $17.8 million. That means they made a hefty profit since they bought the place in 2013 for $9 million.


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