15 Things Couples Do After Being Together For A Long Time

It seems lovely how a couple falls in love, say, "I do" and then enter into a married life. But being married and all is the most adorable part, what comes next is a whole new level. A whole new level of disgust, annoyance, irritation, and weirdness. Afte
Cole Damon March 7th 2018 Lifestyle
In this world where maintaining a long term relationship is often a hard task, it can be a bit complicated to have such a relationship. This is exactly why long term couples have it tough from all corners. However they stick by the odds and here we look at 15 things that long-term couples like to do when they are together.
Partners in Restrooms
With the passing time, couples soon realize that there comes a time when their love is at a record high and they can do literally anything together. They even go together to the restroom and none of them minds the activity.
Popping Pimples
Popping pimples is considered to be a necessary task in a relationship and many people do this regardless of what the others feel about them. This activity is never out of fashion and everyone likes doing this in long-term relations.
Using an Extra Nose
Being in a relationship has its own perk and one of these perks is that people can always do with another nose. It is good to have someone to tell you that you should go for a bath or should change clothes because you stink.
Burping becomes really common when you are in a long term relationship, and you don't think much of it anymore. You burp around each other without thinking of it as something bad or something that should stop or be stopped.
Monthly Period Details
Women really do comfortable sharing about their periods when they are with someone who understands what they're going through. Such a man will always value the woman for who she is and would always want to make life easy for them.
Throwing Caution to the Winds
Couples that have been in a relationship for long enough have outlined that throwing caution to the winds is no more considered as a taboo topic and both partners occasionally throw caution without feeling bad about it in anyway.
Early Morning Kiss
While new couples tend to shy away from early morning kisses because of reservations regarding bad breath, couples in a long-term relationship don't mind sharing kisses in the morning and are always up for some tongue action at all times of the day.
Using the Same Toothbrush
Both the partners feel that one toothbrush is enough for them and they make ends meet by using the same brush together. They don't care about the other partner using the same brush for cleaning their teeth as well.
Shaving Hair
Woman in a relationship realize that their partner loves them for who they are in not for how much hair they have on their body. This is exactly why they throw away the need for shaving hair regularly and are up for accepting their body.
Sharing Sickness and Happiness
The best bit about couples in a long-term relationship is that they stick by each other throughout good health and sickness. If one partner is sick, the other will pamper them with care and would look over them to keep them happy.
Speaking in Made-up Language
Couples that have been together for long enough have their own made up language. They don't shy away from conversing in this language and don't mind calling each other cute pet names and making up cute annotations and names.
Going to the Shower
Couples in a long-term relation have an agreed-upon method over who goes to the shower first. They don't fight over going to the shower and have a pre-decided metric, which they both follow throughout both sickness and health.
Sharing the Last Slice
Couples who have been together for long enough know exactly how to share the last slice of pizza. They don't fight over the last slice and know who should have it considering metrics from the past and other numerical values.
Knowing Preferences in Sex
Sex is an important factor in every relationship, which is why it is necessary for couples to have sex sorted out for a good life on bed. Couples that have sex sorted out; know exactly how to please the other person on bed.
Inside Jokes
Inside jokes really are the hallmark of any long-term relation. Couples tend to develop a lot of inside jokes when they have been living together for a long time. They follow these inside jokes and then laugh over them.


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