Top 15 Most Famous And Beautiful Streets In The World

Sometimes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Cole Damon March 2nd 2018 Entertainment
There are many streets across the globe that have been documented in numerous films and dramas and now have developed fame for themselves. Here we look at some of these most famous streets from across the globe and see for ourselves how they look in real. Go through the list and enjoy this list full of beautiful streets from around the world.
Hollywood Walk of Fame
The Hollywood walk of fame has been documented in a lot of movies and this is what it looks like on an average day. The walk of fame has stars with names of the most prominent American global stars mentioned on it.
Avenues des Champs
Avenue des champs is considered as one of the most beautiful avenues in the whole world. Running across the center of the city, the avenue is flocked with tourists across the year as people visit its famous monuments.
Khao San Road
Khao San Road in Thailand may really be considered shorter than some of the other famous streets we have here, but the fact that it is constantly filled with people from all walks of life shopping in the market is really grand.
Wall Street
Wall Street is the center of all major financial activities across the globe and is considered one of America's most famous streets. The street is also seen as a life pulse of the concept of capitalism as this financial hub is its most prominent resource.
Lombard Street
This crooked 600-foot long street located within San Francisco is referred to as the most crooked streets across the world. The steps to the top contain some very steep and tough hairpin turns. It really is a lovely walk here.
Via Dolorosa
Located in the heart of Jerusalem, this street is roughly translated as the way to sufferings. This street is famous because of its history as the route Jesus took while he was being led towards crucifixion back in the day.
The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile, as its name suggests is a one mile long stretch of road that encapsulates an array of landmarks and monuments featuring significant areas such as the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the famous, ancient Edinburgh Castle.
There are broadways located all across the USA, but none as famous as the Broadway located between 53rd and 42nd street within Manhattan, New York. The Broadway is considered as the home of American musical and theater history.
Abbey Road, London
Abbey Road is easily recognizable by most people as the iconic street that got featured in the 1969 famous album cover of the Beatles. Dedicated fans still come from various parts of the world and recreate the famous cover.
Chandni Chowk
Chandni Chowk really is the place you should be headed to if you need to indulge in some Bengali cuisine or want some eclectic gift for some loved one. The bustling street is quite chaotic and is perfect to visit for a culture shock.
The Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, Italy is considered as the fashion capital of the world. No Street in the city embodies this title more than the Via Monte Napoleone. The area is full of extravagant shopping centers and upscale fashion outlets.
La Rambla
La Rambla, which is a street located in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain, is comprised of a series of shorter streets. The street is perhaps the busiest walkway located in Barcelona and is flocked with tourists and locals.
Las Vegas Strip
Who hasn't heard of Las Vegas and the strip within the city that is host to some of the most flamboyant casinos and hotels. Everything works in this city and people from all walks of life line the strip late into the night.
Orchard Road
Located in the heart of Singapore City, Orchard Road is definitely one of the most prominent shopping streets in Asia. Back in the day the area led to a vast forest of paper orchids, which is where the street gets its name from.
Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya Crossing in Japan is not only believed to be the liveliest crossing in the country but also in the world. At peak time, the crossing is host to 1,000 plus passengers at any given stretch of time. That is just amazing.


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