15 Things Your Girlfriend Will Do After She Breaks Up With You

Girlfriends are the best until they dump you, then they tend to be the worst. You are often left wondering what she is up to after she left your butt on the curb and may
Cole Damon October 12th 2017 Lifestyle
Unless you manage to find 'the one' at your first attempt, you are going to have a few breakups in life. We've all been there. Sometimes we are the ones feeling bad because we are breaking up with someone. Sometimes we feel great for breaking up with someone terrible. Worst is when someone is breaking up with us. People act differently after breakups. Here is some stuff that your girlfriend will end up doing after a breakup.
Start posting more selfies
This is the number one thing you will notice. She will be uploading selfies to Instagram, Snapchat - and even to Facebook stories! That's how bad she wants her face out there. It's a way to both make you feel bad and make her feel more validated.
Start dressing better
As the relationship goes on we become complacent and stop putting in an effort into our appearance. If you see her out after the breakup you'll notice she looks much better now. This isn't just your brain screwing with you - she's actually making an effort to look better.
Start going out more
This one makes sense, and this is something guys do as well. When you have a breakup the worst thing to do is sit at home and mope. Thus her girlfriends will hit her up and tell her she needs to go out with them.
Flirt with everyone
The odds of this happening are very high if you broke up with her instead of the other way around. She feels insulted that you broke up with her, so she wants validation. She will flirt with any guy she gets the chance to, because it makes her feel better.
Start getting fitter
Once the girls are back on the market, they start going to the gym to look better. This usually happens with girls who were slightly overweight. You'll see their pictures and you'll wonder who this fit person with a great body is, and what did they do with your ex?
Start getting fatter
Here's the funny thing: if you break up with a thin girl she may start getting fatter instead! Food is a great coping mechanism for depressed people. If she's sad she may be eating way more ice cream than she should.
Throw shade on Facebook
You'll see her post status updates on Facebook that go "You'll never find anyone else like me". Do not be surprised if every Facebook update is a subliminal diss towards you for a few weeks after the breakup. DO NOT COMMENT. That's how you lose.
Hit up an ex
She's feeling lonely and she wants to have fun. The first person she calls may be her ex. This is almost guaranteed to happen if you two started dating shortly after she broke off with the ex or if she left him for you.
Hang out with your group
This happens if you were dating a girl in your social circle. Soon you'll see that she's become a lot more active in the social circle; hanging out with more people than ever before, being friendly with everyone. If you say anything it just creates drama.
Post 'men are trash' on Twitter
This one never fails to amuse us. Whenever a girl goes through a breakup she seems to think that men are trash and posts it all over twitter. Then a week later you see her talking about how cute her MCM looked that day.
Send you passive aggressive messages
This is always a fun one. You'll start getting messages from her that are the epitome of passive aggressiveness. The words may not be bad, but the hate you can feel coming through you phone's screen will definitely be bad.
Post racy photos on Instagram
You'll be using Instagram and you'll run into a hot picture of your girlfriend. She's wearing the shortest dress you've ever seen. You will instantly begin to regret breaking up with her and guess what - that was the plan all along.
Roast you in group chat
We all have our group chat. You will be surprised at how ruthless girls can be when it comes to roasting. Her and all of her friends will be talking about you for hours, making fun of each and every part of you and your personality.
Post about how she doesn't need a man
This is a good one as well. You'll suddenly start seeing her post on Facebook and Twitter how she never needed a man in her life. She'll probably also tag a lot of her friends in these posts, and they'll all agree with her.
Get over you
This is the final thing she'll do because of you - one day you will see a post from her which will have no bitterness, no subliminal insult, nothing - that's because she's finally over you. If you thought all the previous steps were annoying then you'll be surprised that this one is the one that bothers you the most.


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