Grieving Father Preserves Memorial For Deceased Son, Until Property Owners Did This

He was convinced they wanted him to tear it down - he was wrong.
Cole Damon October 12th 2017 Inspiration
"Not all positive change feels positive in the beginning." Life is known for its unexpected turns and loopholes. If it is easy, then you are not really "living" your life. As hard as it may be for us to believe and accept this, we must know that every change that is coming into our life is for a new beginning. When we begin to receive surprises that we had never expected, it is God's way of showing us how good things are on our way.
Be Ready To Embrace Change
Because life is always taking unexpected changes, make sure you are ready to embrace change. In hard times, we tend to forget that whatever happens, happens for a reason. That reason is often for our good and we need to believe in it.
The Importance of a Helping Hand
Sometimes a helping hand is all we need to take us out of the worst situations of life. For those who are strong believers in God, know that God will never abandon us. We need to keep fighting with hope and faith; our path will seem easier to go through.
In God We Believe
Be kind and kindness will find ways to come to you. God sends kindhearted people our way when we are willing to radiate the same energy and when we begin to understand our journey. Never think that you are alone because you have the world's greatest power with you!
Faith in Humanity Restored
We will begin to tell you a story that is the perfect example and will prove to you that help always finds a way to come to you. This story will make you believe when you see hard times, good times are soon to follow.
The Mystery of California
For the past 12 years, the residents of California have been witnessing an unsolved mystery. The people would walk past a very well-maintained memorial, which was set up along the sides of a fence of the abandoned property of Chevron.
"We would see it was maintained, but never saw who was maintaining it."
An executive employee at Chevron explains how they did not know who was maintaining this beautiful memorial. There were flowers along the fence with names of the deceased written. Questions would arise in people's minds of who could possibly make such a beautiful gesture.
Who Is This Angel?
When the residents were asked about who was maintaining this memorial, they would reply with the simple "I do not know." What they knew really well was that there was a lot of effort put into this memorial. It was decorated with flowers, angels and much more.
A Decision Had To Be Made
In the beginning of 2017, Chevron had to upgrade their property but they did not want to destroy the memorial that had been there for over a decade. That is when their mission began of finding the "mystery person."
Making the Move
The company was worried about the future of the memorial because the oil company needed to renovate. The company decided to leave a note which read "For those individuals who are maintaining this memorial, Chevron asks that you contact the refinery at [phone number]. Thank you for your help!"
Unveiling the Mystery
After the note, the man behind the magic of the memorial came forward. All this man needed was an initiative from someone. His name is Ray Olson. The reason behind the memorial was made in the remembrance of his son that passed away in 2003.
Drunk Driving Must Stop - It Is Ruining Lives
Raymond Olson died in 2003 because of a drunk driver. The mournful father set up a memorial as a tribute to his son. Ray had a fear in him that Chevron would not understand what he was doing that is why he did not come forth with his identity.
A Pleasant Surprise
After receiving the letter, Ray approached the company with doubt in his heart as he did not know what to expect. When the Hilltop District Neighborhood Council and Chevron heard his story, they were extremely moved. They decided to give Ray the best surprise of his life.
A Permanent Gift
When the time for the upgrade came, the company took their respect for Ray's story to a completely new level. Instead of destroying the memorial that was on the fence, they gave him a permanent memorial for his son in a nearby park.
"Forever loved, forever remembered"
The company gave him a memorial with those words engraved on it along with pictures of Ray's son with him. Next to the memorial, there was a bench for Ray. Ray no longer had to sneak to his son's memorial, instead now he could be there as long as he wanted.
"My Life Was Changed Forever"
This gesture was a complete surprise for Ray as he did not even imagine what would happen. He had convinced himself that Chevron would not care about his loss and he said how he was trying to understand this. This made him finally accept the death of his son.


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