Don't Marry a Guy That Has Any Of These 15 Habits

Imagine yourself being married to a guy who does not respect you, who does not deserve great things in life. And he sees you just as his wife, and nothing more! Yes, your life will be a burning hell. Take some time before you fall in love, decide first if
Cole Damon February 23rd 2018 Lifestyle
Girls are very skeptical when it comes to their marriage. Going into a life bond with someone can be quite a hassle, which is why they have to be really judicious with their choices. Here we make a list of 15 habits that a guy shouldn't have. Don't marry a guy who has any one of these because they wouldn't be good for you.
A guy who puts restrictions on you and isn't okay with you going outside or communicating with people isn't really worth the effort. It is best that you stay away from such a man because they can be a hassle to manage.
Hates Animals
Someone who has so much hate towards animals would probably reiterate that hate towards humans as well. It is best that you stay away from such people, because they can have a bad influence on you and your thoughts.
No Considerations
Every girl has her own relationship rules and wants to adhere to them regardless of what happens in a relationship. So, if a guy doesn't take your rules into consideration and is all about himself than you should abort.
Breaks Promises
A guy who cannot maintain a mere promise will not stick by you when it comes to marriage vows. They will run away on the first chance and would show their knack for breaking promises in the marriage as well.
A man who doesn't treat you the way you should be treated thus not deserves to be married with. Such guys have an ego issues and they think highly of themselves. Keep him on hold until he realizes your value and treats you accordingly.
Mr. Perfect
The worst kinds of men are the ones that think they're Mr. Perfect and cannot go wrong anywhere. They think highly of themselves and consider others to be a small reflection of themselves. Avoid such guys at all occasions.
Excessive Excuses
Someone who is coming up with excessive excuses is probably lying to you and is keeping away the truth from you. Such guys should not be tied the knot with, because they don't realize that the others deserve the truth.
Keeps Fights Alive
Regardless of how hard you try to avoid fights, as a couple you cannot stay away from this hassle. Couples get into fights regularly, but they also get over them soon. If a man cannot get over a fight, then they need to be replaced immediately.
Kills Conversations
The worst kinds of guys are those that suck at making conversations and kill them. Such guys want to talk about their lives all the time and do not come to grasp that the other person may want to converse about something else.
Now, these are the worst kinds of guys and it is best advised that you stay away from them. Such guys are clever at playing games and don't take the emotions of the other person into account when they play their hideous games.
More than the liars, it is the clingy types that really make us cringe. Being clingy is a certain de-motivator and if you meet someone who is being really clingy then you should ensure to not tie the knot with them and should break-up.
Hates Family
Someone who hates their own family would not work with you. Marriage isn't just about sharing food, bed and having sex; but, it also involves a lot of family love. If someone cannot keep their family intact then you should not marry them.
Someone who doesn't love themselves would never love you. Imagine, why would someone who loves themselves, smoke excessively to land themselves into such a precarious situation? These guys need to be left well alone and should not be married with.
Immature men should best be avoided, because they don't have any semblance of maturity in what they do with their life. They would make you act immature like them and you would then start feeling the lack of maturity in yourself.
Now, this is a dead no. Anyone who is abusive and raises their hand on children and women without any real cause should be avoided at all costs. Such men have the tendency to make life hell for people in their lives.


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