Game Of Thrones Is Good, But These 12 Shows Are WAY Better

Fellas, thoughts?
Emily Malone October 12th 2017 Entertainment
It goes without saying Game Of Thrones is an EPIC show, airing on HBO instead of traditional TV has allowed its creators to go as liberally into nudity, swearing, and violence as they want... and audiences love it! However since Game Of Thrones, also known as GOT, first aired other shows have started branching out onto non traditional channels as well and upped their plotlines, and there are some that are really worth checking out. We think that the following 12 TV shows can give GOT a run for its money.
Not Denying That Game Of Thrones Is EPIC
As one of the most universally popular shows of all time Game Of Thrones has undoubtedly secured its place in the TV show hall of fame. Each season is more action packed and emotionally intense than the last, and if you haven't seen it you should for sure go ahead and take a day to binge watch as much of the first season as possible.
From Sexy Actors To A Great Plotline, We Love It. But Is There Better?
It is easy to get caught up in Jon Snow's brooding stares or Daenerys Targaryen's regal beauty, honestly have two better looking people ever existed? But there is more to good TV than that, and while GOT is not lacking a good plotline, we think that these following 12 shows might be on the same level... or even better.
Sleepy Hollow
Everyone has heard of the legend of Sleepy Hollow, but not everyone has seen the show. And they should! This show features Tom Mison as a time-traveling Ichabod Crane in a pure fantasy based series that has him battling a new monster every week. It gets a bit repetitive over time but season 1 is pure gold.
The 100
If you are into dystopian sci-fi then this show will be your bread and butter. The 100 follows the lives of 100 teenage criminals that are sent back to Earth, which is irradiated and no longer inhabited by humans, and left to survive. Unlike Sleepy Hollow nothing about any of the seasons of this show get repetitive so stay tuned.
The Walking Dead
This show actually aired before Game Of Thrones, one season before to be exact. The Walking Dead holds the record for most watched show of all time, so we probably don't need to be telling anyone how good it is, but for those who somehow have not heard of this futuristic zombie thriller... get to watching!
Ever heard of the 1996 film Fargo? Unsurprisingly this show and that movie have a lot in common, in fact the series was actually inspired by the movie! Fargo is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows out there with an unbelievably high 98% approval rating on the popular website Rotten Tomatoes.
The Expanse
This show is to science-fiction what Game Of Thrones is too hard fantasy. Both are based on novels and adapted into shows and have a complicated web of political intrigue, elaborate fictional worlds, and merciless killings. If you are a GOT fan but into the sci-fi genre then this is a must see for you.
Orphan Black
This gripping series follows the story of Sarah Manning, played by Tatiana Maslany, a woman who has discovered she is a part of a government run cloning project and she goes into what it means to be a clone, and how deep the government conspiracy and human genetic testing goes.
Mr. Robot
This is one of those awesome shows that is also terrifying because it can make you question almost everything about the world we live in. Mr. Robot follows Elliot, a hacker vigilante, as he dives deeper into the underworld in an attempt to take down one of the world's biggest corporations.
Vikings is basically Game Of Thrones but set in Northern Europe. The complex plotlines, inexplicably relatable characters, and epic battle scenes are just the beginning of these shows similarities. And by the way Vikings writers seem to share GOT writer's fondness for writing in on screen nudity.
Penny Dreadful
If you like fantasy/supernatural dramas but with a splash of history and literature thrown in... First off that's a really specific preference, and second this is the show for you! This star studded cast absolutely nails this fantastical series, with the added bonus of characters from well known literature and sci-fi being featured along the way.
The Americans
Maybe you like the action packed nature of GOT but fantasy or sci-fi aren't your thing? The Americans might be your new favorite show. This drama is set during the US's Cold War against Russia and follows the story of a family of Russian spies deep under cover living in the United States.
House Of Cards
This is another U.S. based drama, but this one caters more to the people that enjoy the plot-twists and politics that GOT is so well known for. House Of Cards is set in current day in the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara are the stars of this show.
Black Sails
show follows the life of famous pirate Captain Flint and his rule of Treasure Island, home to the people considered the scourge of the era; pirates, thieves, and prostitutes. If the sex, violence, and nudity in GOT was your thing, then this is the show for you.
Let Us Know What You Like Best
This is a long list, and we are pretty confident that there is a new show for every GOT fan on here. Next time you have a weekend off or want to cuddle up and watch a good show with your friends try out something on this list and let us know what you think. Happy watching!


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