15 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Not The One For You

Cole Damon February 22nd 2018 Lifestyle
Getting to be in love with a person who is not meant to be with you can be a really traumatizing experience. Not only do you have to curtail your feelings, but also have to eventually realize that planning long term with this woman will only leave you disappointed. Here are 15 characteristics of a woman that won't last for long.
Always About Her
Your girl doesn't realize that you have your certain set of needs as well, and that it isn't always about her. She keeps talking about Kim Kardashian, when you want to discuss how things went at work and life in general.
Different Values
Regardless of how much you try to align each other together, both of you have different values that will more often than not, not work. You may not even be supporting the same team when it comes to a game of football.
Too Busy
Although, she wants your attention whenever she is free, but when you need her presence, she is nowhere to be found. Her existence is centered on herself and she is not willing to make room for you or your needs.
She Talks about her Ex
A woman that keeps talking about her ex all the time hasn't really gotten over the experience at all and is using you as a source to kill the pain of the breakup. She doesn't realize that you don't like talking her about her ex.
One-Sided Contact
You know a girl is not in it for the long term, if initiating contact with her is one-sided. You are the only one hitting her up and she barely cares about your needs. She doesn't care about your existence or needs and just wants you to message her.
Invades Your Privacy
You know you should be looking for someone else and that your current girlfriend is not here for the long term if she invades your privacy and tries to hover around while you're texting someone or talking to someone on the phone.
Barely Chill
Both of you barely have time for each other and are just hell bent on meeting outside and doing things that you wouldn't have done before. You don't want to socialize and stay together, but there seems to be a relationship for the sake of it.
No Sexual Chemistry
Sexual chemistry really is a thing when it comes to knowing who the right person for you is. If the sexually chemistry barely seems to be working than chances are that she isn't the right one for you and that she would soon leave.
Communication Gap
You can feel the communication gaps between each other and they just seem to be growing at the rate of knots. She doesn't seem to hit you up often and when you guys do talk, it's not about something substantial in life.
Constant Fights
Constant Fights are a big example of what happens when you're in a relationship with the wrong person. Being in a relationship with the wrong person will mean that you have friction and are constantly fighting with each other.
Far-Off Dream
You do see dreams of both of you together, but you also realize that this is a far-off dream for you. She doesn't seem interested in meeting your family or in getting to know you well, which is what makes you comprehend that it is a mere fling.
Physical Contact
It is only physical contact that seems to be keeping both of you together. Both of you love the sex you have together and know that if it wasn't for the regular sex sessions you would have left each other a long time back.
Someone Else
You know the girl you're in with now isn't going to stay for the long term, when you've had thoughts of being with someone else, while you were still in a relationship with them. When a girl doesn't excite you, there's nothing you can do.
Feeling Special
The real fun in a relationship lies in making each other feel special and feel like the best person in the world. You can tell that your girlfriend is not gonna stay for long, if she fails in making you feel special and happy.
Too Materialistic
The love for materialistic pleasures seems to be driving her forward and she comes across as being too materialistic to give a damn about what you want in life or what she could do to increase the fondness in the bond you share.


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