15 Signs That Prove You Still Love Your Ex

Heartbreak is considered as an occasion of grief and sorrow, where one feels that all his/her dreams and hopes have been shattered, where one feels worthless and betrayed. These days it has become a mindset of people that it is always the female partner w
Cole Damon February 21st 2018 Lifestyle
Although men can get over a relationship quite easily, women find it hard to get over one and may find adjusting to live as a single woman really hard. Although, you might deny having feelings for your ex, here are the sure shot ways to find out if you are still in love with him and have feelings for him or not.
You're still Hopeful
Regardless of how brutal he was with you during the relationship and the break up, you're still hopeful that things will eventually work out and you guys will be back together hopefully. But, this is not how the world works.
You Keep Checking His Social Media
If you have had a break-up with your ex, but cannot stop yourself from checking his social media all the time then chances are that you're still pretty much in love with your man and need to have a hold on your feelings.
Asking Your Friends for Favors
Although, it has been a while since they left you, you still cannot get over the heartbreak and the favors they did for you and keep asking your friends for these favors. If you call your girlfriends for ice-cream at 2 in the night, then you are missing him.
You Question Your Looks
The biggest sign of a woman who is still in love with the ex and is having a hard time getting over the break-up is that she starts questioning her looks and starts fostering the perception that the breakup happened because of her looks.
You Feel Ashamed of Keeping Tabs On Him
Other than just stalking him or monitoring your ex, the fact that you feel ashamed of keeping tabs on him is testimony to the love you still have for your ex. You still love him and are having a hard time getting over the love.
You Replay The Good Times
Agree or not, but going over old pictures and videos of you together again and again is a perfect sign that you still love your ex. Breaking up can be hard, but the best way to move on is to delete every proof of them from your phone and social media.
You Look for Him
As an ex that just wasn't prepared for the break-up, you refuse to move on with life in the way you should and keep looking out for people similar to this person. You just don't realize that moving on can help you in the long term.
You Cannot Let Go
One of the biggest signs of not being able to get over your ex is that you cannot let go of the memories that both of you had together. You have feelings for them and you keep remembering those times fondly.
Messed Up
You feel messed up because he was the one who left you, rather than you being the person who left them. You do realize that leaving them could have at least given you some satisfaction in life, if not anything else.
Unsure of Your Worth
The breakup has left you devastated and you cannot tell what your worth is after this experience. You feel like you are broken and you are not able to value yourself like the way you used to before.
If you see yourself going into a large spree of flings after they leave you, then chances are that you are still in love with them. All your flings are probably meant to act as a method to let them know that you've moved on.
You Ponder Over What You Did Wrong
You cannot come to track with why the relationship happened and keep on wondering what you did wrong to reach such a fate. You are also terrorized by the fact that they left you and you weren't the one to breakup.
Begging Him to Come Back
If you're basically begging him to come back then you've not gotten over them yet. You're still head over heels on them and cannot stop yourself from displaying these feelings to them. The best way to get over them is to realize your value.
You've Become Sensitive
If a relationship breakup makes you go sensitive then you have reached a stage in time, where a person is just too important for you to forget or get over for that matter of fact. You just hate commitment now.
You Mold People
You are so attached to the habits they had and the person they were that you literally mold other people into becoming your ex. You want them to act like your ex and talk like your ex and when that doesn't happen, you get frustrated.


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