15 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship

This all ultimately leads to breakups.
Charlie Blacks II October 11th 2017 Lifestyle
Unfortunately, everything in this universe is born, it grows, and eventually, dies. This goes for the same for the people in our lives, the living being around us, and even our own relationships. Our intentions aren't to make you guys feel depressed with these somber statements but, to uplift you and encourage you to move in a positive direction for sake of your own personal happiness. And sometimes, in relationships, it's ok to let your significant other go for the sake of their happiness as well. This is why we've compiled fifteen signs that your partner has lost interest in their relationship. Check them out for yourself.
All Sex. No Love.
This should be basic knowledge for all of you out there who are holding tight to a dying relationship. If you're significant other wants nothing to do with you other than to have sex and disregards your feelings, it's time to end the relationship. Trust us, even if the sex is good, close that chapter in your life.
Caught On The Cheaters Cam
If your significant other begins to step out of the relationship or you receive a call from Maury or catch them on Cheater's running down the street ass-naked with one sock on... Seriously. Do we have to explain to you any further that it's time to let this go?
They Make You Cry Oftenly
If someone is constantly hurting your feelings, making you feel less than, or the reason for your tears on a regular basis, you might want to consider hanging it up and leaving said person. Your significant other should be the reason for your happiness and smiles not a source of negativity.
Commitment Issues
If your partner begins to fail at keeping their word and make false commitments, they're probably losing interest in keeping the foundation of the relationship strong. No one wants to feel that type of disappointment or be the provider of such disappointment for the people they truly care for.
They No Longer Have Time
When you happen to be with someone and they suddenly don't have any time to attend any type of event with you or spend their spare time with you, it might be a sign that they're no longer interested in being with you anymore. It's a harsh reality but, take it into consideration.
If your significant other randomly becomes majorly indecisive out of the blue, it could be a sign that it's time to wrap it up. No one wants to sit around waiting for someone else to decide if they want to be with them or not. It's better for your mental health to move on to someone who knows they want to be in a relationship with you.
The World Revolves Around Them
When someone treats you as if they are the center of the world and doesn't take into account how you feel or how their actions affect you, you should probably look elsewhere for love. They obviously want you to become an orbiting asteroid to their planet-based psyche. It's not fair and not a characteristic of someone who loves you.
They Treat You Arrogantly
Anybody that talks to you in a condescending tone or is arrogant in your presence, is most likely looking for a way out of having a relationship with you. You should probably give them what they want and leave them in the past.
They're Not Supportive
This one should be a no-brainer. If your significant other is not supportive of your dreams, doesn't care about your accomplishments, or doesn't acknowledge your growth that is a person who really doesn't want to build your future with. Think about it, you should be excited to tell your partner you're conquering and maneuvering through the adversities of life.
You're To Blame
Relationships come with compromise and sometimes people argue with their significant other and that's totally normal but, if you're partner continuously claims you're to blame during arguments, they're not willing to take responsibility for their actions and probably have checked out of the relationship mentally.
They're Disrespectful
Respect should be imminent within a relationship. If your girlfriend/boyfriend becomes constantly disrespectful or if they're disrespectful at all they probably don't care about how you feel which ultimately means they're not good for you. It might be time to hang it up.
You're An Outsider
If you happen to go out with your significant other and a group of friends and you suddenly become the outsider of the group and your partner shows no interest on if you're included in the conversation or the activity at hand. You might want to consider moving forward without that person. You should always feel included.
Makes You Feel Worthless
No one should ever make you feel worthless, less than, or like you don't exist, especially in a relationship. Matter of fact, that's the last person who should make you feel worthless, your significant other should uplift you and make you feel like you're on top of the world. Ditch 'em.
Worthless Apologies
If someone continually apologizes and continues to repeat the same behavior they probably don't care how their actions affected you. If this pattern is constant, you might want to think about moving forward without this person in your life. This type of behavior is toxic and should be avoided at all cost.
They Try To Change You
If anyone tries to change you during the course of a relationship you might want to consider leaving them in the past. If someone doesn't love you for you, you probably aren't what they're looking for, to begin with. Save yourself the stress of modifying yourself for them and move forward without them. We understand, relationships can be rough and you might want to hold onto something for the sake of being with someone who you thought was the one. But sometimes relationship have an expiration date and they die, it's ok you'll find something better.


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