Dad and Daughter's Carpool Karaoke Breaks The Internet With 6 Million Views

This is one amazing 'carpool karaoke.'
Cole Damon October 11th 2017 Entertainment
You will not believe what Cole Lebrant did with his stepdaughter. This carpool karaoke can easily be listed as the cutest video on YouTube (Sorry James Corden and crew). The carpool karaoke is not an ordinary karaoke; it keeps getting interesting as it progresses and is guaranteed to keep you laughing. So read on to find exactly what made the video go viral and making headlines and piquing everyone's interests.
He Is Not an Average Dad, He Is a Cool Dad
This viral video starts with the father daughter duo chilling in their car while they are on the road. It begins with sweet little Everleigh saying, "Hey Dad, can we listen to the radio?" What happens next is pure magic and drama and all things that make people smile from ear to ear.
James Corden Has Serious Competition
James Corden is the pioneer of carpool karaoke. This man is known for his carpools, which are with famous celebrities like Maisie Williams and even John Cena, and him jamming out to random music. However, currently, Cole LaBrant and his stepdaughter are in the lead.
Apparently the "Old Taylor" Is Still Alive
The first song that comes on the radio is Taylor Swift's popular song called "Our Song." LaBrant and his daughter are dressed in pink hair bands and they are wearing pink feather scarves, which go perfectly with the song. Kanye has got nothing on these folks.
Dressing Up As the Celebrity Is Always a Good Idea
James Corden needs credit for this! He did start the dressing up as the celebrity trend for his carpool karaoke's. One of the most iconic episodes was when Sia and James were jamming out to chandelier; it is an episode, which is hard to forget!
Switch It Up Completely
From Taylor Swift's girly song, they jump to a rap song. The outfits change during this song and now they are wearing bandanas and the color black to represent their #thuglife. The entire fiasco keeps everyone at the edge of their seats.
The Turning Points
Transitions are the most important part in these videos as they keep the flow going. Although James Corden has abrupt scene changes, LaBrant used hand signals very smoothly to go to the next song. These smooth transitions keep the flow going.
Country Music Fans Still Exist.
LaBrant's next music stop was country music. It was an adorable change to see how they went from the #thuglife to Woody inspired outfits. Their beautifully plaid shirts and colorful cowboy hats are exactly what we are living for!
Truthfully, Though, James Is Extra.
During his carpool karaoke's, we have witnessed how James would take his celebrity guests to places out of his car. One prime example is when he took Selena Gomez to the amusement park, but he did not let the music stop even over there!
One Direction Still Exists In Our Hearts
Who cares if One Direction could not stick together? Their songs can still be classified as the "most jammable" songs especially when all the passengers in the car are familiar with the lyrics! We all must admit that jamming out to What Makes You Beautiful was the best thing ever!
Does One Direction Still Consider Themselves a Thing?
In an episode of carpool karaoke, James Corden is with the boys of One Direction, but things seem to get a little awkward. When the Zayn Malik solos would come, the boys got awkward smiles on their faces proving to the fans that they are NOT a thing anymore.
Way TOO Colorful, But the Cutest
From One Direction, the father daughter duo jump to traditional Mexican get ups. They are wearing extremely colorful clothes with sombreros and maracas... This is the part of the video where they are letting their inner happiness radiate really well!
Keeping It Very Basic
Talking about clothes, Justin Bieber's carpool karaoke is loved by many viewers. Justin and James head to Justin's favorite clothing shop where they try on outfits. From trying the craziest outfits to the most basic ones, they did not fail to make us laugh!
From Rainbows and Butterflies to the Dark Side
Who expected this turn? From sombreros to emo wigs and smudged black eyeliner. The father daughter duo is now mimicking heavy metal singers, but they make it look like the cutest thing in the world. Heavy metal and cute? It is not a classic combination.
They Have Returned To Their Natural Form
The viral YouTube video ends with the duo shocked. Their hair is messed up and they seem like they were taken to an alternate universe. The ending could possibly be the highlight and we must applaud Everleigh's acting skills!
Which Carpool Karaoke Would You Want To Be A Part of?
Although, both the carpools are iconic in their own way, it is hard to choose which one is better. We could either ride with a famous celebrity and sing with them or hang out with the coolest father daughter duo. This question is worth contemplating on!
Here is the Video:


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