Woman Records Weird Egg Hatching In Her Backyard, And It Wasn't A Bird Inside

What even?
Ray Porter October 10th 2017 Weird
The world can be a scary and mysterious place. There's even still a large percentage of the deep ocean that remains relatively unexplored. This part of the ocean potentially houses thousands of new species that haven't been identified yet. Even birds and fish can feel at times a bit unrelatable and don't even get me started on cuttlefish. They are able to change colour to the degree that what look to be hypnotic stripes moving along the fish.
Not in The Deep Ocean
Just when you thought that all those weird alien like creatures were safely hidden away in the relatively inaccessible deep ocean, comes a disturbing find on dry land. Feeling freakily like it could have been in anyone's garden a video was posted by a twitter user.
Oozing Sac
When this everyday Twitter user came across this strange unidentified object in her garden, she immediately became a bit disturbed. Things only got worse. She was clueless as to what this oozing sac was her alarm bells when off when it began to move.
This strange moving sac could best be described as some sort of egg. An egg with more of membrane as its outer layer, missing a hard outer shell. This soft outer shell is obviously what allowed the egg to move and pulsate.
Fight or Flight
The egg with strange reddish tentacles, or vines, was beginning to hatch. Rather than running away like any normal person might do, the savvy Twitter user set up a camera to record whatever would come forth from this egg. And lucky for us she did.
New Discovery
Another motivation for the filming the event could have been she was aware that if this was a new find this could be a scientifically important moment. Looking at the tentacles or possible set of multiple arms it could have been a squid or octopus.
A Shape Emerges
As the egg continued to move more and more looking to move through its hatching phases a demented shape began to become visible through its membrane. The visual parallels to a squid or octopus were strengthened but there were a few major issues with this theory.
It Can't be a Squid or Octopus
Despite its large number of limbs that look like octopus legs and the type of vivid colours that are found over the ocean it couldn't seriously be an octopus or squid, could it? First if it was, why would it be on land, and do octopi even lay eggs, not to mention it's probably too big.
No Answer Yet
The guessing will continue until it emerged from the egg and possibly continue afterward too. To an uniformed viewer, the birth of a bizarre, devilish creature could easily be compared to a clip from a horror movie on the big screen.
Worse than A Movie
But this wasn't designed by concept artists and the passed from creative mind to mind to create something that would keep you from sleep. What makes it scarier than something dreamed up and made in Hollywood was that this was indisputably real.
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Everyone's curiosity apparently trumped there caution and desire for an uninterrupted night of sleep as the video immediately went viral. Everyone couldn't help but find out what was lurking in that egg getting ready to enter the world.
You Watched It Didn't You
You've either already seen the video or just now you gone and found it and fallen into the temptation to watch it, haven't you? If so, right now you're probably sitting there wondering what on earth this devil spawn could be.
The Devil's Fingers
It is the Clathrus Acheri scientifically or more aptly commonly name the Devil's Fingers mushroom. If you know anything about Australian flora and fauna you won't be surprised to find out that the mushroom is native to that region, same as all those evil spiders.
Clathrus Acheri
This thing of nightmares just keeps getting better and better. Once it reaches maturity it smells like putrid flesh. Although, given its appearance, it's not all that surprising let's all hope we never have to find or smell these mushrooms.
Hah, Mushroom Experts
Mycologist, those unusual individuals that are experts in the study of mushrooms, claimed that the mushroom was apart of the of the fungi family. However, common sense and a healthy caution taught through enough alien movies definitely confirms its origins and plan to take over Earth.
Ah the Internets
As a last note of warning the mushroom has also started to be introduced to Europe North America and Asia. We must all give a big thanks to the internet for giving us the information we on this unique fungus. Still, I don't think this information will change our reactions a) RUN! B) KILL IT WITH FIRE!


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