This Woman Took A Photo Of Herself Every Day For 1 Year, The Ending Will Stun You

This Is Definitely Heartbreaking To Say The Least..
Ethan Tremblay October 10th 2017 Weird
This woman, a victim of something extremely horrific, takes a photo of herself each day for a year long... At the end, the woman is holding a paper on which is written: "Help me, I don't know if I'll make it 'til tomorrow." Once you get to the final few photos, you will understand why. Here we have included many of her photos throughout the year, in order by date taken. You will be quite shocked at the end result.
More Than 2 Million People Have Seen These Pictures So Far
Everyone Wishes The End Photos Were Fake
Unfortunately These Are Real Photos That Were Taken Every Day For 1 Year
When You Get To The End You Will Be Stunned
These Photos Have Generated Hundreds of Supportive Messages
The Message These Photos Portray Are Too Important To Be Ignored
The Photos That You Have Seen So Far Show A Happy Woman
She Also Seems Very Confident And Stunningly Beautiful
The Identity Of This Woman Has Been Unconfirmed
As You Can See She Is Starting To Look Unhappy
What Are Those Red Marks On Her Face?
Looks Like Those Red Marks Have Healed, But There's More
She Looks Bothered By Something Again
The Red Marks Appear On Her Face Again, Are These Bruises?
Now She Is Starting To Look Extremely Hurt
Later On, The Bruises And Marks Disappear Again
You Will Soon Find Out Why Those Marks Existed, And If They Appear Again
It Appears She Has Now Suffered Some Serious Injuries By Her Mouth
You Will Notice The Look Of Sadness Again
Now It's Getting Quite Disturbing, What Is Happening To Her?
We Are Approaching The End, And Things Are Looking Worse
Now We Understand Why She Did This, This Is Definitely a Cry For Help
There Is a Reason Why She Did This
She Is Trying To Raise Awareness For a Huge Cause
She Was a Victim Against Domestic Abuse
This is a Croatian campaign against domestic abuse. If you are or you know someone who is a victim of domestic abuse, you need to do something... no one can help you if you don't help yourself by talking about it! Please share with others to help raise awareness. Check out the video below to see the entire video campaign.

Here is the Video:


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