10 Weird Things Every Woman Does In Secret

Guys, did you ever realise this?
Charlie Blacks II October 10th 2017 Humor
Women and men have some pretty recognizable differences when it comes to regular tasks, our thinking patterns, and overall everyday life, and a lot of us have secret habits and daily rituals that we do without thinking as both men and women. Sometimes, it's hard to tell which habits are specifically gender-based being that we're all humans and share similar insecurities in which we wouldn't want to share with anyone but, we've taken our time to gather these fifteen things that women do in secrecy. Check them out for yourself!
That Pesky Blush Brush
Apparently, some women aren't too keen about regularly cleaning their prized blush brushes. First of all, we're aware of how much makeup products cost but, wouldn't something like this cause massive amount skin irritation and acne? Gotta wash those blush brushes, ladies.
Car Pimple Popper
Well, this one's kind of hard to hide, being that everyone can actually see you. Even though, sometimes, even we fall guilty of doing something in our cars without realizing we're actually in clear sight in public. But, pimple popping in the car can fall on both men and women equally. You ladies just tend to get caught more often.
Shaving Everywhere... No, Seriously, Everywhere.
The entire body shave is nothing to be bashful or shy about and actually, that's the most considerate thing a woman could do, if she's expecting a hot date. But, you've got to admit it's gotta be nearly impossible to not miss a spot. As men, we definitely appreciate the effort.
Avoiding Taking A #2
Ladies tend to avoid moving their bowels around a new mate, colleagues, or even family members for the sake of their egos and to remain as angelic as they perceive themselves to be. Usually, if you wait for this one out sooner or later, the woman of your dreams will have to have a drop a deuce and you'll be able to witness something as close to a Bigfoot sighting as possible.
Diggin' For Gold
Sometimes, we all get caught having a five-year-old moment as we all have dug for nose treasure like there's no tomorrow. Well, believe it or not, fellas, women do it too and they get caught in public quite often. An itchy nose may require a finger to directly be inserted up there, it's totally natural yet embarrassing when caught man or woman.
Face it, we all have to exfoliate or remove skin from our bodies in order to remain totally clean, women just have mastered to complete the task without anyone ever noticing. They're like ninjas in the night when it comes to exfoliating, even in the weirdest of places like the lips.
Macgyver Made Sanitation Products
Women also have the magic ability to create makeshift, on the spot, Macgyver-inspired maxi pads and sanitation products. Honestly, desperate times call for desperate measures and this is a skill that has become a necessity and we're not mad at ya ladies. Do what you have to do to survive in these mean menstrual streets.
The Golden Shower
Alright, ladies, the jig is up you can finally admit that you guys do this too... Pee in the shower! Now, it shouldn't be so awkward when you're showering with your significant other and decide to create some waterworks of your own if you catch our drift. We knew you did this too.
The Sniff Test
There isn't a grown adult alive that hasn't done this particular test. Sometimes, you need to know if that blouse or shirt is wearable again in the near future and hold it up to your nose and inhale deeply. Yet another ritual shared both men and women alike but, a lot more secretive when it comes to the ladies.
The Same Bra
A lot of women own a multitude of different braziers but, usually rotate only a couple which can result in wearing the same bra nearly every day. Unfortunately, bras are designed horribly and there's only a few that fit just right which makes wearing the same one repeatedly not that big of a deal in our book.
The Pesky Ingrown
Ingrown hairs can be a major pet peeve and irritating and pesky issue to deal with. Which is why a lot of women get the enjoyment of tweezing those bad boys out and celebrating in the privacy of their homes and in their lonesome. We understand and suffer from the same pain.
Purses In Awkward Places
A lot of women don't like to admit it but, some ladies have made it a habit of putting their purse on disgusting, germ-riddled, public bathroom floors. Yikes. Next time she asks you to hold your purse have some hand sanitizer as close as possible or be on the lookout for the nearest restroom for some good hand cleansing therapy.
Stashing Foreign Objects In Your Bra
Honestly, we think we can all agree we've seen this happen regularly but, have you thought about the amount of germs and bacteria are on the average cell phone or twenty dollar bill? We don't care how appetizing some breasts out there might be, some of them need washing immediately.
Over Pluck Those Brows
Some women have a bad habit of going a little overboard when it comes to plucking their eyebrows and they end up looking like they have four months to live but, luckily this has become a trend of the past and thicker, fuller eyebrows are the latest wave.
Boob Sweat
Alright, some of you fellas shouldn't be laughing and should be checking your shirt from some titty sweat as well. Unfortunately, women don't like to be seen wiping their boob juices away in order to stay dry in the heat or in humid climates. Have no shame ladies, we dudes are just as or if not even worse when it comes to the weird things we do in our lonesome. Do what you have to do in order to remain the perfect beings that you are.


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