15 Things Women Do To Let Guys Know They're Interested

Now you wouldn't want to miss that, would you?
Cole Damon October 9th 2017 Lifestyle
Women aren't very direct when it comes to relationships. Instead, they tend to send subtle cues your way. A snide remark here, a quirky look there and touching you ever so slightly. Some of these cues actually mean they're interested in having a real relationship with you, and it might not just be a one off sexual encounter. The biggest giveaway is when they steal glimpses of you every now and then, that probably mean they want to bang you. Here are a few signs that they want you.
She touches you
If the girl has become comfortable enough to touch you and not reel in from shame, guilt or embarrassment, that's your cue number one right there. You should observe if she touches others as well, or if it is something she does specially to you only.
She texts you incessantly
Your girl sends you texts every fleeting second. It's as if she can't get off the phone to focus on other things. Again you should take things slowly, because your girlfriend is taking her time to come to terms with the fact that she wants you.
Too much eye contact
You should be careful to observe if those eye contacts are just casual glances your way or actual invitations to talk. If the girl looks away for a few seconds and then locks eye contact with you, that means she is approachable.
She has just the right things to say
The things she says and does are enough to brighten up your day. How does she know exactly what will get through to you and give your day that much needed spark? Well because she cares enough to know about you.
She's staring at you
Sometimes you'll notice her eyes are fixated at you. Now why would a girl spend her free time eyeing you up and down? Well because you have charming body and an attractive persona. At least to her you are good enough.
If she shares private moments of her life with you
Some of the stuff she tells you about her life is extremely private. The kind of stuff you would rather not tell everyone else. If so, she trusts you enough to let you into her life, just a few more cues and she's yours.
Social media stalking
When you love and admire someone, the natural course of action is to be around them as much as possible. So when she's not around you , she's stalking you on Facebook. There are a few tips on Facebook which can be used to catch her 'in the act'.
She gives you gifts
If the two of you share gifts on a regular basis, whatever the occasion or excuse - that means something is definitely intimate between you two. But has it gone far enough for you to 'get in her pants'? The next cues will shed some light on that.
She has certain nicknames for you
Calling you by certain nicknames - doesn't have to be honeyboo outright! - definitely means she has a tender spot for you. She could call you various names such as, "Dude", "Big guy", "My man" and others. If so, it might be time to reel her in.
She just can't stop talking to you
The one thing she can't do is stop talking to you. Whether it's the weather or the color of the wall - there is always something to talk about. Oh and sometimes the topic derails on that particular dress really suits you.
She isn't just being nice
There is a fine line between being nice and being in love. Observe what her reaction with other men around her like. Do her niceties involve the same cues she sends your way or do they differ. If you're on the receiving end of unique cues, that most definitely means she's into you.
She has no qualms about sharing the same cup as you
She drank from a cup. She shares it with you. Your salivas meet. Is that not enough for you to spring into action and steal a kiss from her? Okay, maybe you're on the lookout for more cues.
She starts sharing sexts with you
Her vocabulary starts becoming increasingly 'colorful', she starts using the F word, the B word and similar words she is not normally known to use. This means she trusts you with intimate information which someone else shouldn't become privy to.
Shows off more cleavage
Her dress is becoming a lot more 'lewd' when you're around. She doesn't mind that extra bit of cleavage which comes your way. In fact, she's secretly keeping an eye on you staring at her bosom. This is one of the strongest cues here.
She gets jealous when you're with someone else
This is particularly true of the other girl is moderately pretty. Try to chat up with this other girl to eke a reaction out of her. Her behavior will become increasingly agitated if she's interested in you.


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