Here Are Some Tips On How to Be a Great Kisser

Pretty sure we all didn't know any of these
Charlie Blacks II October 9th 2017 Lifestyle
All of us weren't born with the perfect kissing ability and skill to sweep our admirers off of their feet. Matter of fact, none of us were, and a lot of us weren't given the guidance necessary to nail it right on the head early in our lives. Some of us still need help in this particular part of intimacy and unfortunately, kissing can be just as awkward as that first middle school crush kiss where you banged foreheads and thought windmilling your tongue in their mouth was a good idea. Well, CultureHook is here to save the day with some need to know tips about kissing. Check them out for yourself.
First & Foremost...
Relax. Trust us, this is the best and most crucial piece of advice we can personally provide when it comes to kissing. Kissing should flow naturally, it shouldn't be rushed, and it definitely shouldn't come with any added pressure. So, relax, be confident, and trust yourself.
Another Obvious Note
Dental hygiene is not only important for the purposes of landing that huge, romantic, movie scene kiss but, for your health overall. Your mouth is the beginning journey to receiving nutrition and should be taken care of at all cost. No one wants to kiss anyone with bad breath or with teeth the color of cheddar cheese. Take care of your teeth, tongue, and gums for your own sake.
Timing Is Everything
For those of you who have taken the time to consider to master the art of timing, we're sure it has helped you when timing out that perfect kiss for that perfect set of circumstances. Whether it be in the midst of a movie theater or at a park fountain that just so happens to activate as you kissed your potential mate.
Timing Is Everything Pt. II
There's no specific time in which you should ever just think to kiss someone. Everyone's different and feels certain situations out differently. Trust your instincts, feel the energy between you and your mate, and go with your gut. You got this.
The Head Direction Study
For those of you, who've noticed your head might always turn to the right, well a group of researchers studied the reasoning as to why this is common amongst most people and it has a lot to do with what hand use to write predominately do things with. As for lefties, they tend to mirror their partner's movements when going in for a kiss. Be mindful of this if you want to become an expert.
The Eyes Are Key
Eye contact is a necessary medium when it comes to sharing the perfect kiss or makeout session. The eyes allow you to know when to make your initial move and in the midst of kissing your partner, it also allows you to communicate further being that you're using your lips and all. Try and know when to use eye contact to your advantage, it can get creepy in the middle of a kiss at times.
Take Your Time
It seems like we can generally direct this one to the fellas... Yes, you might have earned yourself a passionate kiss but, still take your time, avoid getting too handsy or drawing attention away from the act itself. Kissing is very important if you want to move forward with any other type of action.
Know Your Surroundings
This is important merely for the safety of you and your partner, this also allows you to remain in the moment without the concern of burning down your apartment if the wind just so happens to blow the drapes into your candlelit display or if the tide just so happens to be creeping up on you and your significant other as you try to share a kiss with a beautiful sunset creating a silhouette of perfection.
Be Mindful Of The Tongue
Even at a young age, we should know not to just unexpectedly stick your tongue down someone's throat without their consent. It's a major turn off and could cause you a lot of embarrassment. Slowly apply the necessary amount of tongue in the right setting and conditions and this won't be a problem for you.
Control Your Saliva
Here's another importantly obvious tip... Learn how to control your drool guys. No one wants a massive amount of spit that doesn't belong to them in their mouths... Eh, not on their first kiss at least. But, yeah, no one wants to feel like they just tongued down a St. Bernard and now they have to go wash their face or awkwardly wipe the drool from their lips. It's uncomfortable.
Be Spontaneous
We understand, we told you to master the art of timing and surprisingly, spontaneity is tied into that concept. Sometimes, unexpected kisses are what lead you to the greatest kisses in your life. We wouldn't recommend just trying this with anyone though, your partner should be 100% comfortable with you before trying this one.
Stay in the moment! This all aligns with mastering the art of timing, being spontaneous, being aware of your surroundings and more, but seriously! Stay in the moment. This is where the fireworks are created and you will be granted access to more than just kissing if you know what we mean. Trust us.
The Full-Body Experience
Also, let it be known kissing isn't limited to just your significant other's lips. You can literally kiss your mate anywhere and it has the potential to send a chill down their spine. Matter of fact, some people are so concerned with being a good kisser they forget that a simple kiss to the neck can have the same effect as a multi-minute makeout sesh.
Learn The Zones
Please, ladies and gentlemen, learn your erogenous zones. For those of you unfamiliar, it's sensitive skin and parts of the body that inspire sexual stimulation and relaxation. For instance, rubbing your partner's ears in the midst of a kiss or grabbing the nape of their neck can easily get them aroused. A gentle touch or a well-timed kiss to any erogenous zone could lead to many bases.
Be Positive
Lastly, no matter who you're kissing good or bad try to remain positive and provide your partner with healthy critiques and positive feedback. These small inserted compliments or criticisms can make you and your partner better kissers and lovers, only to grow together further. Be patient with yourself and those who you care to please. It will all come in time.


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