Former Olympian Gets Engaged In Venice, Shares Sweetest Photos Ever

Kylie Perry August 30th 2017 Entertainment
Former Olympic diver Jimmy Sjodin was surprised when his boyfriend, Patrick Huber, planned a romantic trip to Venice, Italy. Huber told Sjodin to pack his bags, but didn't tell him where they were going. The two got in the car and drove from Sweden (where they live) to Venice -- a place that Sjodin always wanted to visit. The surprises kept on coming for Sjodin, who was about to get a "forever boyfriend."
A gondola ride he'll never forget
Sjodin and Huber were on a gondola ride when the next big surprise took place. In perhaps the most romantic setting ever, in the canals of Venice, Huber got down on one knee and proposed. Sjodin was completely shocked by the proposal, but was so thrilled -- and absolutely said "yes!"
"I had no idea or clue that this could or would be an engagement trip. All I can recall was something about wanting to always be there for me, to protect me and be my family and wanting to be my 'forever boyfriend,'" Sjodin told the Huffington Post. Huber had every detail planned out and even hired a professional photographer to capture the special moments of the proposal. "It turns out she was a professional photographer that [Patrick] had hired. She was taking photos but I still thought she was a tour guide," Sjodin told Gay Star News. Check out the rock he got next slide!
The rings
Huber put a lot of thought into the ring that he wanted to give Sjodin. He decided to go with something very special -- a raised engraving that would leave an imprint in the skin. Huber purchased two of these gold bands so that he and Sjodin could both wear jewelry to symbolize their love and their union.
"On the inside, instead of the classic engraving, there's raised, stamp-like lettering spelling out each other's nicknames for each other, so if and when we remove the rings, there will be a visible indentation in the skin of our names. The longer we wear the rings, the deeper the connection becomes," Sjodin explained. The two men, who first met on Facebook, are already thinking about when to tie the knot -- and their honeymoon, which will also be very romantic. Read on to find out the details on Sjodin and Huber's upcoming plans!
Their wedding plans are in the works
Sjodin and Huber have chosen their wedding date: May 28, 2018. The day is significant because it's the day they began dating (back in 2016). Their "small, discreet" wedding will take place in the German Alps. After what they refer to as a "low-key weekend," the lovebirds will head to the Four Seasons Maldives Landaa Giraavaru for their honeymoon.
"I honestly knew from before we even met that this guy could be the one. Meeting that first time and spending time together laughing, touching, and feeling each other's energy, I think we both were sold. Jimmy was so, so sweet. He was a typical traditionalist when it came to family and relationship values just like myself. A person I could see myself wanting a family of my own with in the future," Huber told the Huffington Post. Most people can probably agree that Huber is winning boyfriend of the decade!
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