15 Random Things That Men Find Attractive In Women

True that !
Cole Damon January 31st 2018 Lifestyle
Basically everything that a woman does makes her look absolutely attractive to men, but there are certain things which make men go completely head over heels for them. If you want to capture his attention and make him fall for you, try to adopt these 15 practices in your daily life and you will have him falling in love in no time.
Hair in face
When their hair brushes against their face and their knee jerk reaction is to spontaneously put it back in place, it has a subtle effect on men, capturing their attention and making them feel mesmerized by the process.
Witty women
Women with an amazing sense of humour and someone who has great comebacks can win our hearts in no time. In fact it been observed that women who lack traditionally beautiful exteriors can make up for it by being witty.
Women who need a bit of help
Men find nothing more attractive than women who need some help with. To help women out is hardwired into their brains and they will go to great lengths to help solve their problems. The smaller the problem, the merrier is the man.
Dimples on their butt
Men like it when women dimples above their buttocks. This is primarily because of the fact that they represent the peak of physical fitness, which is the perfect means of attracting a partner over to you. So girls - work out in the gym!
Passionate women
Women who are passionate and driven represent a firm and well motivated partner. It represents an individual who is independent and can think for themselves. It is also one of those things which contributes to their overall beauty.
Amazing pedicures
Women who have amazing pedicures are able to win over men's hearts. It goes to show you they are well groomed. And if she's really good at pedicures, perhaps she could apply some of that over to you.
Genuine ability to laughter
The ability to express themselves through expressions such as genuine pieces of laughter can easily win over men. This actually applies to men as well who want to win over women. Learn to express yourself to other people.
Their perfumes
It is important to stick with one particular scent which can alert them to your presence. Over time the mere whiff of the air around them will increase their heart beets and make men fall in love.
Women who wear glasses
There was a time when bespectacled women did not appear as attractive to men. But that has changed in modern times particularly because there are so many modern fashion trends and variants on glasses which contribute to their beauty.
Women who wear winter clothes
It has been observed that women who wear winter clothes appear as more physically attractive to men because it covers all their body parts. The mystery of what's 'under the hood' makes them significantly more attractive to men.
Yawning in front of him
It is important to make a distinction here. The yawning should not occur out of boredom in the presence of the man, instead it should be related to other factors such as their work or assignment project.
Women who love cleanliness
This is obviously true for both men and women. Cleanliness represents that you are free of disease and are a generally well groomed person who has a good outlook on life. Don't go too overboard with cleanliness however.
Self esteem
Women who are confident in their own skin and can hold up an intellectual conversation with men come across as incredibly attractive and robust. They give off incredibly attractive vibes which can make men fall in love with them.
Women who smile a lot
Smiling a lot generally conveys that you are open to their advances. Your facial features tell a lot about who you are as a person inside. If you keep your emotions bottled up inside, no one would know you're free for the taking.
Women with style
It is careful to draw the line between being stylish and coming across as a show off. Men like women who are able to pull off fashionable trends without giving away the fact that they actually intended to come across as attractive.


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