45 Things That Make a Man More Attractive (According To Women)

Gigi Cummings October 9th 2017 Lifestyle
Listen up, gentlemen! I'm a woman, who loves men, who has dated men, and who sleeps with men. I am here to tell you that you can have the woman of your dreams if you choose to go after her. How, do you say? Well, it takes a lot more than a hot body and lots of money, so ignore that excuse. I am here to tell you that no woman is out of your reach if you choose to lift yourself up to her level. Becoming this type of man takes effort, but it will be worth it in the end - imagine waking up naked, in bed, next to the sexiest girl you could ever imagine. Here is a complete guide to becoming the type of man that she has always dreamed of. Follow my tips, gather your courage, be bold, and get the girl. #32 is VERY important!
Have A Purpose
Women want a man that takes command of his own life. Girls don't find it sexy when a man just sits around, waiting for the world to come to him. Have a purpose for your life. What is it that gets you up every morning? If it's just money then become a total boss at your job and make lots of money. if it's your dog, volunteer your time at an animal shelter, or foster puppy adoptions. Don't just let your life float by, actively participate in the creation of your awesomeness.
Be Handy
If you have been a bookworm your whole life, or if you haven't had much experience with fixing things around the house - pick up a useful hobby. Choose anything from carpentry to sewing. Or at the very least learn how to rewire simple electrical units, unclog a drain or use a power drill. Here is a helpful hint for the not-so-handy guys - youtube it! You can learn anything on youtube. Women love being able to count on a guy to help her out when she needs something done around the house.
Care About Your Family
Even when you are estranged from your immediate family, you probably have people in your life that mean a lot to you. Be good to them. Women love being with a man that is kind to the people closest to him. It makes a woman feel like she can count on you to be there for her in the long run - especially when she needs someone to care for her when she is emotionally down. Try introducing your girlfriend to your mother, babysit your niece together, make her feel part of the family.
Confident With Your Hands
When a man who has the confidence to use his hands - whether it is for cooking, or fixing something that is broken, this kind of confidence makes a woman's imagination run wild with sexual thoughts of other things he can do with those hands. Here are a few more tips to improve intimacy: place your hand on the small of her back when you walk through crowds, brush her hair out of her face when you two are having a close conversation. Learn how to use your hands to pleasure her sexually in ways she can't even imagine.
Following Your Dreams
Not only should you have a purpose in your daily life, but you should have dreams and goals that go beyond your everyday routine. Women want a man that has a master plan, something that is going to make them feel like they are part of a bigger adventure. There is nothing sexier than a guy who wants to invite a girl to join him on all of his wildest dreams. So, find your passion, stick to it, and share it with the woman you love.
Be Chivalrous
Be a true gentleman. Not just to get a girl into bed, or because you feel like you have to. Make chivalry a core value that you share with every woman and man that you come across. Women can tell when a man is just being nice to get in her pants. On the flipside, they will absolutely swoon for a man who is good and chivalrous to others when they don't think that anyone is watching. Open the door for her, pay the bill - be the man you are capable of being.
Communicate Your Feelings
I know this can be a tough one for guys who aren't used to being open with their emotions and who maybe lack the experience of communicating their feelings. But at least give it a try - you owe it to yourself. To ease into this, try to be more open with your friends first. Then try being emotionally open with your family and when you are feeling truly confident, open up to a girl that you care about. It takes a lot of strength to be a good communicator, and it definitely is a huge turn-on for any girl on the receiving side of that openness.
Take Care Of Her In Bed
Getting caught up in the heat of the moment can be fun, but if you don't slow yourself down and pay attention to what she needs during that heated passion, you might find yourself forgetting about her needs and finishing before she even started. Women need a little extra special attention in the bedroom. Pace yourself, pay attention to her and her needs. Satisfy her before you even think about finishing yourself - make a point of being an attentive lover.
Have Manners
Having manners is different from being chivalrous, mostly because it is not about how you are treating the others but more about how you are presenting yourself in the presence of other people. Know how to address someone who is your senior. Know how to eat and dine properly. Say please and thank you as much as possible. Be a man who takes pride in being better than the average guy. Not only will you impress her parents, you will impress her too.
Be Confident
Confidence is not something that can be faked - a man with a false sense of confidence can come off as arrogant and cocky, which is a complete turnoff for women, in every possible way. Confidence comes from being in true peace and comfort with who you are as a person and your place in the world. Once you find that inner confidence, harness it and use it to interact with the outside world. Not only will you be sure to get the girl of your dreams, but a lot of other dreams will come true for you too.
Be Lighthearted
A man who is constantly worried or pessimistic about the world is a very unattractive man - he is repelling people and women around him. A man who laughs at the beauty and absurdity of life is like an energy that cannot be ignored. Be the man who laughs and who makes others laugh. Bring a lightness into the room whenever you enter it. Heads will turn and people will wonder who this guy is. Girls will notice and want to get to know you more - laughter will sweep her off her feet.
Admit When You Are Wrong
Admitting when you are wrong might feel like a negative at first. Because most men are taught from a young age that making mistakes is a sign of weakness - but men who are humble and confident enough in themselves to admit when they are wrong, are upstanding men who will truly rise above any form of adversity or argument. Women want to feel like they are in an equal relationship with a good man. Being able to say "I'm sorry" is huge for a girl who is trying to find that perfect guy.
Educate Yourself
You don't have to have a Ph.D. or read a million books to be considered an intelligent person. Even educating yourself on important events in the world and finding pleasure in learning new things from other people can make you sound more intelligent. Being smart about any type of worldly knowledge is as good as any degree. Watch documentaries, read papers, go to a museum - look at the world with amazement and wonder and watch her look at you in that way too.
Don't Be Afraid Of Commitment
If you are the type of guy who shies away from committing to a two-year cell phone plan - that means you are either great at financial decisions or you have commitment issues. Learn to get some commitment into your life. You don't have to ask the next girl to marry you, but let some of the pieces fall together. Show her you are not a man who is afraid to commit to things that are important to you. Don't cancel on dates, follow through when you say you are going to do something. Baby steps will turn you from a commitment-phobe to a man of his word.
Be Spontaneous
Being spontaneous is an easy thing to incorporate into your life that is fun for you and also for the girl you are trying to impress. Being spontaneous and full of surprises will keep you both on your toes. It will continue to keep the fun in the relationship and will bring out some bold sides of yourself that you might not have realized that you possess. Here are a few more ideas: plan a date that is out of the norm for you. Run away together on a romantic weekend. Take a road-trip with no destination and just a good music playlist to guide you.
Learn To Cook
If you are already a culinary master, then good for you. Strap on that apron and start cooking up some signature dishes for the cutie that you invited over for a night of wining and dining. If you are not so adept in the kitchen, take a class, learn the basics about how to cook a few solid dishes. Learn to make something for breakfast, something for the main course and something sweet. The way to a woman's heart is to sweep her off her feet as you cook her an amazing dinner, then breakfast the next morning.
Being A Father Figure
No, you are not trying to be her "daddy." Showing her that you are a good role model and father figure for young men or for the children in your lives is a huge indicator for her that you are capable of taking on the role of being an actual father in the future. Being good with children is more than just playing with them. It's showing up, it's kindness and honesty, and it will fuel her DILF fantasies in ways you can't even imagine.
Be A Positive Influence
When things get tough, sometimes we lose sight of the confidence within ourselves. Being positive and encouraging motivation in a woman's life can make her feel safe, secure and capable of accomplishing anything. Be the rock in her world when she feels like she is in turmoil. Remind her that she can do anything she wants in her life, and she is going to believe this and act on this for yourself in your own life as well.
Grow And Change
Don't be afraid to grow, change, and evolve into the person you are meant to be. Don't hold back when you are faced with having to take risks in life to fulfill your potential. Don't feel like you will be holding back anyone else but yourself. A woman who sees you grow and change as a person into someone she knows you are capable of becoming is a woman who will want to be by your side, supporting you the whole time.
Own Your Nerdiness
Being scared of your nerdiness is an unhealthy idea spread by decades of cliche teenage movies, that causes men to think that embracing your nerdy side is going to repel women - the opposite is true actually. A woman appreciates a man who is multi-dimensional, who has a strong side and quiet side. Who is both confident and reserved. Bust out your nerdy side to show her that you are more than just what meets the eye. It also shows her that you have more interests than just the average man.
Reassuring Touch
Physical touch is more than just sex or something that happens before sex. Physical touch between a man and a woman can be extremely playful, sensual, secure, emotional and communicative. When you embrace the idea of holding her close to let her know she is wanted, to twirling her hair in your fingers when you are flirting, and snuggling up next to her when you are about to go to sleep, you will see that she counters your touch with some physicality of her own.
Do Your Chores
Be a self-sufficient chore-doer. This may sound like a weird choice fo words, but hear this out: don't wait until your mom tells you to do your laundry, or a girl asks you to take out the trash. Get your butt up and do these things before being asked. You are a man, and you want to be seen as a sexy, confident, self-assured one at that. Be sure you step up and act that way for her. Happily, do your self-imposed chores and any girl would be happy to help take care of you in other aspects of your life.
Have Fun
Life is a joyride, so act that way. While you should make sure to get your life in order and "adult", most of the time you should be looking at life as playful and fun. Don't sweat the small stuff, find the humor in the dark times, and play and laugh whenever possible. A woman is drawn to a man who will keep her spirits high and make life fun to live. Be that man, be that magnetic, fun-filled energy who she can't help but smile around.
Love The Environment
Be conscious of the planet that we inhabit. It is so "out-dated" to not care about the environment. Act in an environmentally conscious manner. Purchase things that will help and not harm the environment. Reduce your plastic usage. Buy a reusable water bottle and make some donations to a good environmental cause. Going green is super sexy. Women love a man who loves mother earth. Love this planet like you love your woman.
Love Her For Who She Is
When you meet the girl of your dreams. Don't try and con her into your life by "nagging" her about who she is as a person. Using negative feedback or being an asshole to get women to want you is such an old and dirty move. Quality women won't put up with it. Accept and embrace this goddess woman for who she is to you, which is perfection. Lift her up and love her flaws, be a gentleman and give her a reason to think you are the man of her dreams.
Manage Your Money
If you are the type of guy who lives paycheck-to-paycheck or is in an ever-increasing amount of debt, find a way to shift your thinking about your life and money. Maybe you need a new job, or you need to invest the savings you have in a way that will grow your investment over time. Perhaps you need to meet with a financial advisor to help get you on track. Be the boss of your own life and start investing your money in you and what you deserve.
Hold Your Own In A Fight
Do not go out drunkenly looking for bar fights, this will lead you to a lot of trouble and take you down a path that women find childish and foolish. Knowing how to defend yourself properly in a way that "deflects" a fight from escalating and calms down the other person is a very good skill to have. A woman will want you to defend her honor, but she doesn't want you to beat someone to a pulp. Be a good man and know the right way to end a fight.
Well Spoken
In addition to accumulating your nerdy intelligence, learn how to become a well-spoken individual. This is useful for those moments in your life where you have to give a speech at a wedding or tell an important story at a dinner party. You will be able to act with confidence and captivate the listeners into becoming mesmerized by your ability to speak in public. Adding more tools to your confidence tool belt will be the true magnetic force that keeps women interested in you.
Take Pride In Your Appearance
When you don't let yourself fall into a slump of just being satisfied with the bare minimum in regards to your appearance, you will not only look better, you will feel better. It might seem like a lot of effort and money to get a proper haircut, to buy jeans that actually fit and compliment your shape and to take an extra ten minutes in the morning to thoughtfully put it all together. Taking pride in how your look will show you take pride in all areas of your life, which is the sexiest thing a man can wear.
Invest In Your Health
Maybe you aren't the most athletic guy or maybe you don't really like the gym or suffer from an injury that prevents heavy lifting - this shouldn't prevent you from working on your health. Physical health is so much more than pumping iron. And women who take care of themselves want a man who does the same. If you are eyeing that hottie who goes to yoga by your work everyday, go and try out a class with her. Find a physical activity in your life that keeps you healthy and brings you joy.
FInd Time For Mental Wellbeing
Health is so much more than your physical well-being. Mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health. A woman is always going to be attracted to a man who is balanced and positive. All girls love a guy who deals with hardships in his life by processing them in a healthy way. Take time to find a way to understand and work on your mental and emotional health. It won't just make you an ideal mate in a relationship, but it will add to your life in its entirety.
Learn To Dance
Want a classic way to sweep the woman of your dreams? Learn to dance. And not that humping garbage that people do at trashy nightclubs - take a class where you can learn how to twist and twirl her around a proper dance floor. She will absolutely swoon when she sees the way you gently but firmly lead her around the room, to the music. Feeling the heat and the vibe will get her heart rate up and her blood pumping for your moves.
Have A Proper Handshake
Learning how to deliver and receive a proper handshake is a common rite of passage for young men. This is a problem if you were not one of those boys who got a lesson on handshakes early on in life. Learn how to give a proper and firm handshake now. This classy and important gesture not only gives you confidence but also sets your first impression with other people. When you are with your dream woman and she introduces you to her father, a proper handshake will take you far.
Situational Awareness
When a confident man is aware of his surroundings and can read the room and understand his role in the social situation, he is unstoppable and completely irresistible. Knowing and understanding social cues, spatial awareness and having a sort of emotional intelligence in situations, gives you an edge over other people. A woman notices when a man can read a room and acts accordingly, it makes him appear slick and suave.
Make Your Bed
If your surroundings are a reflection of your inner state of mind, then having a clean and neat home will show a woman that you have your personal life in order. Make your bed when you get up in the morning, put away your clothes after you do laundry, keep your bathroom clean, always have toilet paper and a clean towel. Show this amazing woman how you are worthy of being in her presence, by showing her how you got it all together.
Have Compassion For Animals
Even if you are not an animal-loving person, having compassion for animals is just as important as having compassion for other people. If the girl of your dreams has a cat, and that cat is her best friend, you don't have to instantly become a cat dad, but understanding that her bond with her furry friend is important and should be respected and adored is very important. Women often use how a man interacts with an animal as an indicator of the quality and kind of man that he is.
Know Your Alcohol
If you want to elevate yourself to be the man of every woman's dreams, when you are out at a bar, you should know about the different kinds of wines, spirits, and beers that a classy man should have. Drink to enjoy the process of drinking and ditch the cheap light beer. Find your signature cocktail, invest in having a refined taste for wine. Educate yourself on general knowledge of wine and beer production. Her eyes will see stars while you help her choose the perfect cocktail to meet her tastes.
Take The Lead
Taking the lead with a girl shouldn't be done before you have blossomed into a complete class-act of a man. You need to be a guy who is sweeping women off of their feet right and left. It is only at this point that you can take and lead any girl. Try one of the following examples to start leading your girl: contact her first, plan something that would peak her interest. Make the causal effort to slowly integrate yourself into her life and watch her fall for you right before your eyes.
Pick Up The Phone
Don't be scared and hide behind text messages to converse with a girl you like. Stand out from the crowd. Pick up the phone and call her. She may be a little confused at first, but it will become more charming than anything. Connecting to someone via voice, hearing the tone and laugh if someone is so much more intimate than reading something on a screen. Be a classy gentleman and give your lady a ring on the telly.
Don't Rush Sex
Sex and sensuality are two totally different concepts and you do not need to have sex to be sensual and sexy. Sometimes women do not want to wait to be intimate with a guy they are dating, but even then, showing a bit of restraint is such a classy move. It shows respect and encourages bonding. But that doesn't mean going home cold. Flirt and touch and bring each other to an edge but lay off on the bump and grind until she is sure she is ready.
Be Honest About Your Intentions
Dishonest guys keep girls on the hook and then dropping then when they are done with them. Another dishonest thing men do is dating multiple women at once without any of them knowing what is going on. Being dishonest will not only leave you alone in the end but will give you a bad reputation where no woman will take you seriously. Be honest about what you want from a girl you are dating. Don't let your confidence overcome you and be a good guy.
Be Good To Her Friends
When you are out for a night and you meet the girl of your dreams, instead of trying to draw her away from her friends, try getting engaged in their group. Be lively and fun. Include them in jokes and the whole experience. Not only will it make her want to spend some one on one time with you later, but it will leave her whole group with a good impression of you. Getting along good with her friends allows you direct access to getting on good terms with her.
Don't Get Wasted
There is a place and time to get smashed. For example: your 21st birthday, your best friends wedding and your favorite football teams playoff game. A date or going out for a night, talking to a girl you could potentially really like, is not one of those times. Learn to handle your liquor, stop when you have had enough, and take care to get yourself home safely. A girl will find a man with good common sense and restraint a really attractive man because he knows how to control himself.
Don't Mention The Ex
When you and a lovely young lady are deep in conversation and you are using your new-found powers of connecting and opening up to her emotionally, be sure to maintain a bit of dignity and reserve. You do not need to dump all of your history and romantic baggage onto her in the first few meetings. You can give her the overview of your past love situation, but spare her the details. if she is fishing for background information, she will not be flattered by your total over-share of all your exes.
Be Yourself
At the end of the day, you can buy the right clothes and say all the right things, but if you aren't being your true self then all you are is another guy in a bar. Be yourself, bring out your quirky personality, embrace your flaws, be totally confident in the person that you are truly at heart and don't pay attention to any of the haters. Authenticity is the most attractive quality a man can possess. Don't be afraid to be bold and be you. She will love it.


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