This Popular Food Eaten By Millions of Americans Daily Can Supposedly Lead To Cancer

Ian Anglin October 9th 2017 Science
Nutrition is one of my favorite subjects, and I'm really glad I'll have the chance today to explain to you some of the benefits of healthy eating, as well as pointing out the types of food that you are already eating, which most definitely increase your odds of getting cancer. I'll just add another note here: changing your diet doesn't always have to be out losing weight (although being at a normal weight does increase your health) - it is also about removing bad food choices so that you are body can probably function. Follow my advice and you will feel 10x better by the end of the month.
Stop Eating Hot Dogs
Hot dogs are such an unhealthy food choice. From the various different sugar-ridden sauces that are added to the "meat' itself - hot dogs are always a bad choice. Not sure if you knew this, but most hot dogs don't have actual meat in them.
The Source of All Hot Dogs: Meat Trimmings
The photo above you see is a picture of the "meat trimmings." This is what's left of an animal after all the normal edible meat is taken from it. So most of this is joints, ligaments, and small slices of tissue that was left over on the bones.
Grinding the Meat Trimmings
After the meat trimmings are sourced and unpacked at the factory, they are then fed into the grinding machine. This is a very serious type of heavy machinery that is going to mash up the meat trimmings into a different texture.
First Step in the Meat Grinder
The meat grinder machine features several steps - it doesn't mash up the food into a paste-like product instantly. First, it uses metal plates to grate the meat into fine, straight and thin slices. This makes it easier to refine the "food" later on.
Then We Add the Chicken
All hot dog sausages include some amount of chicken in them. There are no 100% beef or pork hot dogs. This is always how the food industry worked because chicken is by far cheaper than the other meat products, and most people can't taste the difference.
Liquefying the Meat
Do you know how bad "Liquefying" anything means? Why would you put "Liquefied Meat" in your mouth? Just looking at this picture would make not eat processed eat for the rest of my life. I hope this motivates you as well.
Adding the "Flavors"
At this point, the meat tastes worse than puke. That is why starch is added ( a type of high-carb glucose product) as well as mustard, salt, and other flavors. If the hot dog was sold without these supplements, no one would buy one.
Water Blending
Now, to further minimize the cost of the product, water is added to the mix. So, adding the chicken was not enough - they have to go ahead and other useless stuff as well. All of this is done so you feel you're getting a bargain for the price of the hot dog you're buying.
Don't Forget the Corn Syrup
I know I mentioned that food starch is added to the hot dogs, but this is not the only high-carb product that is being used. Corn syrup is also used - so that the product has a sweeter taste. This is similar in essence to the high-fructose corn syrup used in coke.
Second Stage Water Supplementation
You think that was enough water? No way, the factory now adds water for the SECOND time. This adds tremendous amounts of volume and mass. Adding this much water and sauces can make a 3oz piece of liquefied meat product into over 15oz.
Making Puree
After all the different ingredients are added into the mix, everything is pureed, so that it is equally mixed together, and also gets a finer texture. We're getting close to the end result, although there are a few steps still left.
There is Nothing Nutritious in This
I'm sure that looking at these photos, you are getting a clearer picture of the state of the food industry. Nothing that you saw here today is suitable for human consumption. All hot dogs are basically empty calories, with different flavorings to mask the taste.
Other Cancerous Types of Food: Microwave Popcorn
Did you know that there is more than just corn kernels in your bag of microwave popcorn? Most microwave popcorn also contains PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) which is a likely carcinogen according to numerous studies done on the subject.
Canned Tomatoes
Although tomatoes are very healthy and should be eaten daily, canned tomatoes contain bisphenol-A, also known as BPA. BPA is extremely carcinogenic, and it can wreck your hormones. It is especially harmful to testosterone - so guys - watch out.
Hydrogenated Oils
You remember the part in this article about hot dogs? Well, they also contain hydrogenated oils, which are a known carcinogen. That's a pretty great dead actually - by buying hot dogs are investing into two types of carcinogens, for the price of one! Talk about saving money.


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