Here Are The 15 Worst Bathroom Fails Ever Recorded In Human History

I think I'll just hold it in.
Ian Anglin October 9th 2017 Humor
I'm sure that reading about bathrooms and toilets is not a topic that you often do. I haven't met a lot of people in real life that do this, so that's why I know you're probably new to this topic. What you are about to witness is 15 of some of the most epically desperate bathroom fails ever recorded online. Some of the stuff may even make you puke, so don't say I didn't warn you beforehand! I would especially watch out for #8, as I found that especially sick.
The Safety Cone Toilet
Here a guy that know how to fix things - instead of spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on renovating his bathroom, he used an old traffic safety cone to create his complete toilet. I'm just not entirely sure he's the original owner of that cone though.
Game of Thrones
This guy probably watched one too many Game of Thrones episodes - as he literally built himself a "throne" of a toilet seat. If I'm seeing this correctly, he may also be hiding a shower behind the "throne," which would be a very practical thing to do.
Always Ready
They say you need to be prepared for everything life throws at you. Some people have a very serious phobia of going for a number two in the toiler and running out of toilet paper - that's why this dude knew how to properly stock up!
Easy Does It
Halfway through the construction of this cheap but practical bathroom, the owner noticed that the door can't close. Since he wasn't living alone (at the time), he etched out his door in a way to allow for the bathroom to be used as it was intended - with closed doors.
Basketball Training
Few people know that this bathroom was build in top-secret HQ of one of the better NBA teams - it was done this way so that their players can get more exercise and not waste time. I actually completely made this story up - but I did get you for a second, right?
Leaky Faucet
I know that the bathroom faucet in some older buildings may develop a leak. If the owners are frugal with their money, they are usually not going to fix a minor leak. I don't the owner of this faucet has a choice though - this thing is literally exploding.
Missing the Point
"Every bathroom must have a door!" they said. And so they went to the nearest shop that sells door & stuff, and they promptly installed this new door in their bathroom. Their only error? This is some kind of second-tier office door and it had no place in their toilet!
It's For Little People
I'm willing to bet that this toilet was not made like this in error. This is probably located in some second tier bar on some motorway, and it was placed only to satisfy some building legislation so that the owner can get his bar license.
Exquisite Taste
Here is someone that has exquisite taste in toilet seats - since the owners of this bathroom didn't have enough to invest a complete renovation, they had to improve, by using an old, comfy chair, cutting a hole in the middle, and using that as a toilet seat.
Anonymity Guaranteed
These people, the ones who constructed these bathroom stalls - they GET IT. No one really cares about hiding themselves while being in the toilet. People just care to hide their faces, so they can preserve their anonymity. This is an A+ photo.
It'll Fix It Next Week
You remember one of the previous photos I listed in this article, the one with the guy that cut his door so he could close it? Well, he improvised and he won. This guy on the other hand - he didn't do anything, and his wife probably left him by now.
Party Time
This toilet was built in a remote village in Estonia since they are used to having many foreign guys coming over to have bachelor parties. That's why they decided to save space AND keep the party going by creating this crazy idea of a bathroom.
Use It or Lose It
This toilet seat poses an interesting philosophical dilemma - if you want to sit on the toilet, do you first empty out the toilet paper and THEN sit, or do you improvise in other ways? Maybe it's just best to keep the TP on the counter, just a suggestion.
Bro's Bathroom
This bathroom was built in a very popular mall, that is always brimming full with shoppers. Yet no one ever queues for this stall. Why is that? I just can't put my finger on it, it looks so clean and new, it even has a brick wall on one of the sides. Hmm...
It Is Still Usable
I know what you are thinking - this toilet was created with a fatal mistake, and there is NO way anyone can ever use it. I doubt this information, I'm pretty sure if someone really has to go, they'll find a way - and yes, they are going to do exactly what you are thinking right now. Gross.


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