15 Telling Signs That You Are In A Healthy Relationship

Gigi Cummings October 9th 2017 Lifestyle
A long term relationship is unlike anything you can every hang with any of your friends. It's hard to navigate what makes a relationship so successful because every one is different and how you interact with your loved one is going to change with each person. But there are many indicators of a healthy relationship and they don't have to do with the fact you both love the same things, its deeper than that and it can bring you both to levels of intimacy that are ever lasting.
Your Relationship Is A Safe Zone
When you're in a healthy relationship, being together is the ultimate comfort and safe place. When the two of you are together you both feel like you can conquer the world and lean on each other for supper and love, a bond that is unbreakable.
You See The Best In Each Other
We all have our little quirks and flaws but you and your loved one chose to see the best in each other and love each other inspire of your flaws. That kind of love is something that is incomparable to anything else in your worlds and can not be replaced.
You Trust Each Other
When you and your partner are in a completely truthful and healthy relationship, you aren't afraid to share everything with each other, there are no secrets between the two of you and you feel comfortable the the other isn't going to hide anything important from you.
You Are Grateful For One Another
Even when times are hard, you feel like you are the luckiest person in the world because you get to be with the one you love. If you can find the joy amidst all your other hardships in life with this person, than they are more than just someone you care about, they are a necessary love in your life.
You Always Keep Things Fresh
Even if you two have been dating or married for years, you still approach your relationship as if it is fresh and new. Taking each other out on special dates, keeping things fun and flirty. You both know how lucky you are to have each other in this crazy world.
You Let It Go
Every healthy relationship has its ups and its downs. And fighting can be a therapeutic and necessary process in strengthening a relationship. if you both are able to let go of your ager after discussing it appropriately than you two have something truly special.
You Accept Each Other For Who You Are
Instead of wanting to change each other and hope that each of you become the person you want them to be, you accept your partner for who they truly are inside and if you see their potential you help bring that out in them instead of pull them down.
You Show Each Other Love Everyday
Of course on your birthday, or Valentines Day, you and your partner will go out and have a romantic evening together. But a real, strong, and intimate relationship has two people who show each other love every single day in every single way.
You Fight And Then You Make Up
Sure you both fight, and sometimes the arguments can cause a bit of sparks, but because those sparks are based in love, you know it wont be long until you are both in each others arms rolling around making up and forgetting you were ever mad at one another.
You Have An Open Honest Dialogue
When something big happens in your life, the first person you want to share it with is your partner. You both keep open and honest communication between each other because you have a relationship based on mutual love and respect for one another.
You Bond Over Life Decisions
Life is hard, and it is only made easier if you have someone in your life who is there to support you when times get tough. Sometimes in life we have to make hard decisions and if you have a partner in your life who is there for you unconditionally, any tough decision instantly becomes manageable.
You Do Little Things For Each Other
You need to keep the spark alive in your love life, so you both make an extra effort to do small special things for each other to brighten their days. If it's the small things that count than in your relationship its the small things that you focus on in your relationship.
You Understand No One Is Perfect
In a healthy relationship, your understand that the other person will never be a perfect person, and instead of allowing the others persons quirks to annoy you to the point you complain, you love them and all they are to you and help them figure out who to be in this world.
You Never Threaten Your Relationship
Just because you two get into fights, you never put your relationship on the line because you are angry. You both understand that your bond is too special to ever use as a bargaining chip to win a fight and would never compromise it. Your love is stronger than that.
You Support Each Others Passions
Not only do you want the best for your life and your relationship, but you want to your partner to fulfill whatever dream they may have and any hobby they may fall in love with, so you will learn to compromise and sacrifice in order for your love to have everything they want in life.


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