15 People Doing Ridiculous Things To Poor, Innocent Statues

Ever wonder why they got rid of the McDonalds Clown? This is so weird...
Ray Porter October 8th 2017 Humor
You will almost always find at least one statue, probably many, in the big cities you visit. Statues serve a few purposes including tourism and honouring past events or people. It's a great addition because it supports sculptors and the arts and can become iconic aspects of cities. The statues also give passers-by the opportunity to learn about the city and or its history. Despite their serious aspects, statues can also be used creatively as hilarious props in photos.
Beauty and The Beast
Someone one has walked past this bear and had a Disney inspired brainwave. This beautiful bronze bear unwittingly has the perfect posture to play his role. He's standing up on his hind legs with paws out in front of him letting out a roar.
Ancient Greek Dance
This statue in a traditional ancient Greek style is in a rather dramatic pose. Unfortunately, these two viewers took it for dramatic dancing and got their boogie on for this photo either side of him. In Fairness to these girls, despite his complete lack of clothes, his pose is a very convincing dance move.
Honk Honk
Now there's a lot going on here. In the original a policeman is holding his arms open as his daughter runs to embrace him. This woman has turned it into a scene from a soap opera and knelt to kiss him while putting her hand in the girl's face. His hand also looks to be groping her.
Out of The Park
This picture is truly hilarious. The statue is of a baseball player fully kitted out mid-swing. This boy has put himself at the bat making it look like his head is about to go for a home run. Credit to the model because it's his expression and body position that really sells it.
The Hair Puller
We have a possibly marble pure white statue of a woman in a uniform of some sort with a unique hat on. Our model has taken advantage of the position of the figure and its height. She's place her hair in its fist and putt on a face of pain.
Spidey the Prankster
It's no ordinary model this time we've got a superhero this time. Peter Parker has managed to get a mid-fight perfectly timed shot. The super villain Bronze 'Middle-Aged' man has picked Spidey up by the throat and is about to slam him into a wall.
May I Have This Dance?
Continuing the trend of unique models, we have a youngster who's seen photo opportunity in art. The statue is of an equally young child trying to walk in her mother's heels. The real kid has taken her in hand in hand and commenced the dance.
That Can't be Healthy for Either of Them
Our first toilet humour entrant. The statue is a huge bronze moose with its head proudly extended to the sky. The vulgar comedian has taken the obvious opportunity and stuck his head between the moose's hind legs making it look like his head is somewhere very uncomfortable.
Honk Honk Honk
Women seem to enjoy a good squeeze from a firm bronze hand. It's the statue of Jimmy Carter that has gotten lucky this time. The hand movement the statue is making mid speech has been position so it is gently cupping this woman's boob.
Points if the Groceries Are a Prop
This time it's a coloured statue making it take a second for you to be sure it's not just a photo of a man and his grandmother. The Statue is coloured incredibly well and parts of it are very realistic. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether the groceries are part of the statue or creative prop.
A little Naughty
Maybe someone is dropping a hint as to what they like in the bedroom. The bronze statue is of a man sitting down and clapping. But the hands of the clap are separated and haven't made contact yet. The woman is kneeling on his lap and bending over one of his hands.
New Party Heights
This statue just got turned into a water feature. The model has climbed up onto this eagle's back in order to re-enact a scene from 'Lord of the Rings' or what the scene would have been like if the hobbits had Champagne bottle on hand to celebrate with.
A Hard Day's Work
This man has definitely rubbed these train track layers the wrong way. In the middle of this tribute to hard work, the model has laid himself down on the track and moved until it looks like the sledgehammer of one of these ripped labourers is about to make contact with his gonads.
Digging for Gold
This statue is digging for gold in all the wrong places or maybe someone just got in the way of his point. Either way, his mid speak finger wagging has ended up the model's nose. I hope these statues get cleaned, because they need it.
Jurassic Park 4
This model found himself all of a sudden surrounded by two raptors. Luckily, he had his handy spear on him, from where and why? Who knows but it's lucky he had it. Now you've got fun new activity for you and your kids next time you go to the dinosaur exhibit.


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