These Are the 15 Scariest Monsters Ever Caught on Camera

Ian Anglin October 8th 2017 Weird
I'm not a big believer in conspiracy theories, as most of them are pretty kooky-sounding. They offer no evidence, no plausible why/how/when something happened. Most of them are probably just made up either by people with psychological problems or by someone that Is trying to sell you something (these guys are also called "paranoia merchants"). Yet, what I have to show you below are photos of creatures that defy physical expectations - check them out yourself!
The Skinwalker
Damn, the "Skinwalker" is a such a cool name to use on "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." But sadly the name has already been taken by the monster you see above. The image was taken by a geologist working in New Mexico back in 2014.
The Fallen Angel Of Catalonia
Catalonia for those that don't know, is one of the richest and most diverse regions in Spain. They are fighting for independence from Spain, but that is a story for another time. The thing you can see above was filmed in the Campdevanol Forest back in June 2016.
Worse Than Loch Ness
The photo above was taken in 1963 by Robert Le Serrec in Queensland, Australia. It looks far scarier than the mythological Loch Ness. Several experts have tried to determine what species the sea creature is, but none have been successful.
It Tried to Hunt The Frenchman
Robert Le Serrec, the guy who took the photos of this mythical creature, had at one time suspected that the creature could, in fact, have been trying to "hunt him." Good thing the beast wasn't successful in this regards, as Robert survived the whole ordeal, unharmed.
The Cooper Family Photo
The Cooper's were a normal Texas family that bought a house back in the 50's. They had just finished taking the first family photos at the new house, when upon seeing the developed picture, they noticed a ghost, hanging from their roof.
The Wessex Way Monster
The Wessex Way Monster is weird in that it looked like a werewolf, but no one is exactly sure of its exact origins or species type. A CCTV camera on the A338 Wessex Way road in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK, captured the photo.
The Hanging Ghost
Here we have another ghost photo, in my opinion, slightly scarier than the one that appeared in the Cooper's family photo. This one lunged from a tree and had a rather ominous expression on its face - almost as if it wanted to bite the person in the photo.
The Great Norwegian Mountain Troll
I love Scandinavian folk tales and mythology. I spend a lot of my youth reading about Thor and Odin (also called Wotan). This photo of what appears to be a giant troll was taken in December 1942 by the RAF, while they were fighting in WWII.
Is That Annabel?
I'm sure you've seen the new Hollywood Hit movie - Annabel. Well, it appears she also appears in this photo above. You can notice the little girl or doll if you look closely at the bottom left side, by the door. It is a small, dark grey silhouette.
The Dover Demon
This extremely frightening photo was taken in a small suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. This is a welcome change as most other photos on this list were taken In the UK - almost as if Britain is more hunted than the US. Anyway, this demon was witness several different times during a 24-hour period.
Never Went to School
Is this a photo that has become a ghost or some type of ghoul, and it keeps looking at children going to school because the ghost/kid itself never went to school? Sure looks like it! I'm sure this one can be a terrific setting for a future blockbuster.
The Romanian Hotel Ghost
I didn't know Romania has a highly developed tourism industry, but it does have a few nice beaches on the Black Sea. Anyway, this is a photo of a ghost of a woman that is said to be hunting the same hotel for over 150 years now. Talk about losing revenue!
For this photo, we're getting back to the UK. The shot was originally taken by professional photographer Neil Sandbach in Hertfordshire, England. He was there for taking photos of a local wedding, but he didn't expect to capture this amazing photograph of a ghost peaking around the corner.
The Woman in Black
This photo was taken in old haunted house. Some say the house has been hunted for 180 years. It is located in Antioch, TN, so we're talking Deep South territory here. You can clearly see the ghost wearing some type of black dress.
The Jersey Devil
There are various opinions about this photo. Some experts say that it's a fake, while many others say it is a real photo of the Jersey Devil. It was photographed in Canada, and you can clearly see a demon-like creating hunting an innocent deer.


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