15 Most Paused Movie Scenes in the History of Movies

We can all agree with #5
Cole Damon January 25th 2018 Entertainment
With the advancements in our film industry over the generations, there have been many movies that have seen the light of day. All these movies have had a theme to them that differentiates them from the rest and makes them really impeccable. However, some scenes in some specific movies warranted a second look and people paused their screens to do so. Here are 15 such scenes.
Cabin in the Woods
In this rather recent thriller, there was this one scene where all scientists were figure out the character details of the main character. However, viewers paused their screens to have a better look at the list of monsters in the lab behind.
Jurassic World 2015
Jurassic World was a real thriller when it comes to action and excitement, but there was one scene that caught the public eye, which was Jimmy Buffet saving both his margaritas as the Pterodactyls attacked from behind the park.
Little Mermaid
There is nothing special about this scene from the Little Mermaid, besides the fact that this priest certainly got a little bit too excited executing the marriage in the scenes. If you cannot see his excitement then you're too young for this.
Psycho is one of the movies from the days gone by, which has a lot of interesting details and facts. One of the most chilling aspects to the movie is when Bates is caught and he looks directly to the camera with a creepy expression.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Die-hard fans and viewers of the Star Wars series paused this scene and watched it with amazement to find out whether the stone lying nearby Luke was a headstone or not. There is still no conclusive evidence as to what it was.
Three Men and a Baby
This movie was a famous hit back in the day, but what forced people to pause it and see details was how there was a child near the window in one of the scenes. The scene gave many people the chills as they tried to found out who the kid was.
Wild Things
Wild Things the movie is famous for a lot of things, but the Denise Richardson and Neve Campbell kiss is definitely one of the most exciting things to watch in the movie. This is exactly why many people paused their screens at this scene to have a better look.
Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz is definitely a great movie with a lot of adventure and class to it. But, there was one scene in the movie that wasn't taken lightly by the masses. The scene showed a munchkin hanging himself in the background, which proved to be controversial.
Iron Man
Iron Man was famous for his suit and the brilliant acting of the protagonist, but viewers noticed things other than the obvious in this scene. At the background we can see Captain America's iconic shield in the making.
Burn After Reading
The scene in the classic Burn After Reading where Brad gets shot in his closet was so iconic and fast paced that people paused the whole scene again and again to see the million dollar expression he had on his face.
Total Recall
Arnold was the man in action in Total Recall, but it wasn't his skills or his acting for the matter of fact that stole the show. But, it was the imagery of the three breasted woman showing it all that users paused again and again to see.
Wolf of Wall Street
The scene where Margot Robbie is being playful in the nursery room is one of the most sizzling hot scenes of the movie Wolf of Wall Street. When Margot Robbie goes naught, you pause the scene to watch it twice.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Although the movie itself didn't prove to be that much of a success, but the scene where Phoebe Cates walks out of the pool in a red bikini is certainly one of the sexiest and watched scenes in the history of television.
She's The Man
The beautiful Amanda Bynes did a stellar job with her acting in She's The Man. But, it was her lifting her jersey in the football ground to prove she was a woman that won all hearts. We bet you paused it and watched twice.
Teen Wolf
One of the scenes from the iconic teen wolf caught a lot of public attention. As the crowd seemed to be supporting in one of the scenes, a man at the back had his pants down enough to show his little fellow to the public.


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