15 Bone-Chilling Murders Committed By Young Children

Their crimes were evil beyond words.
Ian Anglin October 8th 2017 Weird
Adult murderers get the most screen time on our TVs - this is in part because there are simply more adults that are committing this crime worthy of capital punishment, but that doesn't mean there aren't children among us that are also ready to kill. Murderers come in all shapes and sizes, and when it is caused by psychological issues, such as psychopathy or anti-social personality disorder - it can even come from children as young as five years old.
Presenting: Eric Smith
First on the list is Eric Smith, a seemingly innocent 12-year old boy from the US. He was a victim of bullying in school, which is probably how he got his personality disorder - appropriately called "intermittent explosive syndrome."
He Went To a Summer Camp
During one eventful summer, Eric was sent by his parents to a summer camp located in a New York forest. There he did numerous wonderings around the forest when one day he came across 4-year-old Derrick Robie.
He Led Derrick Away From the Camp
Eric had finally found his target - he persuaded Derrick to follow him outside the camp and into his forest. It is there that he killed him by repeatedly smashing his head with a rock, and then proceeded to rape him and sodomize him with a piece of wood.
Jordan Brown
Next on the list is Jordan Brown, an 11-year old from the US that had problems dealing with his parent's separation. He wanted his parents to get back together, but everything the two of them were together, they only argued and had loud fights.
His Father Eventually Remarried
As time went by, Jordan's father met a new woman, with whom he had conceived a child. This made Jordan furious - so one day while his father was at work, he used his father's shotgun to kill his pregnant stepmother. He went to school after the murder like it was a normal day.
Natsumi Tsuji
Like most Japanese-teens, this 11-year old girl had a thing for watching gory horror movies. I was, in fact, joking - Japanese teens are not horror obsessed, but some of them are. Natsumi was one of them, and this had a profound influence on her story.
Her Friend Picked a Fight She Couldn't Win
One day at school, Natsumi and her friend had a fight over who was popular. It seems her friend won the contest, as Natsumi, later on, made her friend wear a blindfold as part of a "game," and then promptly slit her throat and arms in broad daylight.
Daniel Bartlam
Does Daniel have the psycho look in the above photo? Not really sure, although his story sure sounds psycho-ish. What he did was beat his mother to death when she fell asleep in a lounge chair. He was only 14-years old when he did it.
He Tired to Cover His Tracks
He didn't stop with just bludgeoning his mother with a hammer. He set his house on fire so that he could lie to the police that an intruder had entered their home and killed his mother. He later changed the story to what really happened.
This is Where the Fire Began
While conducting a search of the burned-down house, detectives found a diary in Daniel's computer where the exact murder and fire had been detailed. He denied the allegations but later succumbed to the prove and was convicted of the crime.
Mary Bell
She was only 11 years old when she did her did - but she didn't murder just one person like the previous murders on this list - she in fact murdered two boys solely for the pleasure and excitement of killing - according to her words.
Remembering Martin Brown
Her first victim was 4-year-old Martin Brown who was found dead in an abandoned house. It appears that getting away with this murder was not enough for her, as she proceeded to look for her second victim, which she also killed in cold blood.
The Second Victim
Her second victim was even younger - he was 3-years old Brian Howe, who was found dead in an industrial area. The boy was found with weird scratches and injuries on his body, including the letter "M" etched on his stomach with a razor blade
She Was Very Suspicious During the Investigation
She displayed evasive behavior, which made the detectives instantly suspect her. Looks like she was not as good at hiding as she was with killing. She lied that the boys probably killed each other since she saw one of them playing with the scissors. That story didn't hold.
Kipland Kinkel
Last but not least is Kipland Kinkel, who killed two of his classmates and injured eight others by storming his school with a gun. It was later discovered that he also murdered his parents at his home. He would have injured more if a few brave students weren't there to stop him.


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