Remember The Girl from 'The Game Plan'? Here Is What She Looks Like Today

She's all grown up and gorgeous.
Ray Porter October 8th 2017 Entertainment
We all remember the little girl who played 'The Rock's' daughter in the 2007 movie 'The Game Plan'. How could we not, she played her role to perfection and we all fell in love with her exuberant on screen charisma and pure cuteness. She's changed a huge amount in just ten years. Her cute factor has been replaced with gorgeous factor and she's killing it professionally as a model and actress. And to make it even juicier you'll never believe who she's dating.
Madison Pettis
Madison's career started when she was just 5 years old. She received modelling offers at that age and she sky rocketed to stardom from there. But everything didn't just fall into her lap, as evidenced in 'The Game Plan' she was an extremely talented young girl.
An Major Success
The movie 'The Game Plan' from where we all most likely first met this little starlet was her first major role. She was over the moon at securing this opportunity, not surprisingly. Not only was it a major film but she stared the 'The Rock's' long-lost daughter.
Perfect Casting
This movies success was made on Madison and the Rock's perfect performances. And the roles demanded a lot of chemistry for a believable long lost child and parent relationship. The film wasn't necessarily academy award material but Pettis' talent was definitely noticed.
The Climb Starts
After 'The Game Plan' Madison started to receive many offers. The offers, however, were not just for films and T.V. but she also received modelling offers to promote product's like 'Love Pastry' alongside some huge young celebrities like Cody Simpson.
Little Girl to Stunning Model
She's additionally appeared in many commercials and even fashion shows too. But if her beauty and modelling successes don't wow you maybe her voice will. She's not only just a treat for your eyes but your ears to through her voice actress work.
Thank God for Instagram
Due to her experience as an actress and a model she knows the importance of fitness and health for her body. And luckily for us, she also appreciates the use of social media posting pictures of her curvy body and amazing ads.
Thank You Mama
Maddison is a good Southern Texas Girl from Arlington. At 5'2" she can also thank her parents for the beautiful combination of African- American, Italian, Irish and French Background. But it's not just her genes she can thank them for.
A Pretty Lucky Start
At her young starting age, usurpingly, her mother was to thank. She entered little Madison into an annual cover search for FortWorthChild magazine. Since then she's just been climbing straight up to stardom. A lucky start for a talented young girl.
Already in 2005
Another noteworthy project she did before 'The Game Plan' was her appearance in 'Hannah Montana'. She outgrew Miley's Show and headed to the big screen. She quickly got her second major movie role in 2007 'Free Style', the same year as 'The Game Plan'.
Two a Year
She didn't slow her momentum at all acting in 12 films by 2016. This kind of a portfolio secured her as a major actress. Additionally, she received several offers to host Tv shows targeted at children and young teens like Disney's 'Special Agent Oso'.
Personal Life?
Up until 17, the reports on her personal life were non-existent. It seemed that she was so focused on her work that she wasn't spending any time looking for love. 2017 was, then, a year of change for her when she met Michael Porter Jr after switching Colleges.
The fictional family from 'The Game Plan' had a reunion for another Disney movie they both worked on, 'Moana'. They met up at the California Premier, teasing fans of a sequel to their original prior to the event. But it was just a joke there won't be a sequel.
Michael Porter Jr.
Madison's boyfriend has a bright future lined up too, he's just months away from being signed as a professional basketball player to the NBA. This might result in a few lonely moments for our favourite girls as Porter travels and plays.
Versatile Girl
Although she might just be too busy to notice though. There are not that many actors so young with such a versatile professional history. Not to mention even few that can switch between 3 different professions with such ease and frequency.
Down to Earth
One of the biggest reasons we all love her is because her fast fame hasn't manifested in any horrible ways. She maintains a good relationship with her friends and fans as well as the fact she has avoided any scandals. Many child actors find their careers over before they start getting caught up in scandal after scandal.


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