15 Unexpected Beauty Hacks You Wish You Had Known About Before

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Cole Damon January 24th 2018 Lifestyle
There are many beauty hacks that we use in our lives. However, there is a certain extent to how we use them because these hacks seemed to be limited. Contrary to your assumption, beauty hacks are not limited and there are literally too many in the market. Here we have 15 of these amazing hacks for you to comprehend and understand.
For Beautiful Hair
All you need for beautiful hair is sea salt or even simple cooking salt. Women with greasy hair have a lot of problems, which is why the solution of salt and your shampoo would last longer and will enable you to have good smoother hair.
Thicker Eye Brows and Lashes
There is no need to throw away your old mascara bottle as we have just the right hack for you to get most out of it. Mix Vitamin E, castor oil and aloe vera juice in the bottle and see the results of brighter, stronger lashes and eye brows.
Circles under Your Eyes
If you like drinking coffee, then there is no need for you dispose the used coffee grounds, because they can be used for keeping your eyes fresh and attractive. Mix the grounds with coconut oil and then apply under your skin for results.
For Healthy Body
For getting the right healthy body it is necessary that you make an anti-cellulite wrap at home. Mix ginger with cosmetic clay and add 10 tbsp of water with the paste. Apply the paste or the mix that is created to the body parts.
For Smooth Legs
Sugaring is considered as one of the most effective methods for getting smooth legs. Sugaring is deemed as a good depilation method as it is less painful then other methods and gets the job done without irritating the skin.
Beautiful and Strong Nails
Everyone wants beautiful and strong nails, which is why you should apply a mix of coconut oil with lavender oil and honey on your nails to not only strengthen them but to also make them beautiful and more attractive.
Blackheads on your face
If you do not want any more blackheads on your face and are tired of seeing them, then all you need to do is incorporate a simple change. Just mix I tbsp of flour, with 1 tsp of honey and add I tsp of warm water. Apply the paste through a piece of cloth with the piece.
Regardless of what you do, your armpits always maintain a dark tone and are not easy to lighten or change their color. However, you can get the light color of your choice by applying compresses made through raw ground potato.
For Sunburn
Baking soda is perfect for calming down the skin after a tiring sun burn that not only hits you everything you feel it. The soda will work its magic in within 10-15 minutes and will rid you of the redness that has emerged on your skin.
Tender Heels
For getting softer and tender heels it is necessary that you soak your feet in the required mixture. Create the mixture through the use of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. Keep your feet in it for 15 minutes and dry them afterwards.
The black facial mask that you see making rounds everywhere can now easily be used by creating the materials necessary for it. The mask is perfect for getting clearer complexion and has quite a few interesting features to it.
Whiter Teeth
Strawberries are perfect for genteelly whitening your teeth as they have properties that can get the shine from within your teeth. Mix 1 tsp of baking soda with 1 tsp of grated berries and you will have the perfect mixture ready.
Fresh Face all Day Long
If you want your face to look fresh all day long then you can make the perfect facial freshness spray by yourself. Just mix together aloe gel with purified water in a ratio that has ¼ aloe gel and ¾ water. Carry the bottle around with you.
Pleasant Fragrance
For getting a pleasant fragrance it is necessary to follow the hack of brushing your hair with your perfume. This means that you should spray your perfume on your hair brush and then brush your hair with it a couple of times.
Firming Your Breasts
If you feel like your breasts are getting out of shape and you need to do something to firm them up,then use Vaseline on them before going to bed. After a couple of months you will start seeing the results in the form of firmer breasts.


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