15 Signs That She's Just Not Into You, And It May Be Time For You To Move On

Is your woman losing interest? Check for these signs.
Gigi Cummings October 8th 2017 Lifestyle
When you love someone it is often hard for you to pull yourself out of the love bubble and look at the relationship from an outsiders point of view. Sometimes if you feel like something is off in the relationship and you are able to take off your rose colored glasses and step outside of yourself and look at the relationship from an objective perspective, you might be able to pick up some signs that things just aren't working out how you thought they were. If your girlfriend is sending any of these signals your way on a daily basis, she might be trying to tell you that things are over.
She Pulls Away When You Are Near Her
Maybe she never was someone who really liked PDA, but lately she seems to be pulling away every time you so much as put your arm around her. You can make excuses and chalk it up to a bad mood, but a girl in love wants to be near her man always.
She Downplays Your Significance
When you guys are around her friends and family she doesn't exactly jump at the chance to tell everyone that you two are in a relationship, if anything she hesitates when asked how you both know each other and tends to change the subject.
She Wears The Pants
You may think that she just likes to be in control, but your girlfriend being an absolute dictator in the relationship is a huge red flag that she is trying to give you every excuse to push away and that she is done trying to compromise of being equal in any way.
She Is Too Busy For You
Her calendar has filled up so much lately that she seems to not be able to spend any time with you at all. If she wanted to see you, she would make time, but being busy is her way of letting you know that she wants space and a life without you in it.
She Doesn't Notice When You Are Hurt
You are feeling cast aside and rejected and she is walking around like everything is fine. He inability to notice that you are going through an emotionally hard time is her way of showing you that you are now an after thought she she doesn't have to mental space for you anymore.
She Always Plans Group Dates
Every time that the two of you make plans to go out together, she always happens to add some other people or another couple on to the date. If she is bringing other people into time that should be for just you two, she is pushing away from the relationship for good.
She Ignores You At Parties
You two are invited to events together as a couple and you attend them together as a couple, but the second you get to the party she is off and nowhere to be found. Her mind is elsewhere and she is using social events to drive a wedge between you two.
She's Always On Her Phone
Doesn't matter if you are trying to have a deep and meaningful conversation with her, or just watch a movie. She is always on her phone and giving attention to whoever is on the other end of her mobile device much more than she is giving you at the moment.
She Gives Other Men Extra Attention
Anytime she gets any attention from any guys when she is out, she seems to put on her biggest smile and soak in all of the attention possible. It's like little windows into her single life and she is preparing herself to dive right in without you behind her.
She Is Constantly Comparing You To Others
You are trying your best to be your best self for her, but it seems like no matter what you do she is never impressed and always seems to be comparing you to someone else. She may be giving you hints that her eyes are wandering and she just might jump ship.
She Just Doesn't Care
You can tell that things are getting a little cold between the two of you, so you try and stir things up by making her a bit jealous. Not only does she not react but she doesn't even seem to care either way, indifference is the real indicator of a doomed relationship.
She Blows Up Small Arguments
You two have simple fights about almost nothing, it shouldn't really be anything too big but she seems to completely blow things out of proportion. She is unnecessarily mad at you for just about everything and you are wondering if maybe she is looking for a reason to get out of the relationship.
If She Abuses You, It's Time To Go
Abusive relationships happen from both sides of a relationship. If you feel like your girlfriend is emotionally abusive, or if she threatens to physically hurt you, you need to get out of it as soon as possible, don't let yourself be fooled, she is not someone worth holding on to.
She Jumps Ships When Times Are Tough
Arguing is a normal part of any relationship, but how someone deals with fights is an indicator if the health of the relationship. If every time your girl and you get into an argument, she abandons the situation and is nowhere to be found, she is acting like this relationship is not worth her effort.
She Makes Fun Of You At Your Expense
Poking fun of each other lightly is a really cute way to flirt with someone you care about, especially if it is done out of pure adoration of the other person. But when your girlfriend starts making you the butt of her jokes at the expense of your dignity and respect, its time for you to end the relationship because she doesn't care.


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