Here Are 15 Things That Turn Women On, According To Real Women

If you want her to stay loyal, these are a MUST
Gigi Cummings October 7th 2017 Lifestyle
You don't have to be the worlds sexiest male entertainer in order to get a woman to feel all hot and bothered. Would it help if you knew a choreographed bump and grind to genuine's "Pony" like the one in Magic Mike? Probably. But I wouldn't worry too much about feeling like you have to run off to the nearest dance studio and buy assess chaps. Because there are tons of things you can and and probably already to do turn your girl from cold to hot, hot hot. Here is a reminder of some of the things you do to seduce her right.
The Sneak Attack
When you are concentrating on putting on your makeup for a night out, or your washing your face and keeping it all clean and perfect for a night in, during these activities, when your guy comes up behind you and put his arms around you and gives you a kiss on the neck, its never not hot.
He Loves The Kitty
A guy who loves animals is super hot, especially when he claims he's not really a cat guy and then you see him sitting on the couch with your kitty and he's getting all cozy with her, it will totally melt any girls heart and she will want to throw the cat off the couch and ravage you.
He Keeps It Clean
There is nothing better than coming home from a super long day at the office to find that your guy is hanging out on the couch in a super clean and nice smelling apartment because he spent the afternoon getting things in tip top shape for you, makes you want to just lay on that couch in his arms forever.
When It's All About You
Sometimes you just need a little TLC from your man, with no expectation of anything in return. So he take you into the bedroom, takes a little trip to your south of the border and then while you are laying there paralyzed from ecstasy, he goes to the kitchen to fetich you some sparkling water and a light snack.
Morning Cup Of Joe
You are fast asleep and you wake up slowly to the smell of freshly brewed coffee because your guy has already gotten up and knows how much you love a little medium roast in the morning. Only thing better would be him making pancakes in his underwear.
A Little Leg Love
When you are laying on the couch watching TV and he comes in to sit with you, so your curl up your legs to give him space, but once he sits down he pulls your legs on top of his and starts giving them a little message. The ultimate comfort and pleasure.
Some Physical Reassurance
Maybe you two are waiting in line at the bank, or the grocery store, but you are bored out of your mind and suddenly your guy grabs your shoulders for a little reassuring massage and your body just starts to melt, what would you do without him?
He Makes The Decisions
You just have to throw on your clothes and follow his lead, not having to make plans and watching him take your around on a thoughtful day out or date is so sexy, you two might have to pull over on the ride home so you can thank him properly.
When He Brags About You
You know that you are constantly gushing about your guy and everything amazing that he has done, but there is no better feeling than when you overhear him bragging about you to his friends and family, he puts you on a high pedestal and you don't mind the view.
His Morning Moves
It's early in the morning and the bed is just so comfy. He just reflexively pulls you over to his side of the bed and he's not even awake yet. It's so sexy and so comfy and you feel like the two of you could stay in the position under the covers forever.
The Subtle Graze
You two are at a boring work dinner and are listening to other couples blab on about some recent trip they took, and he ever so gently grazes your leg under the table, not only does his reassurance remind you that you are in this boring event together, but the sudden tingle you feel downstairs has all of a sudden livened up the night.
His Sweet Kisses
Of course its great when he kisses you softly on the lips, but when we decides to graze your body with little sweet kisses, its like he is worshiping your temple and you can't bless him any harder. How adorable it is when he makes you feel like every inch of you is special.
When He's Friends With Your Family
He sends your mom a text just to tell her that he loved dinner that you all had the other night, and he sends your dad funny youtube videos on dogs playing with other baby animals. He never forgets your sisters birthday and it makes your heart almost explode to watch him be so sweet to your family.
When He Dresses Up
Sure your love your guy in casual shorts and a t-shirt, but there is noting sexier than seeing your man dressed up to the nines in a suit or tux for a special occasion. It's like your boyfriend just became James Bond and you can't wait to have a sexy rendezvous with him later.
When He Carries Your Bags For You
Of course you can carry your own stuff, you are strong ass woman and you don't need any man to do anything for you, but when he carries your suitcase or heavy bag without even asking, its hard to not accept this chivalrous act with legs... I mean arms, wide open.


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