15 Of The Strangest Known Medical Conditions

Scariest of the diseases!
Ian Anglin October 7th 2017 Science
Most diseases are fairly common, and the statistical probability of their recurring in the population is fairly high. Take for example the common cold - everyone is bound to have it, and many people have it several times in the same year. Yet, there are some disorders, which have such a low chance of happening that you can never see on people outside. That doesn't mean they don't exist. It is sad, but these diseases affect hundreds of people throughout the world, and many of them will live their complete life in agony.
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive
This disease - Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (also called "Stone Man Syndrome") is a progressive genetic disorder that turns soft tissue (the actual muscles, skin and ligaments) into rock-hard bone tissue. It occurs in about 1 in 2 million people worldwide.
Cotard's Delusion
This is not a physical disease like most of the other diseases that will be listed on this page - this is, in fact, mental disorder. The person that has it sincerely believes that they are missing body parts - in some cases, they believe they are missing the brain and so are "acting" dead. Weird stuff.
Cold Urticaria
This is a type of allergy that mainly affects young children, but it can target adults in some cases. It is characterized by a histamine reaction to cold air and water - not something easy to evade while living in the Northern hemisphere.
Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis
You might have seen this on Discovery channel, as a few years ago it was going media rounds on the bigger TV channels. This one is also called "Tree Man Syndrome," and looking at the picture I think you can get a rough idea of where the name comes from.
Xeroderma Pigmentosum
This disorder has a more ominous second name. It is called "Vampire Syndrome." All people need sunshine in order to produce Vitamin D, but people with this disorder get instant sunburns and in some cases skin cancer if exposed to ANY amount of sunlight.
Contrary to popular belief, Elephantiasis is not a disorder where various ligaments "grow" too extreme sizes." What happens in fact is that the lymphatic vessels get obstructed, so the parts of the body where this is happening temporary swell to this large size.
Hypertrichosis is a "funny" disorder - if a disorder can be classified as funny. Not sure if writing is bad? Anyway, Hypertrichosis is also called "Werewolf Syndrome", since people that have it grow a lot of hairs around their face and begin to look like a wolf.
Aquagenic urticarial
This one is also called the "Water Allergy," but that is not necessarily true. Most of the body is made from water, and the people that have this disorder do not have a histamine reaction to water. It is just that their outermost layer of skin gets easily irritated by water.
Alien Hand Syndrome
Just as the name indicates, this is a disorder where one hand has gone completely rogue - i.e., the brain has no control over its movement or function. I'm not really sure this can be treated, although a good psychiatrist could do wonders in a case like this!
Remember Alice in Wonderland?
There is one illness called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. It includes hallucinations, disorientation, dysmetropsia and other side effects. Just like in the movie, right? However, the symptoms are not painful or risky and, luckily, they also disappear after some time.
Too Early, Too Old
Progeria is just one of the worst, cruel and luckily rare diseases. Children that suffer from this illness, live approximately until their 13th birthday. The most common symptoms are skin changes (rapid aging), loss of hair, and heavy breathing. Unfortunately, there is no cure.
Foreign Accent Syndrome
Just as the picture shows, getting a serious head trauma can actually make a person speak a language or accent that they have no experience in speaking. This disorder can also be caused by having a stroke or other types of brain injuries.
Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
This disease affects children only when they are between five and seven years old. While they are having the symptoms, they will lose the ability to express and understand any kind of language. The disorder can be managed, so at least that's slightly helpful.
This is definitely the funnies disorder on the list. When a person has it (it seems to be temporary), they lose the ability to make a decision - in effect, they are suffering an onset of crippling indecision. That would be especially bad to have during driving. Or voting!
The Mary Hart Syndrome
Named after Mary Hart, a semi-famous (I've never heard of her) TV personality. Some people have reported getting seizures from hearing her voice, and it seems a doctor has been able to confirm these results - they are not a myth.


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