4 Places On Earth With Low Gravity

Cole Damon January 19th 2018 Science
There is virtually no place in the universe where gravity doesn't work. Gravity is the one unifying force which glues us to together with the earth so we don't drift away into the darkness of space and nothingness. But what if gravity were suddenly removed from earth? What would be the repercussions of removing gravity? Science doesn't have an answer yet and can only theorize what might happen.
A little bit about gravity
Anything which has mass will create a 'disturbance' around it. This disturbance is called gravity and influences the path and trajectory of other objects whirling around it. The bigger the object, the bigger the gravity. Earth obviously has a massive force of gravity.
The Sun's force of gravity
We are millions of miles away from getting burnt to a crisp by the everlasting flames of the Sun, but even at this distance it is able to exert a powerful influence on us because of its gravity.

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