15 Insecurities Women Have That Men Actually Love

Ladies, don't be upset if you have insecurities, your guy may love them.
Cole Damon January 19th 2018 Lifestyle
Women have many insecurities that they consider can come in the way of a good relationship. For them it is of grave concern that they're not perfect enough for their man. However, not all insecurities are despised by men. Here we have 15 of the insecurities that you experience, which are loved by man. Enjoy the list and rid yourself from the fears.
Small Chest
Women with small breasts live half their size with the insecurity that men wouldn't like them because of their small sized breasts. But, the reality is different as men often love women with small breasts as much as those with bigger breasts.
For every woman the aging process is a hard time. Losing your hair, your youthful charm and the delight in your face can all be a tough ask. However, men don't give two cents about it if you're the same person as you were before.
Women with problems like hair fall and curly hair believe that their hair can deter them from getting a good man. But, in real man only care about hair if they're shallow, most men want a lady that loves them and hair are not really part of the love.
Women with glasses on their face are really insecure about their future dating men, because they believe that the glasses make them look ugly. Ask any man who the cutest girls are, and all of them would reply 'the one's with the glasses on.'
Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are a part of a woman and are accepted by men who know all that a woman gets to go through in life. Only men that want artificial pleasure despise stretch marks, and you too wouldn't want to date the creepy kind
Most women seemed to be concerned about the shape of their vagina and how it matches with that of others they see in adult films. Men are actually attracted to peculiar shaped vaginas, because they want to experience something new and unique on bed.
Many men who have dated women with rather different teeth have responded how much the sight of their girl smiling used to melt them. The whole event has a rather lasting impact on them and teeth rarely make any difference on the love.
Plenty of folks, including many of us, would love to be with a woman who is somewhat bigger than the society's standards. Men believe that it is always the women who are somewhat bigger that offer the most when it comes to love.
The perspective or the insecurities women have regarding smells coming from their body are all gone when someone really loves them in return. The person will associate whatever aroma that comes from them as a sign of their love.
Women often believe that an awkward nose can come as a hindrance when it comes to getting the right man. This is not true as most men rarely even consider the nose. And girls with a different nose shape look attractive and becoming.
Believe us; most men don't give a rodent's rear end to whether your skin isn't as perfect and as smooth as a container of a drain. All your blemishes, spots, scars, and marks give your character a unique touch and help men fall in love.
Not all females, but many of them feel that their interests in life can serve as a hindrance when it comes to falling in love. Any man that really loves you will love you with all your interests, it's better that the others don't stay for long.
Make Up
Men love nothing more than a women who is confident about the makeup she wears. Makeup is not just an accessory, but an identity for women and there is no need to feel insecure about it when men love it so much.
Women believe their honesty would land them in hot water when it comes to dating men, but in reality all that matters is how honest the man is towards them. If a man gets honesty in return for honesty, they would fall head over heels for you.
Like we earlier mentioned spots and marks on the face, freckles are also not taken that seriously be men who really love you. And in fact, freckles and spots really make a girl even more beautiful, don't they?


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