Authorities Say Fitness Model Was Killed in Freak Accident

Cole Damon October 6th 2017 Weird
When fitness blogger Rebecca Burger purchased a dispenser, she had no idea it would result in her own death. Who would imagine a harmless little whipped cream dispenser taking shape as the harbinger of death? During a freak accident the dispenser exploded and one of the shrapnel violently pierced Rebecca in the chest. Despite the best efforts of doctors Rebecca ended up dying of cardiac arrest in a hospital.
How the dispenser typically operated
The machinations behind the deathly contraption operate by pressurizing the contents of a metal canister by filling it with gas. French consumer groups have been warning against this method for years but their advice would always fall on deaf ears.
The pressure was too much
The dispenser was not strong enough to sustain high pressures and ended up exploding all over the place. The expensive gadget pierced Rebecca's chest who was probably expecting some tasty whipped cream. The Burger family reports her death as a 'domestic accident'.
She was a popular model
Rebecca had a large social media presence online, having around 55,000 Facebook fans and more than 154,000 Instagram followers. She even worked for a health and fitness firm, Women's Best as a professional model. She was at the peak of her career and inspired millions.
Her family has issues a warning against the dispenser
Not too surprisingly, Ms Burger's family has issued a statement on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, warning her fanbase to stay away from the violent dispenser which has a dark history of exploding into little pieces, injuring innocent bystanders while killing a few unfortunate souls.
She was passionate about fitness
Rebecca would regularly pose in bikinis, showcasing her toned body to all her fans. She was extremely passionate about sharing food tips and fitness related advice so everyone could have a body just like hers. The entire world appreciated her presence.
This isn't the first time the machine has exploded
The glorified dispenser from the French Manufacturer is known to cause troubles to its owners. Some of the injuries the demonic machine has caused include broken teeth, tinnitus, fractured bones and even the loss of an eye. The manufacturer claimed in 2015 that the new iterations are safer.
But boy were they wrong
Way back before 2015, the machine was known to cause life threatening injuries to its owners but always spared their lives. In 2017 however, despite the overhauls and adjustments made to the machine, it started causing actual deaths.
One such victim shares their harrowing experience
A victim from 2013 described the painful damage which the exploding machine caused to her. "I had six broken ribs, and my sternum was broken." Doctors told her that the shrapnel missed her chest by a few inches and could have proven fatal.
Even the government issued warnings
The dangerous antics of the destructive machine has a painful history stretching back to 2010, in fact the French government issued warnings against the infamous manufacturers. The dispenser can explode at anytime, even after years of use, so if you have one - don't get too comfortable.
Manufacturer's recall
While the manufacturer asked for a total recall of all the 160,000 units sold, only 25,000 were returned. This gives us cause for concern because those other units may end up blowing into itsy bitsy pieces too - without any warning.
Her fans are now in mourning
Support from grieving fans is reaching out to the Burger family. "She was a real model to many people and an inspiration to all of us. We're praying for her soul" Says one such fan on her Instagram account.
The company posted a touching tribute online
The fitness company which she worked for said, "Rebecca was a great athlete, a kind and generous person with whom to work. We will always be proud of you Rebecca." It was clear they could not cope with her loss either.
There have been reports of similar accidents
Another French woman, a mother of two was severely injured when a whipped cream canister exploded. This happened just days after the death of Rebecca Burger. "It was terrible, the lid is gone and the bottle is lodged in the ceiling." Its power was enough to make a 15 cm hole in the ceiling.
She recently placed eighth in the Arnold Classic which was held in Columbus, Ohio. The 33 year old was an unstoppable force in the fitness modeling arena. She could have gone on to win more competitions had the unfortunate freak accident been contained.
Who is to blame?
Should it be the Burger family for not heeding the government's warning? The French administration for not taking more strict actions against the manufacturers? Or the manufacturing company for not individually asking for recalls from all their customers? Let us know.


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