Eminem's Daughter Is All Grown Up, And She's Smart And Beautiful

The transformation is surreal.
Cole Damon October 6th 2017 Entertainment
Popular rapper Eminem hasn't had the best of childhood, growing up in the tumultuous streets of Detroit among drugs, alcohols and violent gangs was the norm. His later adulthood years weren't very kind to him either - least to say, it was marred with a cheating two-timing spouse however his saving grace is his burgeoning career as a rapper. His lyrics are known to be misogynistic in nature and at times, borderline creepy and offensive.
His one saving grace
While Eminem has many children to his name, our blog post will be focusing on his daughter who has been making headline around the internet. Hailie Jade was born in the year 1995 is now 21 years old! Time really flies.
Run-of-the-mill girl
Despite the creepy fanbase Eminem is known to possess, his daughter Hailie has had a surprisingly normal childhood - well besides showing up in a Rolls Royce at college and being super rich at the age of 21.
The young girl has a strong online presence
While she doesn't crave too much attention, her father's fanbase does occasionally spillover to her side of social media. The 21 year old girl has more than 643k followers on Instagram, not to mention the myriad of 'unofficial' Facebook pages obsessing over her.
She posts from time to time
It is hard to not post on Instagram and Facebook when you've spent your entire childhood growing up around them. She doesn't post very often, but this one picture has been making rounds online. It shows that the young girl has grown into maturity.
Hailie wasn't born rich though
Although she's estimated to be around a million dollars (literally), Hailie wasn't born into a rich family. Eminem admitted during an interview that he didn't even have a place to live when Hailie was born. "That really kicked me in the a** harder than anything..."
Eminem has always expressed his devotion to Hailie
Although Eminem has no soft corner for his ex-wife, Kimberly Scott, and has expressed his desire to butcher her with a chainsaw, Hailie has always been his driving force."She's helped me stay busy and stay focused." Admits Eminem.
His efforts bore fruit
Eminem has always wanted his daughter to acknowledge him as someone who succeeded in life, and not as a failure. Today, the rapper has worldwide acclaim and is one of the most celebrated rappers of all time - despite being white.
Today the girl is getting the best out of life
She goes to university, lives in the finest of mansions, moves around in a Rolls Royce and through it all managed to have a normal childhood. And for those eyeing the beautiful young woman, she has a boyfriend according to her Instagram uploads.
Eminem frequently mentions Hailie in his songs
Eminem is not afraid to mention his love for Hailie in his songs, most of which are explicit in nature and contain promiscuous lyrics. Notable mentions include "Hailie's song", "My dad's gone crazy", "When I'm Gone" and a host others.
Eminem has a different persona in private
While Eminem is known for his excessive use of coarse language, the rapper admits that there is zero cussing within the confines of his home. So rest assured, Hailie grew up in a normal house without witnessing her father's antics.
How soon before the paparazzi rush to Hailie too?
The paparazzi are known for their creepy obsession with documenting every bit of a celebrity's private life, and they're relentless in their pursuit, case in point, Wendy Williams. It stands to reason that these creeps will start obsessing over Hailie too.
Hailie should enjoy her private life as much as possible
While Hailie doesn't seem to have any plans to start a career in entertainment any time soon, she should keep it that way. Because she'll have to kiss her privacy goodbye if her fame balloons up any higher.
Eminem adopted another girl
Eminem actually ended up adopting his ex, Kim's sister named Dawn. Dawn died of a heroin overdose in 2016 and left behind Alaina. This is a bizarre story given how much hatred Eminem has for Kim. But we guess the rapper does have a soft corner for his ex after all.
Eminem has been addicted to dangerous drugs
Growing around drugs and violence, the rapper has had his fair share of struggle with a host of dangerous pills such as Vicodin, Valium and Methadone. He was known to consume up to 20 of them a day! It's miraculous how he didn't overdose on them.
His daughter stood by him through thick and thin
Hailie and Eminem's other children have helped him recover from his crippling addiction. "... they've helped me through so many things..." admits the rapper. And so the final culmination of Eminem's hard work is the all grown up, mature and intelligent Hailie Jade - who remains unaffected by the poison that is Hollywood.


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