According To This Study, Farting In Front Of Your Partner Is The Key To Everlasting Love

The million dollar secret.
Ray Porter October 6th 2017 Science
Relationships can be great. It's not to be underestimated having another person out there that's got your back always and is with you to support you almost always. Many of us are working to this or a similar ideal. As such, when we start a new relationship or find someone we could see ourselves in a relationship with, we want to appear at our best. We want to look our best, seem smart, funny, and creative.
Growing Comfortable
As time passes we tend to loosen up and some of our less than perfect aspects show them selves and/or there are lapses in our state of perfection. This isn't to say we've stopped caring, or care less. Rather according to t relationship experts, it's a sign of true love.
Normal Part of Life
Real talk; farting is a natural part of every one's life. It stinks, is smelly and disgusting, and no want wants to admit it was from this foulness came. Farting doesn't mean you ate something bad or have a bad diet or have a hygiene issue.
Our Perpetrator Sulphur
Sulphur is where we get to point the finger, 'who smelt it dealt it' may now rest. The culprit sulphur means foods that contain high amounts of sulphur are the main cause. For example cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are some heavy offenders.
Sulphur Meet Meat
Meat is not off the hook either, and your local butcher no safe haven. The Sulphur compound mercaptans in meat can also cause some bad smells. These are all however components of a healthy balanced diet. Experts say it's nothing to worry about and the average person passes wind more than 10 times a day.
Ready to Blow
It's part of relationship culture to hold in your farts, as prior mentioned it's normal to show only your best qualities to avoid embarrassing yourself and stinking up the room in front of that special person. Spare a thought for men, though, who fart more on average - possibly due to eating too fast.
Contrary to the Culture
None the less over time this discipline to keep your farts in around your partner wares off. Whether it's that they just don't care anymore, or that they are tired of the constant dedication it feels like it talks to hold them in, things change. And interestingly experts say this is a good thing.
Relationship Growth
Clinical therapist Dr. Robert Huizenga believes farting around your partner shows maturation in a relationship. He says "Farting in front of your significant other means you feel free to move beyond your roles. He continues that it may be around the same time you start discussing family roles and your expectations of one another.
Still a Secret
In the 30 years Dr. Huizenga has been a practicing therapist he admits he's never come across someone that complains about their partner's flatulence. He does, however, agree that farting is still a taboo subject despite its natural occurrence in all of us.
Dr. Huizenga Master of Flatulence
Huizenga says that farting can actually be endearing, siting the scene between Robin Williams and Matt Damon. He says it's a sign you feel like you're able to be human and yourself. He continues, you can break out of ideas of who you should be.
Different Types of Farts?
He does, however, warn against the type of gas you pass. Farts with an angry intent or that meant to embarrass your partner in front of others are not part of a healthy relationship. Perplexing he adds "So choose your farts carefully." And "Sometimes I think people take farts too seriously.
Taking It to Another Level
Jessica Gentile wrote of a time when she not only farted on the third date but also plugged her dates toilet. She says the situation actually brought out the sweetness, and compassion of her date and the humour of them both.
Acknowledge What's Natural
She believes that if openness and honesty are key components of a good relationship then we should acknowledge what is a natural bodily function in all humans. She believes we shouldn't let what society deems to be gross bring lies and deceit into our relationships.
Still Farting Strong
Her and her plugged toilet man did not end in disaster but rather have been married now for eight years. She says her and her partner regularly joke about their farts and all the funny situations that surrounded them. And that toilet related conversation is a fixture of their relationship.
When to Start conducted a survey asking when their viewers when they thought it was the right time to start passing gasses in front of their partners. 29 per cent said just before the 6 month point. 25 percent said between 6 and 12 months, nine per cent said longer than a year, while just 7 percent say they will never.
Immature or Genuine Curiosity
If you think speaking about, writing about, or mentioning farting is immature the current situation may surprise you. People are looking for answers and genuinely want to know if one: it's ok to pass gas around a partner and 2: when is the appropriate time.


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