A 12 Year Old Helps Deliver Her Own Baby Brother And The Photos Are Amazing

Her reaction is priceless!
Ray Porter October 6th 2017 Inspiration
The gift of new life is truly an amazing miracle. However, this miracle takes place in a painful, stressful, and intense moment. Not the place and the moment you would expect to find a 12-year-old girl. This is a moment where nerves run high as both the lives of the mother and the baby can potentially be at risk. But that is exactly what happened, a 12-year-old girl heavily assisted labour and delivery nurses to bring her baby brother into the world. The real question is if she will ever be able to look at her mother the same again.
Be Warned
Now is your one and only warning. Some of these pictures can be incredibly abrasive and bring up issues in viewers. Giving birth is an incredibly intense visual (and everything else too) experience. Not to mention the addition of an innocent girl present could be upsetting to some.
Jacee Dellapenna
The arrival of a baby sibling can be an exciting time for the whole family. 12 year old Jacee Dellapenna couldn't wait to finally meet her baby brother, and so she made the unusual decision to be present for the delivery of her baby brother.
Watch and Learn
Originally Jacee was just meant to be there to watch and the professionals were to take care of the delivery. The change in plan, according to Jacee's mother Dede Carraway, was the families "crazy doctor's" decision. He decided on the spot that Jacee should "catch" the baby.
Last Chance
Jacee's new brother would be the youngest of three and Dede had decided that this would be her last baby. As such, arrangements were made to make sure Jacee would be in the room to watch early on, as it was her last chance.
A Nurse for The Day
Jacee was very excited at first to help out, it's a wonder as to whether she knew what she was getting herself into. With a big smile on her face, she donned a blue apron and gloves like a professional doctor or nurse.
Intensely Beautiful Moment
At first, in the photos, Jacee appears to be apprehensive and nervous. And there's no blaming her, for someone of her age just seeing that much of her mother can be confronting. But as her baby brother came into sight her expression changes.
Virally Heart-Warming
Upon seeing her little brother, young Jacee breaks down with emotion in what must have been a truly magical and touching moment. It is close to inconceivable to imagine how the experience of life coming into this world impacts such a young girl.
Facebook Post to Viral Story
That fountain of beautiful and honest emotion may have been why family friend, Nikki Smith, posted the delivery photos onto her Facebook page. Nikki Smith is song-writer with a modest following and from her page the photos went viral.
Smith's Post
Nikki post went "Meet Jacee!" creating an excited tone for her followers. "This 12 year old helped deliver her baby brother and the emotions on her face is too amazing not to share! You're a superstar jacee!". The emotions on her face really are remarkable.
Not Everyone's a Fan
To Smith's surprise not everyone supported and agreed with what had happened. Some comments questioned even the decision to have Jacee in the delivery room, fearing the experience could be overwhelming for her. Jacee's mom, however, strongly disagrees.
Arguably the Most Important Moment in Life
Birth is a natural occurrence, albeit one of the more magical and incomprehensible natural occurrences. Friends quickly sprung to the family's defence insisting that they personally knew Jacee to be mature and incredibly caring to her sibling and all children.
Smith to The Defence
Smith herself also added a comment to the discussion. "I am so glad jacee is being seen all over the world!" she wrote. "Although some of you may not agree with her helping deliver her baby brother, this beautiful moment will always be remembered by both her mother and herself."
She Went on To Say
"If you don't like the post just keep scrolling, no need to comment and speak negative... wrong with allowing her daughter to witness this beautiful moment. It's not for everyone but jacee was a rockstar and helped deliver a newborn!... Mother and baby are being discharged home today and jacee is ecstatic about the feedback she's getting."
And Correct She Is
In this situation, it seems a matter of common sense to conclude, given the information available, that there is no problem with what happened and that the experience will probably enrich her life and possibly her bonds with her siblings in the years to come.
Not to Generalise
Despite it being common for family or friends to be present for delivery and, in other cultures, for siblings to help in the delivery that's not to say the presence is always good. Birth is a fragile and sensitive time for all involved, a person with the wrong attitudes presence can stress everyone involved.


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