15 Trippy Photos That Will Confuse The Heck Out Of You

Ray Porter October 6th 2017 Humor
Optical illusions are all around us, and it can be really hard to trust our eyes or our gut instinct. Sometimes things need a second or even third look to understand, and may take us a while to piece together the way in which we're being tricked by our brains. Here are some perfect examples of this phenomenon, and these photos will be sure to leave you confused until you figure out what's really going on.
Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved
Whatever is going on this image, it is really, really weird. It seems extremely difficult to decode which body is which, and what the face at the bottom of the photo is doing exactly. This is the definition of a photo requiring a second look.
Once you see the girl who apparently is occupied on the toilet on the left side of this photograph (reflected in the mirror), it goes from basic to trashy in record time. What a weird image to share online. Yikes.
One Ugly Baby
This photo makes it look like this young fella has the head of a much older man, but rest assured it is just your eyes playing a funny trick on you. In reality, things aren't as they seem and the babe is probably pretty ordinary looking. I hope.
Horror Movie Outtakes
This image might as well be straight out of a horror film. This is an image that looks incredibly mundane and ordinary at first, but once you see the ghastly reflection in the mirror, you're sure to recoil from fright.
Giddy Up!
This hilarious photo creates an illusion that this extremely tiny man is riding on this woman's back, cowboy style Once you see the image for a second time, it becomes more clear that this is just a coincidence--and a pretty funny one at that.
Mythical Creatures
This image creates the illusion that this woman is half zebra, or that she has the legs of a zebra or... something like that. In reality, once you take a second look it becomes pretty clear that her jacket is creating this illusion due to its size.
Male Bonding
This lovely photo of what appears to be a family is ruined by the unfortunate image that is created between them. The space between them creates a phallic shape that probably doesn't need explaining, and is definitely worthy of a second look.
Legs For Days
This image might even take more than just a second look to decode, even for those of us who are particularly smart. The image is so perfectly framed to project his weird image that looks like this man's head has been placed onto this woman's body.
Keep Looking
It might take you a while to find out what is off about this image that seems kind of normal. Once you see it, however, it will be worth it. We don't want to spoil it, but just make sure to look high and low until you find it.
This photo is absolutely bizarre. It is hard to know if this was somehow done intentionally, but I'm sure we are all aware of what this guy's elbow looks like. In fact, it might even take a second to realize that there is an elbow there in the first place.
What on Earth?
This bizarre photograph is sure to leave you scratching your head in confusion. A second look definitely isn't enough to figure out everything going on here, but it seems to be a result of the camera blending the colours between both the man and woman's shirts.
Three-Legged Racer
While we might have all dreamed of having an extra ligament to make us supernatural, this photograph makes it look like the woman is living that fantasy. What's really happening, is a little harder to decode, and is sure to make you take a second look.
My Eyes!
This woman's top is such an eye sore, and it is really hard not to get lost in the bizarre pattern which is sure to leave your eyes in some pain. It is a pretty trippy optical illusion though, so she definitely gets points in that regard.
The New Fashion
It can be hard to keep up with fashion. Just as you think you've picked up on the latest trends and are finally starting to 'get' it, something like this happens. In all seriousness though, this is a pretty hilarious illusion.
Scared of Heights?
You don't have to be afraid, this image isn't what it appears to be. This guy is actually perfectly safe, and is lying down. Due to the angle that the photo was taken, it creates this illusion that he is standing on a really high point and looking down.


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