15 Horrific Websites You Should Avoid at All Costs

For your OWN sake
Michael Leon October 5th 2017 Weird
It's no secret the internet is filled with highly disturbing content. These days you can find just about anything if you look hard enough, ranging from peculiar products to depictions of human tendencies no one should ever witness. For one reason or another, the following websites are exclusively dedicated to documenting everything creepy and mind boggling. Be warned: Most of these are strictly for adults and should never be visited. Unless, of course, curiosity gets the best of you.
Plane Crash Info
Unless you're morbidly curious, you should stay the living hell away from this one. The site stores thousands of accident statistics, images, reports, and actual audio from plane crash victims. These are usually the final words recorded by pilots and passengers right before they met their untimely demise. Truly sad stuff.
White Enamel
Browser games are generally known for their simplistic, welcoming nature. However, this creepy gem set out to break that tradition by scaring the pants out of you. Your job on WhiteEnamel.com is to inspect an abandoned asylum while encountering hundreds of unexplainable, in-your-face events that will simply leave you breathless. Oh, and the game's soundtrack should not be listened to if you play late at night. Definitely not a game for kids.
World Births and Deaths
This website is oddly intriguing, but there's no denying it will leave you with a deep sense of sadness. It's dedicated to showing every birth and death across the globe almost in real-time. You can watch as the population stays somewhat balanced as a result, although naturally you also wish for everyone to remain alive.
As the name implies, this website gives you an educated guess on when you will die - right down to the exact date. You provide a series of personal and medical information, and the source tries its best to predict that inevitable day. It even emails you reminders so that you can get your affairs in order. If this isn't creepy, then we don't know what is.
This creepy source is a conspiracy theorist's dream. Here you'll find detailed accounts, footage and depictions from those attempting to hunt a wide range of mythical creatures. Such sightings include Bigfoot, Chupacabras, hideous sea creatures and much more. Stay away if you're not ready to become a believer.
Bongcheon-Dong Ghost
Webcomics are generally family-friendly, except for something like Bongcheon-Dong Ghost. Every image and depiction is so graphic, you'll want to end your night watching The Muppets just to forget it all. It's all written in Korean, but trust us, the language barrier will NOT take away from the horror. The comic can be found via Webtoons.com, although we highly suggest you dismiss it.
Death Row Information
This one is pretty official (maintained by the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice) but it's still very creepy. Here you'll find all sorts of information pertaining to current and past death row inmates. This includes detailed information about their death, including last words spoken and last meals. There's also a database of all upcoming executions readily available. Please refrain from visiting this.
Joy of Satan
This place is not the most evil around, but it's definitely controversial. JoyofSatan.org teaches children and teens all about Satanism, including details about Lucifer and how he/it has been wrongfully depicted in The Bible. Simply put, it recruits kids into joining a supposed hell's army with the purpose completely unknown.
The Fifth Nail Exposed
Ever wanted to get inside the mind of a murderer and a sexual predator? Then your sick fantasies have just become a reality. 5nchronicles.blogspot.com gives first-hand details about the horrific murders and the overall mentality of convicted serial killer Joseph E. Duncan III. The content is written by the man himself, which he then sends to the poor soul who updates the blog.
Human Leather
No one would ever assume anything sinister from an ecommerce website, right? But as the name suggests, HumanLeather.co.uk sells a wide variety of products made from... yup, you guessed it. Everything from wallets to belts to shoes is available here, but we highly recommend you visit your local (regular) store instead.
A Columbine Site
This site documents everything related to the Columbine High School shooting that took place on April 20, 1999. AColumbineSite.com shows detailed bios about the victims, quotes, photos, and even some footage from that tragic day. While the site is meant to preserve the victims' memories, it can nevertheless leave you feeling deeply saddened by the aftermath.
Stillborn Angels
Okay, this one has got to be one of the most disturbing ones out there. Known as Sstillborn-angels.memory-of.com, this is dedicated to babies who were stillborn, packed with images of them dressed up and being cradled by their parents and all. The source pays homage to these children, but it's still one creepy place that should be avoided.
Skyway Bridge
This source reports on everyone who has ever jumped to their deaths from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, located in Florida. There's a reason for this madness: It is the fourth most popular bridge to commit suicide from. Hell, you can even submit information about the newest "jumper" along with the victim's Facebook page.
A site where you can buy adult toys made to look like religious artifacts. It's not uncommon to find a dildo with Jesus' face, or something just as eerie shaped like the Virgin Mary. It doesn't make much sense, but there is is.
Best Gore
Our pick for most disturbing has to go to this abomination. If you ever wished to watch real-life beheadings, dismemberments, horrific car accidents (with detailed images) and everything gory, then this is the place. Be warned, though, as the site will leave you feeling pretty unsettled for a while.


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