15 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Emma Watson

A challenge to all the Potterheads!
Ian Anglin October 5th 2017 Entertainment
Although Emma Watson is most well known for her role as Hermione in the original Harry Potter movies (there is some talk about a remake coming out within the next decade), she has now superseded her old role and has acted in all sorts of different movies. Unlike some actors, which were pigeonholed in specific genres for the entirety of their careers, Emma Watson managed to find success in many different types of movies.
Her Favorite Movies Were the First and Last
When first asked which were her favorite movie in the Harry Potter franchise, she would it difficult to answer. Later one she got more specific - by saying that she had the best time filming the first and the last movie.
J.K. Rowling Choose Her Instantly
You might think getting a role such as Hermione in the movies was a difficult, tedious process. What actually happened was that J.K. Rowling, the author of the series fell instantly in love with Watson's look and picked her to be Hermione.
She Had a Crush on Draco
Teenagers have raging hormones - this is in part why many teenage movie starts fell in love with their colleagues. Emma Watson was no exception to this rule - she liked the actor behind the Draco Malfoy character, but he never returned the favor.
She Choose American Schooling
Many of her fans were surprised that she choose to enroll in an American university instead of a British one. She explained that she made this decision in part because American universities allow you to study more subjects at the same time and have a more open curriculum.
She Missed the Vanity Fair Oscars Party
She missed it not because she wanted to - what happened was that she went upstairs to her room, and literally passed away from exhaustion and missed the entire party. Rumor has it that a high-caloric pizza was also involved.
Hermione Granger Was Her First Ever Role
She had no acting experience prior to going to the Harry Potter casting. Everything she learned, she learned while doing the first movies in the franchise. Talk about a fast learner, but that's how it is with kids.
She is a Certified Yoga Instructor
Her accomplishments don't stop at the Oscars, graduating from college or earning millions of dollars. Emma Watson is also a certified yoga instructor, which I find incredible since I imagine she has quite the busy schedule.
She's a Total Feminist
Fighting for women's rights is all the rage these days, and naturally, Emma Watson is on board. She was also named a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador after giving numerous speeches about feminism and women's needs throughout the world.
She Turned Down the Role of Cinderella
Emma Watson was one of the first actresses to be invited to star in the role of the new live-action Cinderella movie, but she disappointed fans by turning down the invite. Lily James was the actress that got the role in the end.
She Knows How to Party
Unlike the Hermione character in the movie, Emma Watson is not bookworm in real life. She frequently had parties during her time and once even had her own rage party with over one hundred attendees. Weirdly, no one uploaded a photo online.
Her Favorite Book? The BFG
Her favorite book is actually "The BFG." This is an acronym from "The Big Friendly Giant," and she is so fond of it because it was the book her dad read to her out loud while she was growing up.
She Has 10 Journals
I know this is kind of contradicting with the above point about her NOT being a bookwork - but she actually keeps ten different journals at the same time. Other than that, she has already filled over thirty diaries since she first started out.
She is Leading a Feminist Book Club
She started her book club in January 2016, and instead of making it private and only inviting her celebrity friends, she actually invited all her fans. This means that you too can join her journal and read the same books that she does.
She Almost QUIT Harry Potter
The stress of the role and her inability to lead a normal adolescent life were the main causes of why she starting thinking of quitting the movie and even acting itself. Luckily these rumors never materialized and she participated in all the movie releases.
Both Her Parents are Lawyers
Lawyers are very strict people, and it is no small wonder she grew up to be a feminist. She likes having order and equality in her life, and I'm sure her parents also helped her out in creating her adolescent, and now adult opinions.


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