How To Know When You and Your Partner Are 100% Comfortable Around Each Other

Check these signs Guys !
Ray Porter October 5th 2017 Entertainment
The start of relationships are very rarely the same as the later stages. As time goes on, you stop caring so much about being someone who isn't necessarily you, and start embracing natural parts of your day to day life. Things that were once gross might become appealing or at the very least you can put up with them in order to spend more time with the person you care about.
You Don't Hold It In
Farting is a relationship never, or at least is at the start. Guys and girls both relate to trying your best to hold in your gas, but once you've been together long enough you might just start letting it rip from time to time. After all, it's natural.
You Kiss Whenever
You stop caring about PDA as much when you've been together for a long time, and might feel comfortable kissing just about wherever. After all, what is sweeter than kissing someone that you are completely comfortable around and enjoy being with.
Bathroom Boundaries Fade Away
Sometimes in really comfortable relationships you can be okay going to the bathroom in front of each other. You might shower while your partner's on the toilet, or be in the bathroom while they brush their teeth or groom themselves.
You're Fine With Their Breath in the Morning
Morning breath can be disgusting, but once you really love someone you learn to accept their sometimes gross breath as a part of being with them, and are able to ignore it due to the reward of getting to kiss someone you really care about right there and then.
You Stop Shaving Your Body
Women especially might stop shaving their legs and pubic region when they are in a long term relationship, but they're not the only ones. As guys, we might be less quick to shave or cut our hair, or even trim our hair down below once we're really comfortable around someone.
You Change in Front of Each Other
This one should be a no brainer, but once you've seen someone undressed enough times, you stop having to leave the room when they get dressed. The opposite is true too, and is a clear sign that you're comfortable with your partner.
You Eat Like an Animal
All table manners go out the window once you've been with someone for long enough, and you might drop the pretense and be okay with really digging into your food, eating with your hands, eating old leftovers and letting your animal instincts take over your eating method.
You Tease Each Other A Little
You might be friendly to your friends, but with your partner you might be a little more okay with making fun of them from time to time. Not in a mean way of course, but just some playful flirting here and there to let them know that you're comfortable with them.
You Stop Dressing to Impress
While the first few dates might involve being super into your appearance and over-considering everything you wear to absurd points, you might drop the facade when you're comfortable with your partner and be okay wearing your unwashed trackpants and a random shirt.
You've Had Sex Everywhere in the House
If you have been together for long enough, and are always at each other's houses, you've probably had sex in the bedroom a few too many times and have begun experimenting with having sex in the other rooms and places in the house.
You're Fine With Sweat
Your partner's smells and sweat are disgusting at first, but become more welcome once you are ridiculously comfortable around the person you're with. If anything, some sweat here and there can even be a hot part of getting it on.
Zit Popping
Pimples can be gross, but when you're comfortable around someone you acknowledge that they are a normal part of life, and might even help out with popping your partner's zits and letting them pop yours. This can even be weirdly intimate.
You're Open in the Bedroom
If you're open to the fantasies and fetishes of your partner, and they're open to hearing about yours--it might be because your relationship is super cozy and you're comfortable enough to express your sexual desires without judgement. Making for a great sexual relationship.
You Binge Together
The couple that binges together, stays together. Sitting on the couch for a nice day in to watch Netflix or just whatever is good on TV is a sign that you're in the peak comfort of a relationship. After all, what could be cozier than this?
You Don't Have To Do Your Makeup As Much
This one might apply a little more for women than men, but if you're at your maximum level of comfort with someone else, you might not feel the need to put on makeup as often, and might embrace your blemishes instead.


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